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Naked walk Stories

naked walk

The Naked Study Buddy Part 1

A nudist embarks on a naked journey to a friend's house for the first time with no lifeline for a study session and some exhibitionist fun

I was just finishing up some schoolwork early before the weekend officially began. I was a freshman in college, majoring in psychology. The city that housed the college was only an hour’s drive away from my small hometown. I opted to stay home instead of...

My Trip To Las Vegas With Karen Part Two

The ride ended with Karen pulling a train with some black bikers to secure one of their vests

The desert ride outside Las Vegas was so enjoyable that we decided to repeat it. Before he returned to our hotel, we phoned the Harley dealer who provided us with the bike and asked if we could keep their bike for another day. We were given the option to...

Isabel’s Slave – Part 6

Melissa and Amy spend time in Isabel’s absence. A little too much time, perhaps.

The rest of the weekend didn’t go according to plan. Far too many family issues cropped up and Amy was forced to leave first thing on Sunday morning, leaving Melissa on her own in a big house. She had pleasured Amy with a sensual licking in the shower roo...