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Gay Male

Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality. The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to curious males who are thinking of experimenting, as well as women who are interested in reading about what goes on between men behind closed doors. The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!


The Courier

Courier's package was more interesting than the parcel he delivered

Friday afternoon, about 2:00 PM, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was a courier with a parcel. I did not want to leave the door open as it was cold and windy outside, so I invited him in. He needed my signature on the receipt and as I signed, I glanced down at the bulge in his crotch. Mmmm, formidable looking it was. I handed the receipt to him and he gave me the parcel and I put...Read On


Car Salesman

Shopping for a car...

Lately, I’ve been shopping for a new vehicle. One of my favorite salesmen is a forty-year-old stud, I’ll call him Cam. He is five-feet-nine-inches tall, two-hundred pounds, muscular, heavily tattooed and a real cutie. I’ve seen him half a dozen times and he’s never questioned my impatience. Some sales people would get tired of me returning time after time. We were getting down to the...Read On


If You Can't Join 'Em, Watch 'Em Pt2

Peeping Toms aren't always a bad thing.

When we heard about the party it actually sounded like a good time: good food, free drinks, and a nice room to for some great sex afterwards. Nick and I decided to bring it up a notch and even reserved one of the suites with a hot tub to get all hot and slippery in. No one except Char knew about our relationship, or whatever you want to call it, and we figured we could just say that we...Read On


On The Open Road

Few people hitchhike these days. Maybe we should rethink that.

Curtis Cigarette wasn’t his real name, of course. He’d been christened Curtis Christoff but in his late teenage years he was always asking anyone, “Got a cigarette?” At one point someone said “Uh-oh, here comes Curtis Cigarette,” and the name stuck. Curtis was a stoner who over time had tried almost every drug but always came back to weed. I don’t know if you can be a weed addict, but you...Read On


Big Booty Boy Stories: My First Big Black Cock

Hot interracial story of John experiencing his first sexual experience with black dick

It’s now the next week, Monday, and school just ended. Michael and I are at my locker and talking quietly to each other. Even though Michael and I were caught last Friday by one of the school’s janitors, Mr. Jay, we were both horny as fuck. We didn’t want to wait until we got to my house because there was a chance that my mom would be home. Also, our sexual desires clouded our judgment. I...Read On


The Gardener

The gardener takes control…

Lindsey and Martin had been in a relationship for five years. They were both in their late twenties and equally successful. Lindsey was a human resources lawyer and Martin an accountant. Four years before they had decided to cohabit in Martin’s home for two reasons; Firstly, Martin had a magnificent garden and secondly, because Martin worked from home, he already had a well laid out office...Read On


At the ABS

Addicted to cocks, I visit the local abs.

After I was introduced to the great joys of M/M sex my desire for cock became unquenchable. I soon became very addicted to cock(s). There was an adult bookstore/arcade close by and I began haunting it in my search for more cock. The first time I visited the arcade I managed to satisfy four men by sucking their cocks. The last cock I sucked that day was a BBC and he flooded my mouth with...Read On


Now for the second act...

Hitting the showers after the initial gay foray

The past hour was a whirlwind of "firsts" and now I was exhausted and nestled between the two studs that had provided the experience. Our naked bodies lay intertwined on Paul and Billy's bed with me sandwiched between my two new muscular friends. Paul's chest was pressed against my back, his cock between my thighs, and Billy facing me, his strong arm around my waist. A combination of lube...Read On


A Summer Adventure

A young man explores his sexuality on holiday in the Mediterranean

It was the time the figs grew, and so did desire, heavy, drooping off the trees as water once did in Winter months. The airs seemed heady with it - one might have to sit down, and those coming from other countries, already bubbling in the July sun, would be forced into their beds with it - a sort of sickness. The ancient Romans called this force Eros - and his smiling face; stamped on the...Read On


Fucking the Swim Coach

I texted Coach Aiden asking if he wanted to hookup. Eleven hours later I was fucking his brains out.

On Tuesday night I went to a Masters Swim Squad training session.  This was the second time I've gone along and I'm enjoying it.  Most of the people are in their forties training for triathlons and I've been the youngest guy there both times.  While I don't think I need much motivation to get me to the pool to do laps, the training is different from what I do when I train on my own. The...Read On


The Hungarian

My fantasy comes true in the Swiss Alps…

I am British and come from one of those traditional upper-class families. Dad was forty-two when I was born and my mother thirty-eight. Against all expectations, an incorrigible bachelor and a confirmed spinster had come together and actually conceived a child. Most people believed that dad was gay and that my mother was a lesbian. Remarkably, they were all proved wrong. My parents were...Read On


Together Cowboys | Gay

The cowboys deserved a better surprise after their fight.

At Sheridan Saloon in Wild West Town... Into the old bar they went, they strolled over to the noticeboard to find anything new to fight in the western desert. The time was getting late but not too late to watch the sunset. A few voices chattered and laughed, albeit not as many as the evening would hold in the saloon. Upon the posting board appeared to be a mark, it was an active monster...Read On


My New Roommate

When I moved to New York, my life changes in ways that were not just geographical

About six months after my divorce, I decided to accept the company’s long-standing offer and transfer to New York. Being a small-town guy from the Midwest, I was a little intimidated about moving to such a big city, but I felt like the change would do me good. Most of my friends had been my ex-wife’s friends first, so I was beginning to feel isolated. If some woman had come along in those...Read On


I Always Considered Myself Straight - Part 2

Roger gets a pounding...

Dr Green got to work. Still naked, he reached over to his pants and rustled through the pockets. Out of them, he took a bag of grass. “This is the special stuff. You’re going to need the special stuff to take my cock in your tight white ass,” he said as he proceeded to roll a joint.  I sat watching. Not sure what to look at; his still wet, flaccid yet still enormous cock or the enormous...Read On


My Sister's Fiance

A week before getting married, this guy has his first gay experience, a hardcore threesome.

Let me start this off by saying that I am not gay.  I have never had a gay experience until this happened.  It will never happen again and I am getting married next weekend.  I’m putting this experience down in writing because out wedding counsellor from the church suggested that if I write this down I can use it for strength if I am ever tempted again. My name is Phenix, I’m...Read On


Isn't Love Wonderful ?

Straight guy loves a girl and gets turned.

I have been in love, virtually all my life. My first realization was in the third grade when I became totally infatuated with Sally Rogers. I made the mistake of telling my friend Benny and he told all the guys I was sweet on Sally. The teasing started almost immediately and was intense. Remember, at that age, most boys hate girls. My, ardor for Sally continued through grammar school all the...Read On


My Big Shot On Stage

The show must go on, even when your co-star's given you a massive erection.

We were just about to go on stage for the final scene of the final performance of _____. It was a community theatre piece, written by my co-star, Jackson. It was a two-hander, just me and him onstage for about an hour. He played a crooked cop determined to put my character – a troubled but mostly-innocent young man -- behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. There was a short break...Read On


First Threesome For Aussie Teens

Jamie has fooled around with Cameron and Andy individually but this was their first threesome.

In 2003 I was only eighteen years old but had had several lovers, I use the word 'lover' in a loose sense. Most of the men I had been with were nervous fumbling in toilet blocks, in their parents' houses while they were at work or in classrooms at college. I found this kind of thing very erotic because the thought of getting caught added to the excitement! I had started being with men a...Read On


Hot Springs with Mike

We escaped to Hamner Hot Springs and had a naughty time in the public pools.

Last weekend was a long weekend here in NZ (Queens Birthday I think). Because of the work that Mike does he was working pretty hard late last week and the on the weekend but on Saturday, Mike called me and asked me if I wanted to head six hours north to Hamner Springs for a couple of nights. Hamner Springs is well it is a place where there are some natural springs. It’s a pretty funky...Read On


Tom Stands Naked In The Queue

After some physical education, it's time to hit the showers.

Tom's bare ass is right in front of me. I'm trying to stare at it without  looking  like I'm staring at it. The sound of the showers muffles the jovial conversation of the more confident guys up ahead, already getting clean while we are still queueing. We're all stood totally naked, flecked with mud, in an orderly line; as our coach ordered. As we're stood there, silent and covering...Read On


The Last Time For The Last Time

Last time I ever had fun with a guy

The breakup part is never easy for me.  I usually go through a whole series of thoughts in my head trying to figure out how the breakup could have been avoided.   Then my mind goes through a whole series of trying to win the girl back.  In the end, I usually end up doing the same thing:  pouting for a while, then having a gay fling.  Yup, that’s right--I have a gay one-nighter and usually...Read On


New Foursome Position

I've tried a similar position with a male/female couple but it was much more fun with 3 gay guys.

I flew back into Australia last Thursday, and while everything went well it was still thirty-six hours of travel from door to door.  When I got back to my little house on the beach I stripped out of clothes that just felt gross and got into the ocean as quickly as I could. While I felt like a beer or a whiskey it was only mid-morning so I sat out on my deck and opened my laptop to see what I...Read On

Recommended Read

The Vineyard

It was in the massive white walls, track lighting, and spotless, glittering objects of Williams Sonoma that Henri’s world stopped.    His eyes had caught on a crystal sconce perfect for the cozy, romantic eating area in the wine cellar of his family’s bed and breakfast.  He turned to survey the side of its rope-like motif when he heard two men murmuring to each other. They meandered up...Read On


Punished for Pissing

The cock widened his asshole with every thrust. He gripped the park bench and lent into the 8-inch monster destroying his hole. The pink walls of his gape clung to the rod that pounded tears from his eyes. He gasped and bent down further, worshiping the rod that was striking him down. "Get over here now!" He heard the voice behind the rod say into the phone, "I've got an extra hole for you!"...Read On


First Gay Gym Experience In Shower

Had a hot cock sucking experience in a gym shower for the first time

This past summer I became a member at this gym in San Diego which is in the building of my office so it was very convenient and I used it all the time. This gym is always full of young, hardworking professionals who enjoy being in shape and as a twenty-one-year-old bi male, it's always fun to check out both the girls and guys who work out here. I had pretty much only hooked up with girls at...Read On


Frotting is Fun!

Frotting leads to wild fulfilment.

The next time I saw Barry, was during a short streak one evening, around a girls' accommodation block. I immediately wanted his beautiful cock deep inside me, whichever way he wished. It was hard to have a sensible conversation, with that desire so urgent, his naked penis so close and inviting, and my own cock already starting to rise, in sync with my thoughts. He had shaved away the hair...Read On


Affirmation River Pt. 4

After coming to terms with himself, a man gets a invitation he can't refuse.

I woke up the next morning all alone. I had no idea what time it was or how long the others had been up. I heard a good deal of snickering and hushed laughter outside and wondered if I was missing something. I decided that I didn't really care and instead stayed there, thinking about all the experiences I had had over the last couple of days. I wanted to let them really sink in so I...Read On


My First Exploration of the Joys of Homosexuality

I get some gay experience to match my fantasies.

I was fresh out of school, and mostly all I could think about was getting laid. In my fantasies, it did not matter if the sex was straight, or gay. As long as it was sex, rampant sex, uninhibited sex. I had a little experience with girls. Some necking, kissing, tit exploration, a few feels in the panties, even a surprise blow job. But it all seemed so inhibited, so unfulfilling. To hell...Read On


Let's Share

Lover decides he doesn't want to wait on threesome, starts early with 3rd lover.

Twenty-eight-year-old Josh was a Sergeant with the Cincinnati police force, who worked overnight.  He’d just left work early on a rainy Friday morning, and from that point, all he could think about was Chris, his partner of ten years. “Hey, babe,” he texted Chris.  “I’m on my way home, but I’m stopping at the Wal Mart for a jug of milk and a few things.  Need anything else?” Chris,...Read On


Love For Sale

Darius is made to pay for his lust…

Darius had heard about a cruising area that was located next to a well-known river. It was a very popular weekend location for families and therefore, no action took place on Saturdays and Sundays. During the week, however, from noon till three p.m., it was could be a rather fruitful location. After three o’clock, older teenagers frequented the place to fornicate and smoke dope. There was...Read On