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Public nudity Stories

public nudity

Naked Punishment 2

Katie is forced by her mom to stay naked; like fully nude for two days as a punishment. Read how Katie struggle to navigate the whole punishment ordeal.

Naked breakfast As the doorbell rang, Jon and Katie’s mom rushed to the door to exchange pleasantries with Harnse. Katie, however, stayed in the kitchen, still overwhelmed with the fact that she was about to parade herself all nude before Harnse. She knew...

The Sin Twins: Wonder Twin Powers

Tina and Tara have just begun a new sexy switcheroo game, and Tara feels like being a dirty slut

Sin Twins: Tara was out for retribution—hot, wet, horny, slutty vengeance. As if her perky, bouncing breasts, her nipples taut and sticking prominently up and out, weren’t enough, she dressed to overtly advertise her mood. The silver lame halter top, back...

The Naked Study Buddy Part 1

A nudist embarks on a naked journey to a friend's house for the first time with no lifeline for a study session and some exhibitionist fun

I was just finishing up some schoolwork early before the weekend officially began. I was a freshman in college, majoring in psychology. The city that housed the college was only an hour’s drive away from my small hometown. I opted to stay home instead of...

Joan's Career As A Realtor Gets Even More Exciting-Chapter-Six

Joan Wins A Weeks Vacation In Clothing Optional Cancun.

Joan is called into the boss's office. She is a little nervous as she sits in the stuffed chair in front of his desk, her dress riding up, giving the boss an excellent view of her milky white thighs. The boss has a big grin on his face as he starts speaki...

The Naked Encounter CH 1: The Encounter at the Elevator

I am Katie and today I decided to step out naked, like fully nude. In my naked adventure, I met this hot young neighbor in the elevator, stay tuned to learn about our encounter.

Katie’s POV My phone beeped, I was not expecting any notification at this time, so I stretched my arm to pick up the phone from the table where it was lying to check what notification had arrived on it, it was the delivery guy who had just arrived. Oh! I...

Naked Truths

Lucille experiments with unconventional therapy, determined to discover her true life purpose.

‘I’m not at liberty to say.’ Karloff smiled, touched by Lucille’s resistance. ‘Well, it’ll be my pleasure to liberate you.’ ‘No, but.’ ‘But nothing. You know the rules, Lucille. We just signed them.’ ‘Okay, I can…’ ‘No second chances. I punish each refusa...

At the Threshold

Strange things begin to happen in a town by the sea where the nudist/hippie culture prevails. All-night orgies followed by morning amnesia…

On a warm summer morning, Kira leaves home to visit her friends who live on the other side of town. Danberg is a small resort town near the sea that takes about three hours to cross, so Kira decides to walk. She is naked as usual; naturism is widespread i...

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Embracing The Waves

I got exposed and spanked at the beach.

As the first morning light filters through the curtains, I wake up in the comfort of my Sir’s embrace, savoring the lingering warmth of last night’s closeness. When Sir and I returned to our hotel room, we were consumed with insatiable need. My back press...

Shona Caters To Her Own Desires 8

A catering company allows Shona to fulfil her sexual desires and flaunt her body

I could not wait to chat with Karl about providing the second stripper at some of our 'tamer' events. The way I described it, I was going to use a waitress, rather than do it myself. To be honest he was very happy for me to do this because he struggled to...

Steve, Stacey & Me

New girlfriend welcomes old buddy

I was promoted and transferred to western Oklahoma in January. My company was opening a new location and they had chosen me as the manager of the new location. My friend Steve helped me move into my new apartment. We had built a brand new location. We nee...

Wife Wants To Be Taken

Birthday Surprise For Joan

Joan had a birthday coming soon, and I had a big surprise for my hot sexy wife. Joan loves a party, especially one that involves my wife, being the center of attention, wearing seductive outfits being used abused, and being sexually satisfied. This was th...