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Relinquishing control Stories

relinquishing control

Relinquished Control, Welcomed Silence

A short story about silencing a busy mind with sensation.

Do I need to put another load of washing in the machine? As I stick my head in to check the kids are asleep, my mind is whirling through all the thoughts that have no home. Have the kids got lunch food for tomorrow? I walk into our room, take in the pile...

Wife Loves Lusting Eyes- Chapter-2

Wife Goes To Biker Bar, Alone

I found my wife in the master suite changing room when I got home from work. Joan was getting dressed to go out and said, "I am in desperate need of a night out, alone, I am going to a biker bar in the villages, I want to attract down-and-dirty lust-fille...

Alice's Awakening

Alice begins her journey of sexual discovery.

If there was one rule in her life that Alice had always felt she’d be able to abide by, it was the ‘NO OFFICE ROMANCE’ rule. Why then was this new email notification giving her such an intense and unfamiliar fluttering in the pit of her stomach? Her morni...