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Belt spanking Stories

belt spanking

The Math Tutor

F/m Spanking. Pete tests the boundaries of his tutor.

Pete's mom set him up with a tutor during summer break to help him catch up on his math skills. Pete hated math and really hated being inside, working on schoolwork while his friends were out hanging at the community pool. He loved his tutor though. She w...

Too Far, Too Fast - Chloe (YNAS) Pt. 8

Chloe's meeting with Professor Mike doesn't go as planned.

Sleep remained difficult for Chloe. She was looking forward to being with Professor Mike again, remembering how, just this afternoon, he’d pulled her into an empty classroom and spanked her. It didn’t matter that it was short: the complete surprise of it...

Following Leap Day Tradition

An erotic, submissive twist on an old tradition.

Leap Day comes around only once every four years. One tradition associated with this rare day is that women are allowed to propose to men. Naturally, the tradition began long before women's empowerment, but as a submissive wife, I thought I'd follow this...

Spanked in Front of the Cheerleaders

Pete gets caught peeping into the girl's locker room

Pete was alone in the school weight room once again, waiting for cheer practice to finish. The weight room shared a wall with the girl's locker room, and so far, the hole in the upper corner of the room had gone unnoticed. Pete had made it a habit to be w...

Attitude Adjustment

An M/f domestic discipline story

I came home after a long day at work. I was very much looking forward to seeing my beautiful wife. She helped to create a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere at home. I loved her more than anything, and we took care of each other in our relatively traditional...

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Birthday Spanking

Wife gives Pete a painful birthday present

"So, is there anything special you'd like for your birthday?" she asked provocatively. Pete looked up at his wife, wanting so badly to admit the spanking fetish that he'd hidden for years. "I could really use a sexy massage and a blowjob," he said, avoidi...

The Foursome’s Discipline Journey Continues

The Moms and Daughters continue their spanking adventures

All four women made their way inside Teresa and Kathy’s house. Kathy and Sarah each hugged both moms and then they all sat around the kitchen table. Kathy pulled out her cell phone and handed it to her mom. “What is this for, darling?” said Teresa. “It is...

Spank Me! Part 1

I've dealt with bratty submissives for years. My latest wanted to be branded in public but didn't know how to ask, so…

I was fully aware of what my trouble-maker is up to, but continue lecturing while walking as unobtrusively as possible around the side of the classroom to the back, where she and her pussy posse are giggling and talking instead of paying attention to my b...

Like Mother Like Daughter, Sore Bottoms And Sex- Chapter 3

Carolyn meets Phil, and with Norma and Arthur's advice, gets him up to speed about her sexuality

Carolyn started at university. With our help, she found a flat and within two weeks she found another girl to share it with and help with expenses. We hardly heard from her during the first six weeks, when she rang and said she would like to have a long w...

Ice Breaker

Not even Christmas can save me from this level of embarrassment

Most people spend Christmas with friends and family. This year, I'm not one of them. Before you misjudge me as one of those saddos, sitting in my underpants and T-shirt in a soulless flat nursing a pint and the TV remote searching for Die Hard movies, let...

To most, his belt was a boring accessory with a singular purpose. To me, it was an extension of the man — another appendage to fulfill the desires I’d kept sequestered. My eyes never left the leather that hissed against the fabric loops as he stripped the...

Joan Takes A Job-Chapter-5

Joan Seduces The Crew, She Needs To Be Taken, Fucked Like A Slut, Down and Dirty.

Joan explained to her husband how she solved the inspection problem in vivid detail to her cuckold husband. He told her," I think you made yourself extremely horny while blackmailing the inspector. I expect my slutty office wife to come home tomorrow, fuc...