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Surrender Stories


The Executive's Release

A powerful woman's euphoric surrender to desire

Jessica Hawthorne was a high-powered executive at a prestigious marketing firm in the city. Though only 32 years old, her keen intellect and tireless work ethic had propelled her up the ranks at a breakneck pace. From a young age, Jessica had been driven...

Power Up

The beautiful, ruthless insatiable boss has all the power -- or does she?

I walked into my former boss, Ms. Pouvoir’s office without a knock or permission at 1:00. Her body immediately tensed at the affront someone would enter her domain without explicit permission, even though our appointment had been set an hour earlier. “Clo...

Power Play

The beautiful, ruthless insatiable boss has all the power -- or does she?

The refrain of Lady Gaga’s song Teeth suddenly brought my phone to life on my nightstand with an incoming call. The screen lit up with the name of my former boss, Ms. Pouvoir. I didn’t expect her call for another twenty minutes. She was more desperate tha...

The Blindfold

Awakening, Anticipation, Abandon...

While I hate to shutter those glorious windows Into your soul. You have such beautiful Wide-set Luminous Eyes. I love to make your mind fly, To stir your imagination, To start the fever going, Inside you. I love to awaken your other senses, So you can see...

Her surrender, the power source connecting her to me across time and space I glow in the light of her sweet wet lips that glisten like diamonds as her river of desire flows fast and free as we willingly performs our acts of worship and adoration. Our bodi...

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101 Nights Of Submission - 1. "Watching You On Cam" & 2. "A Random Spanking"

A meet lined up in a week and you perform on camera for me.

1. Watching You On Cam I'm sitting here at my computer watching you fuck that guy, and I want to beam messages into your skull. Fuck him like you want to fuck me. He has his head down where I want my head to be. His cock goes places where I want my cock t...

Who I Am

I refuse to say whether this is fiction or not.

I am a sadist. The woman in front of me is there because she wants to surrender to me, at least for a time. We have spoken before this moment - negotiated limits and safe words and things of that sort. I would never do anything to a woman that she did not...


The island paradise teaches her a life-changing lesson.

Translucent aqua water lapped the small, white-sand beach as the weathered Cessna lowered to an airstrip, nothing more than a walking path at the edge of the tiny, remote island. Lush, thick, tropical foliage surrounded us. Geeta, the indigenous sage and...

Surrender Dorothea

To be his one and only.

Oh sweet domination, to be bound and taken by a man who loves only you. Teased, used, made wet, forced to surrender all. Laid out, held down and taken in his good time, entirely for his pleasure, and in submission, finally finding your own release. Releas...

Into the Abyss of Desire

A sonnet of abandonment to the demands of lust.

Come join me in the abyss of yearning, Cast off all restraint to embrace my fire, And revel in the force of its burning As you abandon yourself to desire Your flesh aflame in exquisite torment In the conflagration of naked lust. To all my dark demands giv...