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Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality. The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to curious males who are thinking of experimenting, as well as women who are interested in reading about what goes on between men behind closed doors. The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!


Earl, a limp Earl

I get a limp Earl off.

Our next Sunday barbecue was rained out so Baxter grilled steaks in the oven. The meal was good and after cleaning up, we settled around the kitchen table to play cards. My wife’s therapy has improved her mobility to the point where she can do all the necessary exercises at home. Thus, in a month, we will be going back to Boulder. I gave my notice to an unhappy Earl. I had not been called...Read On


Banishing The Past.

With the end of one relationship, begins another.

It had been eighteen months of uncertainty, kept apart by work, distance and spouses on both sides. In that time we had managed just a few days of actual contact, wondering when the next time might be. Several times we had run close to being found out but had managed to convince our other halves that nothing was happening. Then it happened, a weekend of no contact, I had become worried and...Read On


Bus Trip

A bus trip initiates a new chapter in my life…

Upon entering, I was very pleased to see that the long seat at the back of the bus was unoccupied. In fact, with five minutes to go until departure, the bus was fairly empty, with no more than twelve other passengers on board. I eagerly headed for the back of the bus to claim my prize. With most of my fellow travellers seated from the middle to the front of the carriage, my happiness was...Read On


Getting More Than I Went For Chapter II

What was embarrassing at first turns into something more.

Luckily the incident at the mall happened on Friday so I had the whole weekend to get over the embarrassment. Or maybe it wasn’t a good thing, as all I could think about was what Rick would say on Monday. I also thought about the kiss all weekend. I wondered if he did. As Monday got closer I was super nervous to go to work. Should I call in sick? Should I just quit and look for a new job?...Read On

The Deckhand - The First Cruise, Part 1

They were more than ready for my first day on the boat.

I approached the group with several beers in hand, and George quickly took them from me and set them on the deck. While George was doing that, Pat and Gary moved in close on either side of me and began lightly stroking my arms and shoulders. When George turned back to me, he began to feel my chest and replaced the others' hands, and theirs began to wander further south. All the touching...Read On



A tale of two cousins…

Lavender got married when she was nineteen-years-old. Within eighteen months after her marriage, Lavender discovered that she would never be able to produce a child. She had an inoperable blockage in her fallopian tubes. Strangely, twenty-years later this problem could easily have been rectified, but at that time alas, it was not. Lavender and her husband, Chris, therefore, decided...Read On

The Deck Hand – The Beginning

The beginning of a learning experience in elder sex.

I had just finished my junior year in college and was looking forward to relaxing for a week at home after finals week. I had always maintained a job at the local hardware store during the summer months to earn money for school. I usually was able to pick up some part-time work as well from their customers spreading mulch, painting, cleaning gutters, etc. Unfortunately for my hardware store,...Read On


Tasty Cakes

Summer School snacks were never this good...

Mr. Tracey blots away the beads of sweat that accumulate on his brow with a polka dot hanky. He folds it into a neat square and slides it back into the breast pocket of his faded denim blazer. He looks particularly disheveled as he sips from a white ceramic mug that reads ‘HOT FOR TEACHER’ in bold black Helvetica font. It’s probably filled with Jim Beam, I decide. His thinning hair is heavy...Read On



Dixon was the epitome of masculinity and dexterity…

When I was seventeen-years-old my dad was transferred to a small town. At the company he worked for dad was renowned as ‘the repairer.’ The retail department store chain that my father was employed at was very successful and had over one hundred stores in various towns and cities. Dad was famous for sorting out problems in stores that were on the decline and then restoring them to their...Read On

The Driving Exhibitionist, Part 6

Our time together was ending but we needed each other even more.

This time when I woke, it was quiet, and there was a warm body spooning me from behind. Sam was naked too as I felt his soft cock pressed against the base of my ass while he held each of my breasts in one of his hands. I was sore from the fisting last night but still felt empty. My desire to have him inside me eclipsed my discomfort, and I decided to remedy the situation. Lifting my free leg...Read On


The Loveseat

A young man who failed with the girls enters a Catholic seminary and learns to worship cock.

Jason and I watched gay porn in his room at the seminary with the sound off. He had a ‘sleep machine’ that played a mix of ocean and woodland sounds that he would turn up while we watched guys, she-males, and some folk we weren’t sure what to call, go at it. “Anyone passing by in the hallway will think we're watching a boring nature show and leave us alone,” he said. And in a way, it was...Read On


Carl, Sandra's brother

I jerk off Carl.

Mid-morning, last week, Baxter phoned me at work to invite us over for a barbecue. His nephew, Sandra’s brother, Carl was visiting, we were invited over to his welcoming party. I asked, “What should we bring?” He suggested some salads. I called my wife and informed her about our new supper plans. After work, I visited Royal Deli and picked up tubs of potato, potato with egg, and...Read On


I don't tell people about this, but I think about it all the time.

Back in my freshman year of college, I was the only guy in the dorm who still had his Xbox Original. You know, the kind that measured data files in bytes instead of gigabytes? Everyone else had moved on to the next generation. I still had the original part out of nostalgia and part out of budgetary concerns. The disc drive stuck closed and had to be pried open with a knife. Sometimes, it...Read On


Baxter, Sandra's uncle

I fuck Baxter's ass...

When Sandra had left, I felt sorry for Baxter. He was a mean man and a big bully. He berated everyone. “Tell you what Baxter. I am going to come back after I take my wife her cell phone. When I come back, it’s time for you to have some fun!” When I gave my wife her phone, I told her, “I am going over to Baxter’s. We have some more stuff to get out of his garage and take home.” “Good...Read On


The Long Way Home

My buddy abandoned me at the waterfall after spying my gay side; how would I get home now?

“How will I get home now?” The bearded guy laughed. He stood up and said, “I think we can arrange something.” We? I spun around looking for his friend, who I had assumed was still down in the boat. But he wasn’t. He was leaning against a tree, cupping his crotch through his bathing suit. Squeezing. “How far away you live?” he said. “Corinth,” I said. “That’s some drive,” he said....Read On


Wartime Peace

During the darkest days of World War Two, two service men find comfort with each other.

Second Lieutenant Adams of the Second Battalion Wiltshire regiment stood by the local RAF office. His uniform was neatly pressed as he waited to meet the Yank pilot he was opening his home to. Greg caressed his right shoulder, the wound he received at Dunkirk wasn't healing well. He shook his head as he thought about his new position in the army during the country's time of need. He was now...Read On


Fantasies Do ComeTrue

I have wanted to do that since high school

My name is Caleb and I am twenty-two years old. I work part-time as a stripper at The Dragon’s Lair by night and a full-time student by day. Every year The Dragon’s Lair puts on a charity silent auction for an animal rescue in our city. This year they are auctioning off their strippers instead for a dinner out and I am one of them. How I got talked into it I am not sure but I am standing...Read On

Recommended Read

Luca Ascending

Luca held up his gloved right hand and threw a punch. It connected with his opponents' jaw but did not knock him down. He saw a tooth go flying out of the corner of the other man’s mouth. As Luca pranced around the boxing ring he could hear notes and melodies playing in his head, soft as anything. His feet seemed to follow the musical notes floating in his mind. Light as air his body seemed...Read On


The Thaw

In anticipation and apprehension I watched him come to my table, his erection as obvious as mine felt, and I looked him over, tall, rather fat, and very dark. He had been on the first page of matches for bi-curious men, and we had hit it off on IM. I had been looking for a man willing to let me practice cock sucking, and he had promised his ass in return for mine. We had spent a week...Read On


Chimp & Donkey

A plumbing problem leads to an unforgettable evening…

Preface: A few weeks ago I visited my local pub. As I was approaching, the owner of the pub was seated outside and chatting to a man I had never seen before. After inviting me to join them, she introduced me to the man whose name was ‘Chimp.’ A short while later, she asked Chimp how his old buddy, ‘Donkey’ was doing… Naturally, with those two strange nicknames in mind, I couldn’t resist...Read On


Third Sunday of the Month

A special night at the Scandinavian Leather Men Club

Magnus weaved through the drunken crowds on the subway platform. He skipped the escalator, preferring to take the steps two at a time before emerging into the long blue twilight typical of Stockholm summer nights. The air was eerily still for the windy city and already saturated with the smell of beer and cigarettes. He continued his steady, determined pace past a group of laughing young...Read On

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Lick Out My Used Rubber And Stroke

Make you lick the cum out of a condom I used as you stroke off for me

Having you meet with me and service me in the park? Sure, why not. This is a nice bit about you being a slut. Since you are.  ...Read On

Spelunking With John, The Finale

The game brought about some fun and stimulating scenarios.

While we finished dinner, we talked about the different sex games that we’ve played over the years such as Spin the Bottle, Strip Poker, Seven Minutes in Heaven and stripping to most any board game. Since we already had recent carnal knowledge of each other, we decided on a variable of Spin the Bottle. The idea is that the one that the bottle points to has to pick a paper slip from a bowl...Read On

Spelunking With John, Part 2

Our afternoon of teasing, fucking and loving continues

Heading down the path, Steve and I continued to discuss our delightful afternoon and started to talk about getting together after we returned home. I had always liked hanging out with Steve since he was more open and honest about his feelings. I also knew that of the three guys, he would be the one that I could see myself starting a real relationship with, but I wouldn’t mention that after...Read On


Hot Action In Japanese Spa

An exhilarating encounter in a Japanese spa.

I acknowledge that my interest in going to spas on my recent Japan tour was to be naked with a potential audience. A female or mixed group would have been preferable, but in their absence, a group of blokes was better than nothing. I am an exhibitionist first and foremost, with a submissive bent thrown in. Given the chance, I would never wear clothes. I feel completely free and...Read On


Foreign Arrest

A visit across the border ends up in a breath-taking trip…

Kelsey was a really pretty blond boy. He had always been adventurous and loved doing things that most other people would avoid. He liked his men tough and being manhandled was no problem for him. Kelsey had always been intrigued by Hispanic men and loved their rough approach to sex. Being used as a puta was like an elixir to him and he found the machination of these kinds of guys...Read On


Love Sucks

Sucking cock helps me go straight

I was pretty drunk.  I should have gotten a DUI.  It would have been my second, which I most certainly couldn’t afford.  But I drove there anyway. I’d been at work, then drinking after.  It was a Sunday night become Monday morning.  I was horny as fuck.  My girlfriend was out of town, so I was free to roam and play, but this was still cheating.  I couldn’t help myself.  I wanted it.  I...Read On


The Meter Man Comes

Caught in panties by the meter man, Steve (Steffie) willingly submits and sucks his cock.

Steve started to awaken slowly at first, thinking he heard someone clearing his throat, followed by a man’s voice saying, “Excuse me.” Then he nearly jumped off the lounge chair, startled to see a man standing near the end of the chair, but then, remembering he was nearly naked, Steve clutched at the towel he was laying on, trying in vain to cover himself with the edge. But, due to his...Read On


Very Hot Time At The Hot Tub Party - The Finale (Ch. 4)

Just when I thought the hot tub party was ending...

Tony slung his muscular arm over my shoulder as we walked together from the outdoor shower back to the hot tub where the rest of the group was gathered.  We dropped our towels, and I re-entered the hot bubbling water, taking a seat at the corner with a water jet positioned perfectly at my lower back.  Tony sat on the edge of the hot tub with his legs and feet submerged.  Our hosts, Paul...Read On


The Courier

Courier's package was more interesting than the parcel he delivered

Friday afternoon, about 2:00 PM, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was a courier with a parcel. I did not want to leave the door open as it was cold and windy outside, so I invited him in. He needed my signature on the receipt and as I signed, I glanced down at the bulge in his crotch. Mmmm, formidable looking it was. I handed the receipt to him and he gave me the parcel and I put...Read On