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Needs, Wants, Desires Finale

Three people, two sisters, one twisted moment where needs, wants, and desires boil over

“Fuck! Fuck! Look at her taking that cock,” Kelly gasped. She bounced on her boyfriend’s lap, their straddled position lining his tip up directly with her g-spot. The pleasure centers of the lithe blonde’s brain fired on all cylinders from the intense fuc...

Saint To Slut In Just Seven Days: Wednesday A.M.

Samantha goes lingerie shopping on her way to work.

Day 3, Wednesday: I awoke to the sound of the alarm blaring and discovered I was ferociously hungry. I had had many dreams last night, most of which I couldn't remember beyond the general feeling of them but the one I was having when the alarm went off wa...

Control Chapter 5

A friend cums by, Sis walks in, and Mom cums home

“Come on, Terry,” Megan urged, “Mom is going to be home soon. You need to get his dick sucked.” “Yeah, I know,” I answered, kneeling next to her in front of James, “You wanna help or are you just going to watch?” “All you, little brother,” she laughed, “C...

Angela Unleashed

Angela’s needs are beyond compromise, and so it'd seem are her neighbour's.

It was minutes after she kissed her husband goodbye, and with her hands shaking, Angela left her name, address and time slot on the CumFuckMeNow.Com website. She wandered back into the bedroom and pulled numerous lingerie items from her secret drawer. She...

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Saint To Slut In Just Seven Days: Tuesday A.M.

Samantha teases her fellow commuter and pushes a little further with Stefan.

Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling like I had had the best night’s sleep in a very long time. My body felt a little stiff and achy, as though I hadn’t turned enough during the night and I guessed that I had been so exhausted, mentally as well as physicall...

It Started With a Video… Chapter One

It started with a video… and the results weren’t what he expected.

Hughes Academy was a bright school for bright students, but after the initial shock of the tougher classes of the first year in comparison to middle school, the second semester was a breeze by comparison. Things seemed easier, and the same could be said f...

Needs, Wants, Desires Ch 4

Three people, two sisters, one twisted moment where needs, wants, and desires boil over

For her twenty-first birthday, Jane wanted a complete blowout. The end of college. The ability to legally drink. The last time they might get to have fun like this before real life truly began and they all moved away for separate jobs. It was a recipe for...

Saint To Slut in Just Seven Days: Monday, A.M.

Samantha buys a skirt that leads to a whole new way of life.

This isn't a confession as such and it's not a diary entry as I have never kept a diary in my life; it is just the sordid story of how my life changed in a week. It started with me doing something that I hadn't done in a long time. Perhaps because it had...

My Brother's Wife: Part 4

Everyone finally shows up, and Sherry takes the initiative and gets the ball rolling.

I awoke the next morning snuggled to Richard’s side. The room and the bed smelled strongly of sex, which might be unpleasant or off-putting in a different situation, but remembering why it smelled that way, and my naked skin against his, Gina plastered to...

Showing Off For My Neighbor

My neighbor is watching as I get fucked against the window.

It started pretty innocently, with me catching the eye of my neighbor, Rick. One day, we both approached our windows at the same time, and I waved at him. He returned the wave with a smile I couldn’t put out of my mind. It started pretty innocently… but i...

Saint To Slut In Just Seven Days Intro

Samantha buys a skirt that leads to a whole new way of life.

Introduction. Samantha was a woman in her late twenties who worked as a secretary, something she had done since the end of the summer break after her final year of high school. She had been feeling at a bit of a loss as so many teenagers do when they have...