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Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality. The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to curious males who are thinking of experimenting, as well as women who are interested in reading about what goes on between men behind closed doors. The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!


Hispanic Delight

Marty’s dream finally comes true…

Marty had always found Hispanic men irresistible. He was a small guy, five-foot-six-inches tall and very fair. To be exact, Marty was hairless and blond, the exact antithesis of the men that he had always desired. There was nothing he desired more than being the bitch of a rough Hispanic daddy. Ever since he had entered the gay scene, this was the dream he had always yearned for. It took him...Read On



Hypo Ronnie's wife finds his cock disgusting, but I don't…

There is a wonderful word in Yiddish, namely ‘seykhl.’ If you have seykhl, you have common sense, and people with this attribute are always successful in life. Anyone who has ever attended a tenth, twentieth or thirtieth school reunion, could easily attest to this fact. Often, the brainy seniors at school, or college, who excelled academically, end up living a life of financial mediocrity....Read On

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Sebastian's Schooldays

Sebastian, an orphan, spends his schooldays in a strict boy's boarding school in upper New York.

PART 1 PROLOGUE My business card is very discrete. It says quite simply Sebastian – Exclusive Male Escort By appointment only Telephone 100-123-4567 For those unfamiliar with the term Male Escort, let me explain. It is a euphemism for a man who copulates professionally for money with other men. He sells what is usually known as anal stimulation to his exclusively male clientele. And let...Read On


Fucked at Sydney Airport

I couldn't believe the guy I had been checking out all week followed me into the bathroom.

After leaving the check-in counter, I went straight to the flight gate. In the next row across from my seat, I saw one of the guys from the hostel I'd been staying at in Bondi.  He and his group had been on the beach all wee,k chatting up every group of girls in sight.  One of the guys had caught my eye with his sculptured build, shaved head, and perfect smile. Of course, it was him that...Read On


Late Night Surprise

Unexpected hookup with straight trainer.

I’ve been loving the new HIIT class at my gym. The workouts are hard but fun and there are lots of hottie moms in yoga pants to keep me distracted while doing burpees. I’m sure the ladies fill this class because of the new trainer, Eddie. He’s a physical specimen - six-feet-two-inches with bulging muscles, a few tats, and chiseled face. He’s also a great guy and not a tool like some...Read On


The Boys In The Band

How I became the fuck-bunny for two straight guys…

When I went to college in nineteen-seventy-eight, I booked into a gentleman’s hostel. I was unable to secure accommodation in the university residence due to my late application. This, however, didn’t faze me and the hostel was vastly better than I had expected. Of course, without en-suite bathrooms, there were two ablution areas on each floor of the establishment. The only private...Read On


Time to come clean

Phil and Nigel compare notes on their respective previous weekend's adventures, and it leads to more

Remember I told you about my weekend with Rashid? Well, it seems Nigel had a good night out as well at the start of the weekend, so we met up for a drink last night so we could compare notes. It was about eight o'clock when the door bell rang and I sauntered out, beer bottle in hand, and opened it for him to come in. As he came through the door I handed him the bottle and nodded toward...Read On


Steve and Kyle: Episode 10

Two young gay Chicagoans, find each other and build a happy life together

CHAPTER 22 The week between Christmas and New Year passed all too quickly as all vacations always seem to do. Steve and Kyle got to know – intimately it must be said and in the widest meaning of the word – quite a number of other guys, but at the end of the day when they retired to their suite Benjamin had become a more or less permanent fixture in their lives. He appeared regularly around...Read On


Steve and Kyle: Episode 9

Two young gay Chicagoans find each other and build a happy life together.

  CHAPTER 20 Kyle had settled into his new job as gym supremo with no difficulty at all; it was as if he was purpose-made to run the place. He saw no reason to deprive himself of what might be considered be a perk of the position in the form of testing out job applicants in much the same way as Sten had done with him. His promotion had left one trainer team, one man down and one of his...Read On


Steve and Kyle: Episode 8

Two young gay Chicagoans, find each other and build a happy life together

CHAPTER 17 Kyle’s team were on the late shift for two weeks beginning the Monday following their private fuckfest at Erik’s. As yet Kyle had not had any invitation from any of the gym’s customers he had worked with to join with them in private for a session of extra-curricular activities. However during those first two weeks he had twice been selected by a handsome, young guy to help...Read On


Steve and Kyle: Episode 7

Two young gay Chicagoans find each other and build a happy life together

CHAPTER 16 Kyle found that he really did enjoy the work of being a trainer at the gym and he used his spare time to continue to hone his own body to the peak of perfection, keeping himself busy all day. He found his three co-trainers an agreeable lot and they accepted him unquestionably so that as a newcomer he very quickly felt comfortable in his new environment. For Kyle it was heaven to...Read On


First Times

First sexual experiences...

It was the late 60’s, I was just sixteen, a teenager and sexually innocent. I had just discovered the joys of masturbation. I couldn’t leave my cock alone. I was wanking at least once a day, but felt the need to share my discovery. One night, I visited my best mate at his home. His parents were out so we had the house to ourselves. The conversation quickly turned to wanking. He was...Read On


Steve and Kyle: Episode 6

Two young gay Chicagoans, find each other and build a happy life together

Chapter 13 continued from Episode 5 Once Kyle sensed that Erik was trembling with anticipation and fully ready to be fucked, he rolled a condom onto Erik’s boner of an erection before donning a rubber himself and applying a liberal dose of anal lubricant to his own cock. By now, his own formidable cannon of man-meat was at maximum size and so as Erik lay there on his back and allowed Kyle...Read On


Nowhere Man

A chance meeting catapults me out of obscurity…

Growing up, my social life had always been non-existent. I was always the smallest guy in class and at school, even the girls towered over me. As an adult, I only attained the pathetic height of five-foot-four-inches tall. Added to this affliction, I was a very withdrawn and shy individual. I was one of those pathetic people who never had any friends. Somehow, nobody ever related to me....Read On


My First Time

Meeting an old guy for the first time

This is my first story, and the first time telling people about my first but not last sexual experience. I had been having bisexual urges for quite some time; because of this, I was going onto text and chat sites. This was about ten years ago now, so there were not as many websites back then. I'd been chatting to quite a few older men. On most occasions, the chats just helped me get off, as...Read On


Steve and Kyle: Episode 5

Two young gay Chicagoans, find each other and build a happy life together

Monday morning dawned and Steve gave Kyle a spare key to the apartment. The two of them agreed that Steve would go to school as normal and that Kyle would arrive later independently and go along to see the school’s principal, Mr. Schmitt, later that morning. When Kyle finally arrived at the school and was shown by the secretary into the principal’s office, Hector Schmitt was already aware...Read On


Steve and Kyle: Episode 4

Two young gay Chicagoans, find each other and build a happy life together

STEVE AND KYLE – EPISODE 4 by Jason Land CHAPTER 10 That Sunday morning, after breakfast Steve offered to drive Kyle back to the part of town where he lived; not of course to the actual house where Kyle lived, as he did not want anyone to see the two of them together. It was all Steve could do to restrain himself and keep his hands off Kyle as they sat there at breakfast together;...Read On


Steve and Kyle: Episode 3

Two young gay Chicagoans, find each other and build a happy life together

Steve and Kyle: Episode 3 by Jason Land CHAPTER 6 Well, in fact Steve could have said a great deal more as he wanted to continue what had all the makings of a mini-fuckfest between the two of them. So he now led Kyle to his bedroom where he pushed the lad flat on his back, told him to bend his legs and spread them as he himself knelt down and prepared to penetrate Kyle’s anus yet again....Read On


The Joshua Diaries: Underestimating Tuesdays

Horny and trolling for cock on a slow night

I had been playing with my cock for about an hour. You know, edging. I kept watching the precum ooze out of the tip of my cock and thought, “I need to get laid, bad.” I was hanging out on Manhunt, but it didn’t look like a promising night. It was a Tuesday; not much of a fuck night. I was about to give up and jack-off to a hot blog story, when my mail icon started flashing.   “Like your...Read On


Steve and Kyle: Episode 2


As the two young men stood there looking at each other, it became obvious to Steve that the first move would have to be made by him. So more or less assuming that eighteen-year-old Kyle was practising some form of sex, and not for a moment imagining  that he was dealing with an eighteen year old virgin, Steve suddenly took the bull by the horns stepped across to Kyle, took his shirt by...Read On


Summer of Discovery, Chapter Two

Dean feels conflicted about what he saw in the woods, and doesn't know how to approach his friend

It had been a few days since that fateful night of the party. The night I finally took my shot at Irina Sommers, the girl I had been pining over for years. But more importantly, the night I discovered one of my best friends, Paul, giving head to a college student named Tony in the woods. It was also the night I didn’t stop watching them while they were at it. What I had seen that night and...Read On


The Joshua Diaries: Montreal Baths

One unforgettable night in Montreal.

I went to Montreal for gay pride with a few friends. I was constantly horny with all those hot fucking men around, but was unable to act because I was sharing a hotel room with two of my friends. One morning I woke up at 6 a.m. feeling so horny. I decided to go out and cruise. I got dressed and packed poppers, a cock ring and lube, then took off. I passed a sauna, which I understood to be a...Read On


Steve and Kyle - Episode 1

Two young gay Chicagoans find each other and build a happy life together

CHAPTER 1 Kyle Sinclair, the main character – let us call him the hero – of this story, is a Chicagoan; aged eighteen at the start of this story, Kyle is active, young, muscular, sexually superbly equipped; and potentially totally gay. Kyle comes from a working-class family living in the western suburbs of the city and has never paid much attention to learning anything at school. When he...Read On


Inadvertently Becoming A Cocksucker

How a man can accidentally turn into an oral bottom

Have you ever wondered how a man can accidentally become a cocksucker? By that, you should not include an experience where a man and a friend sat at home on a Friday night, drinking beer, watching porn and going down on each other. Although, that is how it started out. The story you are about to read is my true experience. A few years ago, my friend and his wife would come to my family's...Read On


A Fuckin' Good Holiday

A life-changing and very erotic vacation experience…

A year after starting my first job, I decided to take a break. It had been a stressful year and being a junior in the law firm that had employed me, I had really been put through the mill. Truthfully, I was yearning to go abroad and really ‘splash out,’ but having to pay back student loans made me sensibly decide, that a more frugal approach would be far more appropriate in my immediate future....Read On


Going For A Ride

Sometimes you need to make a quick stop to get your rocks off!

It was a nice sunny, summer day.  I needed gas and a pack of cigarettes, so I pulled into a local gas station.  There were a couple of cars, and a large pop truck sitting in the parking lot.  I went into the store to make my purchase, and my old friend Dave was inside delivering cases of pop.  Since he was busy, I went ahead and picked up a soda, and paid for my cigarettes and gas.  I...Read On


Who Would Turn You Down?

I looked at his bronze skin, brown eyes and killer smile...

We were best friends, buddies, pals. We were inseparable. Andy had no clue (so I thought) as to my true feelings for him. He didn't know how I fantasized about him when I lay in my bed at night beating off. Andy didn't know that in our senior year in P.E. when we met that I lusted after his cock. What a cock, what a set of balls, what a happy trail leading from his navel down to them. Andy...Read On



I finally stopped at the adult book store

I’d driven by the bookstore lots of times. Often, I’d thought about stopping, but I never did. Sometimes, when I got home, I’d close my eyes, and pretend that I had stopped, and gone into one of the booths, and had, well, I’d had a good time. I’m fifty, married, and work in a profession where discretion is absolutely necessary (I‘m a CPA). My wife has pretty much given up on sex since...Read On


Greek Dessert

Gikas was a dirty ogre but a great fuck…

After graduation, I rented an apartment from an octogenarian couple, the Williams’. They were a family of breeders, as I will explain. Mr. and Mrs. Williams had five children. Their eldest daughter who had married a Greek had five children. Their eldest son had three kids that were all grown up but had recently remarried a woman his daughter’s age, and a second baby from this union was...Read On


Seduced Into Sucking Cock

My new girlfriend convinces me to suck cock and it gets out of hand

Theresa and I had been dating for a few weeks when things started to get weird.  In hindsight, I should have known that something was off with her.  I had never dated a girl as insanely attractive as she was.  She was completely out of my league, so I should have guessed something was up.  At the time, I just didn’t care though.  She had an insane body: double-D tits, flat stomach, and...Read On