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First time oral Stories

first time oral

Making Music Cum Alive- Part 1

An unscheduled visit by the Four Seasons sets in motion an erotic frenzy by mother and daughter

All the recent Detroit sports news has brought back some wonderful memories of another season of the Tigers and Lions in Detroit. In a time of "Make Love, Not War",the girls were letting their hair grow long, their skirts go short, their desire go hot, an...

Boys Of Summer #7: Teen Woodsmen

Working wood never seemed so natural as in the woods

A couple weeks after our beach trip, Bo started bitching and moaning about going out of town again. He loved the feeling of being anonymous. He could be more himself, more effeminate, more the way he is when we’re alone without worrying about the wrong pe...

A Christmas Present To Remember

Greta Gives Brother His Best Ever Christmas Present

It was Christmas Eve, the day that Mila had looked forward to for so long. She was to be released from prison and be free for the first time in over two years. She hugged her cellmate Greta tightly. Mila would miss her friend terribly, but what could she...

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My Pussy Diary: A Change Of Heart

I used to be shy. Now I am confident.

During my freshman year of college, I started dating a guy who didn’t have much experience with women. I didn’t have much experience with guys, so we were about even. Our visits to coffee shops near campus soon advanced to his off-campus apartment. We kis...

Orgy For Two, One Yule's Eve

can't get any more unexpected than the first time - especially after building up expectations for years

Holidays are awkward and surreal. There is all this expectation and hope, anxiety, and anticipation. Much like one’s first time. First time in love. First time having sex. It was probably why I chose this exact season to be deflowered. I had waited long e...

As we left Adam and Michael’s apartment, Morgan ordered an Uber. We didn’t speak a word to each other the entire way home. The night’s events swirled in my mind and I was having trouble even forming the right words, the right questions. I’m sure Morgan wa...

Virgin's Sacrifice

A virgin offers her body to the villagers in gratitude for a bountiful harvest

Amidst the endless rows of plump pumpkins, a luscious virgin stood bare and unashamed, offering her body as a symbol of appreciation for the bountiful harvest that had been reaped. Her alabaster skin glistened in the warm autumn sun as she surrendered her...

Awaking Stepmom Ch. 04

The tables are turned as stepmom corners her son in his bedroom.

Monica was in the kitchen with Todd, cleaning the remaining serving dishes. Thank God they used paper plates for the cookout, or I’d be here all night. It was more accurate to say Monica was cleaning the dishes and Todd sat on the kitchen counter (which s...

A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Got Caught With Her Basket

My aunt comes home early and catches me with her basket of laundry

The laundry basket was on the floor in the living room next to the coffee table, full of neatly folded clothing. I sat on the couch and pulled up some porn on my phone, looking for something exciting to watch while I jacked off, settling on one of my favo...