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Falling in love Stories

falling in love

The Last Dance - Part Two

Seth and Natalie get closer as they spend more time together.

Natalie woke up in Seth’s arms and wondered if this was what heaven would be like. She had never known pleasure like what she had experienced the night before. She was glad that she’d waited for the right man. Yes, there had been momentary pain when he br...

Let Him Watch - Part 4

Arthur's role evolves from spectator to Celia's lover. Series finale.

The next morning, I was awakened by the kiss Arthur planted on my forehead. "Good morning, sweetheart," he whispered. Still half-asleep, I mumbled something unintelligible in reply. "I have to get ready for work," he went on. I immediately started to stir...

The Last Dance - Part One

Fate brought them together

Tears streamed down Natalie’s face as she sat in her car, feeling like she’d been punched in the gut. When her primary care doctor referred her to a specialist, she figured it was to rule things out. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect the unbearab...

The Grand Feast

The Grand Feast at the Vyborg Estate takes place

It was the night of the grandest feast in all of Elyria, and the entire kingdom seemed to be gathered at the Vyborg Estate. Lords and ladies, knights and nobles, all in their finest silks and velvets, adorned with gems and gold. The air was thick with the...

With Stars In Her Eyes - Part 3

Can Gloria and Peyton make their May-December romance work? Series finale.

When Peyton arrived at my house the following evening, Mom answered the door before I could. Walking down the hall, I heard her cheerfully greet him. "Have you eaten yet?" she asked. "We finished dinner not long ago, and there's plenty left over." "That's...

The Candy Store

I love shopping in candy stores.

I’m an inveterate people watcher. I love to watch beautiful women, attractive women, and semi-attractive women too. I’m a sexist people watcher; it’s women I like to watch. Often, it’s at Temple Coffee over on Broadway and Seventeenth St. It kind of remin...

His First, Her First, Pt 2

Teen siblings navigate the unexpected emotions in the days after making love for the first time.

I stood in the shower off my bedroom, the warm water falling on my head and trickling down my back. I had just got in, and my front side and legs weren’t even fully wet yet. My cock hung there, half mast, still slick from being deep inside my baby sister...

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The Kingdom Of Elyria

The Young Captain and Enchanting Warrior

It was a particularly bright, sunny afternoon in the kingdom of Elyria. Captain Arterius, young and strong as an oak, was strolling through the lush gardens of the royal palace. The birds sang merrily, their sweet melodies carrying on the gentle breeze. T...

Trust - Part 3

Libby learns more about life, and love, when Ryan takes her under his wing. Series finale.

It was a good thing I was practically finished with school, because I found it impossible to concentrate during class. I thought only of Ryan and when I'd be able to see him again. I continued going to his apartment in the evenings, and as we spent more t...

A Special Kiss For Ellie

When a man hurts a woman, it’s always the next man who’s left picking up the pieces.

I frowned upon finding the chair taken — my chair, the leather highback I occupied every day at noon in a particularly secluded bookstore nook. What she was reading captivated her, so she didn’t notice my presence until I sat in the much-less-comfortable,...

We Need To Talk About Suzie

I had made a decision. It was about time I had some great sexy fun and Emma and Eddie seemed perfect.

Emma “Eddie, do you know someone called Mike Thompson?” “Don’t think so, love. Why?” “He says he knows you. In fact, he seems to know a good deal about you!” The was no reply from the bathroom where Eddie was drying himself after a shower. “Eddie, so you...

Do You Know

Love is a wondrous thing.

Did you know When our eyes met Where this Would lead? ❤️ Did you know Our first dance Would last Past midnight? ❤️ Did you know The love I found In your eyes Awakened me? ❤️ Did you know Our hearts Were set aflame Blended as one? ❤️ Did you know Walking u...