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Trust Stories



“A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread.” — George Herbert; poet, orator, priest.

I can’t tell for how long my vision has been veiled or yet where I am nor which orientation my body has in space. Restraining my every movement, the ropes dull my proprioception. As the blindfold comes off, I am thankful for the dim light in the room; and...

The Perfect Fit

It all started with our puzzle pieces. Putting a friendship together that fits so perfectly.

In the tapestry of life, our paths first crossed, Like puzzle pieces fitting perfectly, no detail lost. A friendship blossomed, slowly unfolding, Each moment shared, a memory worth holding. From uncertain beginnings, we found our groove, Navigating life's...

Trust me

Trust given freely is a gift.

“Trust me!” he said, kissing my mouth gently. I breathe through his mouth, taking in his courage, try to relax. Each time his fingers glide over my body, my nerves tingle. ~ “Let me touch you,” he pleaded, running his hands up the insides of my thighs. I...

Letting Go

The heart deserves a second chance

With the wind to my face A tear in my eye. I breathe those words So silent and true. My heart that had been broken I cried softly for the love. The mind and soul Put up walls so high to climb. To love anyone again was pain To be alone was safe. A captive...

The Power of Words

We must use our words with great care for they can build up and they can destroy

Your words have the power to undress my soul temper my pride visit me in dreams to make love to my mind and cause warm milky white beads -even in public- to trickle down my inner thigh my secret reminders of you I trust you, for you have exorcised my demo...


“Fly, love! Be free!”

Silently, she was sitting on her shower chair, eyes closed, leaning against his upper body as his soapy hands spread the slippery film on her skin. Attentively, he lathered every inch of her, yet kept his professional distance when his fingers ran over he...

A Sexretary Who Knows Her Job

It's hard to find a good employee these days

“I deeply believe that today is the beginning of a very fruitful cooperation that will allow both our companies to develop and strengthen their market position,” said a short-haired man in a very expensive suit, just signing the last of the required signa...

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Relinquishing control can be difficult...

"I can't breathe!" Kira gasped, gagging on my cock. Her words were muffled but frustration clear as she spit it out of her petite mouth. I looked into her eyes, surprised by the uncharacteristic vocalized angst. Where was the unshakeable master of the boa...

Because She Trusted Me

Lack of trust makes for an unfulfilling sex life.

I met Bailey in 1997, she was the manager of a very posh, high-end gym. She was the embodiment of sex. She exuded sensuousness, sensuosity. I don’t know the proper word. She dressed very casually. Regular old Levis jeans or loose cargo shorts, and a T-shi...

The Trust Game.

Trust is a wonderful thing.

Have you ever played the trust game with your boyfriend? Your boyfriend, not your husband? It started with the trust fall, you know it. It morphed into eating things fed to you while blindfolded. That changed into driving around naked and getting out whil...

In a New York Minute - Part Twelve - Chapters 45-48

Mac shows Grace he will stand by here in whatever way she needs.

Chapter Forty-Five While Mac and Grace thoroughly enjoyed playing tourists in their city with the Becker Family, it was time for everyone to get back to work. After bidding their friends goodbye, Mac checked in with his lawyer, Michael Stone, to see if he...

Love, Commitment And Submission

Sally takes their relationship further and offers her submission to Vernon

The week after getting back from the States was a busy one. I was gone for two weeks but could see how much Sally kept the office together and the rest of the company going. She was indeed a gem and her abilities invaluable. Intimate touches around the of...

In A New York Minute - Part Three - Chapters 9-12

Mac asks Grace out on a date so they can enjoy some uninterrupted sex.

Chapter Nine Grace hung up the phone after chatting with Brendan O’Sullivan, who was in Paris trying to help straighten out the mess Andre Boivin had created while balancing (or trying to balance) his wife and his mistress. “How’s it going over there?” Ma...