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Heartache Stories


Twisted Love

She's just that kind of girl.

In the realm of twisted love, where passions are blind, She's that kind of girl—a risk so finely lined. Within her eyes, mischief and desire ignite. A flame that engulfs, consuming you with all its might. ⋆༺𓆩☠︎︎𓆪༻⋆ Her touch, a blend of pleasure and pain,...


Every coin has two sides...

Rose covered nipples Ready to pinch. Uncover them slowly. Inch after inch. Red blossoms, nipples so pink. Contrast to make you think. Imagine me bare without any lace. Rosy cheeks, not just on my face. Barely I feel your finger’s tips. Lightly, softly, go...

Leap of Faith

Sometimes you find a friend where you least expect it and when you need it most.

I’ve been burned before My giving nature taken for granted My friendship chewed up and spit out My heart poked with holes   So, I’ve treaded more lightly this time around Perhaps wiser than before? Cautious about how much to give Holding back some of myse...


Originally written 9/3/2015

Play with my heart,tell me what I want to hear.Mention your feelings,it's OK to be insincere.I've grown to idolize the lies,and embrace the deception.It doesn't matter what you believe,when your dreams shape your perception.I've met a ton of people,but on...

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Ainsely 17

Ainsely commits to Javon, Richard and Carolyn leave, Javon isn't sure what to do next.

Ainsely had been busy these past two weeks, finishing up the courses she'd been taking at Louisville, taking exams, turning in papers, and spending every spare minute with Javon. I stayed pretty busy myself at work and doing my best to get in any time wit...

A Poisonous Thorn

He's now a poisonous thorn....

The days go byThey turn to weeksThe weeks to monthsWith tear stained cheeksMost days are goodI get by just fineEven though...You're still on my mindThen suddenlyIt hits me againTakes me backTo the anguish withinThe pain I feelI cannot explainSo deep withi...

First Contact

Longing for that first contact, first love, that I still seek to fulfill my lonely life.

My body achesScreaming insideSearching for that missing thingA human touchThat feel of a woman's handTouching my manly skinContact from anotherUpon this lonely soulI've searched for so longIn hope of finding someoneWho'll look upon meWith eyes of true sin...

My Glasses

From a True Event... Perhaps this will be the last of these.

Such a simple thing, almost beyond notice. I saw my glasses lying on the table. My thoughts wandered to how they were always there as we exchanged our words.Thousands, hundreds of thousands of words.The first, tentative, flirting words in a chat room.The...