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Brandi: Dorm Life, More Than Friends

Jill and Brandi bond through mutual lust

Brandi flopped down on the bed, depleted and satisfied. She realized her shirt and panties were stretched and drenched beyond repair, but she didn’t give a shit. She looked back at her roommate, her compact gymnastic-level body still dressed in the cutest...

Playtime With My Babysitter And My Coach

Mrs. Jones, my mature neighbor, teaches me how to give my first blowjob and uses my volleyball coach as a practice subject.

I lock eyes with my babysitter, Mrs. Jones, who is kneeling naked between my volleyball coach's legs, her hand firmly gripping his shaft and her mischievous smile aimed directly at me. My tongue darts out, moistening my lips, as I imagine the coach's cock...

A Saturday Night Fuck

A night with Anne, and a surprise visit from Carrie

Saturday night had finally arrived and I had spent the day watching porn and had myself worked up to wanting sex with someone – anyone. I opened my social media page and noticed that one of my friends said she had no plans and was home for the night. In h...

My Summer With Aunt Janet: The Party

Aunt Janet and Britney bring Mom to her first sex party

With only three days left at Aunt Janet's house, I aimed to make the most of it. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for laying out. I walked along the deserted beach, the soft sand warm beneath my feet, looking for the ideal place to tan. I glanced aro...

Sharon's Tale Chapter 2: Three's Not a Crowd

Out of the box comes an egg-shaped object which he deftly pushes into my pussy, deep as he can.

The weeks passed quickly, having had meetings with Alex before and after signing my contract. He has shown me their procedures for vetting and safety and the suite the clients always use. Explaining how to use the entertainment equipment and, more importa...

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A Kiss Goodnight - Part 7

My first FFM Threesome

My name is Carol. I am currently fifty years old and I am entering a new phase of life. My son has recently married and he has started his own life. His wife is now there to support him. But for the past few decades, I have been a loving mother to my son....

The Couple Ch. 08: College Prep

Ella and Callum welcome their young friend Samantha to town.

The sun was setting as Ella and Samantha returned from their shopping trip. They giggled like schoolgirls as they fumbled through the door with their bulging array of bags. In fairness, Samantha was still a schoolgirl, a friend of Ella’s family. Samantha...

Exposing Aunt Jenny Ch. 05

Aunt Jenny and Jane meet with Collin...

Chapter One Collin Collin fell into his bed that morning just before the sun rose. He passed out before his head even hit the pillow. Hidden in the woods, he and Jane had lain still for several hours watching the police officer. He didn’t look for them lo...

The Country Escape - Part 2

Three siblings on the run from a dangerous gang find love at their parents holiday home.

Part 2 I had that awful, fleeting panic when you wake up in a strange room and don’t know where you are. It was pitch black too, which didn’t help. I tapped my phone until it lit up and told me it was nearly half-past eight in the evening. I was desperate...

Mark's Business Trip: Threesome With The Waitress

Mark flirts with a server while he and Sam are out for dinner, and she comes back to the hotel with them

Sam I shivered in my seat at the trendy Boston restaurant where Mark and I were eating. It could’ve been the cool breeze flowing through the outdoor dining area, chilling the June evening air. Or it could’ve been the egg-shaped vibrator in my pussy that M...