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53yo woman Stories

53yo woman

My Babysitter's Secret

I spy on my babysitter as she cheats on her husband with my volleyball coach, and I get so excited that I masturbate.

My parents took off for a weekend vacation, leaving me with our next-door neighbor, Mrs. Jones, and she seemed pretty happy to get a break from her husband. I've heard they haven't been getting along well since their kids left for college. I just turned e...

Louise Carver's Awakening - Part 5

Louise decides to confess, and accept the consequences

On Sunday, forty-nine-year-old Louise Carver's mind was in even more turmoil. Her feelings of guilt had never disappeared, but now they were at the forefront again. She could not go on like this. The sex with twenty-year-old Tyrone McMorris had been sensa...

Louise Carver's Awakening - Part 4

Louise and Tyrone have an appointment with Sheila

It was Wednesday afternoon in the office of a company that sold glazing materials, and for three people in the office, it had been quite an eventful day so far. Two of the people, forty-nine-year-old married white woman Louise Carver and twenty-year-old b...

Louise Carver's Awakening - Part 3

Louise and Tyrone's relationship gets discovered

It was Monday morning and forty-nine-year-old Louise Carver was in the office where she worked. She was feeling several emotions including exhilaration and guilt. The exhilaration was because she had spent Saturday afternoon getting well-fucked by twenty-...