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Bucket list Stories

bucket list

The Last Dance - Part Two

Seth and Natalie get closer as they spend more time together.

Natalie woke up in Seth’s arms and wondered if this was what heaven would be like. She had never known pleasure like what she had experienced the night before. She was glad that she’d waited for the right man. Yes, there had been momentary pain when he br...

The Potion

A man turns to magic to complete his bucket list.

“How does it work?” he asked the wizard. “Essentially, the potion alters your personal scent to match your loved one’s desires. But…” “Yes, I know.” “Is she really that beautiful?” “As fair as the sun.” He breathed deeply of her scent, pressing his nose t...

The Hitchhiker And My Bucket List

Being stuck with a total stranger in the midst of a storm has its advantages.

I've been horny and hungry driving around this desolate town in the midst of a storm. There's no available room to sleep in. Even the pump's twenty-four-hour convenience store and the diner across the street are closed. My sense of adventure is thinning o...

Remember our Chats

He gains her trust, finally

“Do you remember the nights we would chat, talking about our bucket lists, and getting to know one another?” “Yes, of course I do!” “Before my recliner steals you from me, as yours would, I want to plan on crossing as much off each of our lists, together....

Down on the Farm Part 3

I got to lay a surprise on Jenn

This story will make most sense if you start with, 'Down on the Farm' Parts 1 and 2. I developed a genuine comfort level being with Jenn. Here I am fucking some guy's wife, whom I'd never even met and fucking her with no protection at all. On top of that...