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oral orgasms

Diary of a High Price Escort Book 15 Part Two

The guests arrive and the girls claim their play toys.

"I'll get the door," I said. "Good evening, gentlemen; welcome to Cancun," I greeted them as I opened the door. All three were dressed in business suits, and the fourth I recognized was Simon, the bellhop who had carried my bags up earlier in the day. "I'...

The Tale of Danny Collins - Chapter 6

Danny tells the DeAngelos about his night with Gloria and prepares for another night of outrageous lust.

As Danny came awake Saturday morning, his first thoughts were of the previous night's hot sexual encounter with Gloria. His cock went beyond his normal morning wood state to a full-fledged erection. He slowly stroked it, thinking of all the things they ha...

Offering A Ride To A Stranger - Chapter One

I offer a ride to a hitchhiker I meet on my journey home

It started as a pretty normal late summer day. I'd dropped a visitor off at the bus station and I was driving home, wondering what to do with the remainder of my weekend. It was then that I saw her, up in the distance walking slowly along the side of this...

Boy Toy!

Always so eager to please, I think I'l keep him around for a while!

Sometimes, I felt bad, like maybe I was just using him for sex, considering only my selfish needs. I finally decided to ask him. “Bobby, do you ever feel like I’m just using you for sex, to satisfy my own endless horniness?” “Mmmfff, rfnn, indf mnn. Ur fe...

Mummy & Nanna (Part 2)

Nanna does the school run and Lizzy gets a shock.

2: Daisy = While waiting outside Tim’s classroom, I chatted with his best friend’s granddad, James, and over the school year, I developed a bit of a crush on this kindly widower. I did not feel he was attracted to me, a sixty-eight-year-old lump of lard,...