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Mature and teenager Stories

mature and teenager

Whispering Secrets

Mrs. Jones, my babysitter, ate my pussy to keep me from revealing her secret, and I now wake up in bed with her.

As the haze of sleep lifts, I realize I'm not alone in my bed. There's Mrs. Jones, her soft curves pressing against me, our limbs entangled beneath the cozy blanket. The faint scent of her perfume lingers in the air, and a rush of excitement spreads throu...

Keeping My Babysitter's Secret

I caught my babysitter cheating on her husband with my volleyball coach, and she gives me my first lesbian experience to keep me quiet.

As soon as the coach left, my heart began to flutter with each step Mrs. Jones took up the stairs. Even though she has no idea I was spying on them through the keyhole and masturbating while they were having sex on my parents' bed, she knows I heard them...

My Babysitter's Secret

I spy on my babysitter as she cheats on her husband with my volleyball coach, and I get so excited that I masturbate.

My parents took off for a weekend vacation, leaving me with our next-door neighbor, Mrs. Jones, and she seemed pretty happy to get a break from her husband. I've heard they haven't been getting along well since their kids left for college. I just turned e...

A Neighborly Affair (The finale?)

Sammie makes a movie and then helps out his father's co-worker.

With summer nearly over and college looming, I experienced a mix of emotions. Soon, both Sharon and Mrs. Collins would be out of my life, at least temporarily. I figured I'd continue to see Sharon during breaks and next summer, but Linda Collins was proba...

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The Potion

A man turns to magic to complete his bucket list.

“How does it work?” he asked the wizard. “Essentially, the potion alters your personal scent to match your loved one’s desires. But…” “Yes, I know.” “Is she really that beautiful?” “As fair as the sun.” He breathed deeply of her scent, pressing his nose t...

The New Neighbors - Lisa - Carnal Knowledge

John has a tryst with teen Lisa that blows his mind

John Vukovic found it hard to believe that at fifty, he could feel so much anxiety about meeting a girl. He considered himself a mature man of the world and a master of most situations. But now he felt like a silly sixteen-year-old schoolboy going on his...

Teenage Exploitation Sex Comedy: Chapter One

A lonely divorcee's only thrill is killed, putting revenge on the menu

The year was 1989. Clank-clank. At the sound of an aluminum ladder being positioned against the side of the next-door house, Maria practically leaped from her seat in the breakfast nook of her sun-splashed kitchen and sprinted for her bedroom window. Her...

Park Fun - Part Eleven, Holly Is Used By A Group, And Enjoys Her First Huge Black Cocks

This is Holly's welcome event, restrained in the woods she is used by a stream of guys and loves it

In the gloomy barn, Jack broke the silence. "This is Julie; she and Jimmy are staying here to make sure everyone behaves." Holly felt her heart beating fast. She was nervous and unsure about it all. "Hey, if you're not sure about this, Julie will take you...

BBQ, Cum In Panties, Watching A Small Group, And The Real Fun Is About To Start

All four eat next door, then Holly and Jess return for the evening, they watch a group, get cum in their panties and are about to really join in

Next doors garden was a lot more private than Jess's parents, it was also the last house in the row. The next house was set at an angle and had no view down the garden at all. A couple of frames with climbing plants and a wide summerhouse meant most of th...