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Bedroom Stories


To Come Or Not To Cum, That Is The Question

The cheating English professor gives his A-level student an extended lesson in the language of lust

Teeth clenched, he came, splotching her bare pussy. He’d only come for tutoring. Her parents prepared pasta one floor below. Pearly cum pools quivered atop the stuttered exhalations of her own orgasm, juices snaking from her distended pink slit. Popstar p...

The Enveloping Requirement: Part 7

After the final peculiar, disciplinary of the weekend, Christopher Robertson has a mind full of erotic scenarios, and a big decision to make.

The autumn glow from outside shone through the voiles and blinds and into the main bedroom. The warm light was shining on Miss Lexington as she undressed. She slowly took down her underwear, and once again, pushed her bottom out as she guided the lingerie...

Carnal Awakenings

Sisters cross forbidden lines, succumbing to passion's flames.

In slumber's realm, as midnight's veil unfurled, Her virgin desires, a smoldering world. Visions of pleasure, untapped delights, Play through her mind on this fateful night. Forbidden thoughts, like flames, begin to lick, Stoking yearnings that make her b...

Undressed Rehearsal

A couple's intimate rendezvous takes an awkward turn when interrupted.

She slipped into her bedroom, him close behind her. The door clicked shut, shrouding them in darkness. Laughter, muffled by a hand over his mouth, escaped his lips. Blouse askew, jeans unfastened, his hands roamed her body, urgency overtaking them, The do...

The Enveloping Requirement: Part 6

The disciplinary weekend draws to a close, but will it end there?

“Yes, Christopher. You flirting around my female staff members is something I take seriously. I can not have that in my corporate facility. I need you to be concentrated on doing what I require from you, that is one hundred percent efficiency,” Miss Lexin...

Sight From The Door Way

How I picture walking into my FWB's house as she sleeps after her selfish husband leaves for the day.

As I walk into the room, you're lying there with your backside uncovered and I stop in my tracks to admire your beautiful ass. As I admire you, thoughts begin to run through my head and an aching begins to grow in my groin. As I start to begin firming up,...

The Enveloping Requirement: Part 5

Christopher Robertson lands himself in further bother during his disciplinary weekend with his boss lady, at her pristine home.

The lights had been out in Miss Lexington’s bedroom for around ten minutes. Chris had been lying awake, thinking over the last day and a half, here at Miss Lexington's immaculate home. He wanted to know, what was it about the Sunday Telegraph that Miss Le...

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The Enveloping Requirement: Part 4

A day and a half into his disciplinary with his older, female boss at her pristine home, Christopher Robertson is going to find it getting a little warmer as he inquires about her methods.

Back in the bedroom with the door closed, the female opera music was playing louder than usual. Miss Lexington was pouring the champagne into the two glasses. She handed one to Chris and told him to sip and swirl it around his mouth before drinking the wh...

The Enveloping Requirement: Part 2

After being summoned to attend his older, female boss’ home, Christopher Robertson has found himself in a disciplinary procedure that is most unusual.

Walking up the stairs, Chris followed as Miss Lexington led the way, returning to the pristine, main bedroom. The room was lit, with ambient light from lamps in each corner of the room with brighter, warm-white LEDs above the headboard wall. Female opera...

The Enveloping Requirement. Part One

After some important documents and files for a big corporate project get jumbled, a powerful female boss decides on a very peculiar disciplinary procedure for her younger male employee.

Natasha Lexington, the powerful CEO of her family’s highly successful technology company, Lexington Nanotron Corporation, was sitting in her immaculate, top-floor office. It was Thursday afternoon and the week had brought a packed schedule. LNC had agreed...

Before The Alarm Rings

What do you do when you wake up too early?

The trouble with Summer is that the smallest chink in the curtains lets in a blazing shaft of light as soon as the sun comes up. Unfortunately for Susanna, the chink in her room’s curtain, this morning, aligned exactly between the sun and her sleepy eyes....


A girl makes a mistake and needs to be rescued.

"How good are you with bears?" Charmaine asked over breakfast. I stopped eating and looked at her. "Bears?" "Yes. You know the kind. Big, hairy, massive paws. Bears." "As long as they are where I'm not, I'm totally fine with bears." "That's about to chang...

Morning Glory

A wet dream leads to a good morning sex session.

6:30 a.m. I wake up from a wet dream. In this dream, I was having sex with a coworker, and now I’m fucking horny. I look to my left, and I see my husband’s naked body and his huge morning boner. He’s asleep. I’m not usually horny in the early moments of t...