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35yo man Stories

35yo man

My Babysitter's Secret

I spy on my babysitter as she cheats on her husband with my volleyball coach, and I get so excited that I masturbate.

My parents took off for a weekend vacation, leaving me with our next-door neighbor, Mrs. Jones, and she seemed pretty happy to get a break from her husband. I've heard they haven't been getting along well since their kids left for college. I just turned e...

My Sexual Life- Part I; My First Lover, My First Sexual Conquest

How I seduced my first lover, an older married men.

I grew up in a moderately Orthodox Jewish household, in an Orthodox community. I attended public school and had friends yet could not participate in after-school/extracurricular activities, spending my time at home or Temple. As a girl, I was held in less...

Wrong Number - Part 2

Having only met the evening before, Donna and Chris get together for a weekend that promises lots of sex.

Two days earlier, thirty-five-year-old Chris Rose had dialled a phone number that he believed to belong to a woman named Susan, a number that a mutual friend had given him with a view to Chris and Susan meeting on a blind date. As it turned out, Chris had...

Wrong Number

A thirty-nine-year-old woman takes a call on her landline that turns out to be a wrong number, but it turns out fine in the end.

"Hello?" said thirty-nine-year-old Donna Braithwaite, as she answered her landline phone to a number that she did not recognise. "Hello, is that Susan?" said the male voice on the other end. "No, sorry, I think you have the wrong number," said Donna. "Oh,...