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Sheila Breastfeeding her Sister

I yielded to the pleadings of a young girl.

I turned around to find Sheila holding a new born baby in her arms. She sat in the chair asking if I could help her train to breast feed her baby. “When did you have the baby” I asked the 18 years full bloomed girl that she was then. “She is my baby as well as my sister” innocently she responded. I took support of the table as I felt the roof is falling down. I knew Sheila for the...Read On


The Teacher's Pet

(H is for Holly) Holly spends an evening as a spanking class teaching aide

Holly stood at the front of the room. She was naked, except for her collar, standing ramrod straight, with her hands behind her head, elbows back, feet shoulder-width apart. She was somewhat petite at 5 foot 4 inches, 110 pounds. She had long, strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, and no hair at all below her neck. She stared straight ahead, trying to keep her expression as neutral as...Read On


Lexie's Master Part Three

Derrick sits Alexandria down to talk about their arrangement. It's uncomfortable but necessary.

Part Three My eyes opened slowly. I wasn't in my room. It all came flooding back. The way he took me from my home and claimed me as his property because of my brother. My brother. Of course, at the time, I hadn't really struggled. I mean I didn't scream or anything. I had actually gotten into his car because it felt... right. Because I wanted to go with him. No, wait, I must have...Read On


The Unknown Stranger

A stranger fulfills Maddy's fantasy.

Maddy was still in bed asleep, her hair an explosion of color on the pillow. The soft, cotton sheet had slid down to her waist, exposing her naked upper body. She lay on her side, breasts moving peacefully in and out. Her face looked serene. Barrin felt the urge to jump back into bed and snuggle into Maddy’s naked softness. No time for that unfortunately. The surge in his cock as he pulled...Read On


My Dream story Part 1

My first story, be nice! Just a start to this story line.

My name is John, and this is my dream. I am 18 years old, I have dressed before but never seriously, and down the street from me lives a woman named Sarah. She is the mother of a very wealthy family and just radiates control and success. Ever since I had seen her, this story has played over and over again in my mind. So here it is. I woke up and the weather couldn't have been nicer. The sun...Read On


The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part VI

It's one week on in Jane and Mark's cuckolding jouney

  Jane: It had always been something that I wanted to see; a man sucking another man’s cock. I knew that Mark would be easy to persuade to do it. I knew that I had him in a position where I could do anything I wanted with him. I also guessed that Alex could be cajoled into it as well. One thing that I was also learning was that a Cuckoldress also has a lot of power over the ‘Bull’...Read On

Recommended Read

The Taking Of Cassidy Lynn

Cassidy is seduced at a company party by a dark stranger

Cassidy was in a foul mood. Everyone at the party could sense it and they were avoiding her as if she was the center of a five-foot quarantine. Stress was ever-present for associate attorneys at Sinclair & Lewis and the others had far too much of their own to be interested in becoming involved in hers. For her part, Cassidy was vaguely aware they were keeping their distance and that was...Read On


Twin obsessions-Part 3

The twin brothers help their sister learn the art of double penetration

Sixteen-year-old Megan jumped when I slide my hands over her hips and wrapped her up in my warm embrace. She snuggled into me. I loved the feel of her petite body against me. The bathroom mirror had already started to fog, I called to my twin, "James! Get your ass over to our girl." Our girl.. I liked the sound of that, so did she I guess as she beamed her beautiful smile up at me. She...Read On


I Spanked my Teacher Part two of two

Miss Gregg was about to make me a man!

As usual I was a little early and nervous with excitement at the prospect of 'leathering' my gorgeous teacher. My choice of leather was not difficult. My dad is a retired coal miner and always wore a thick brown leather belt around the middle of his overalls at work and I had acquired one which looked great on my Levi jeans. So there I was at the door of her apartment in a casual shirt...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 6

Allison continued to rock back and forth on his tongue.

Melanie had all the plans in place. To keep with the tradition of Thursday, she had plans of a barbecue after Justin cleaned the pool. She had already written the list of items she needed in order to make it a very successful cookout. Well, not just a successful cookout, a successful sexual endeavor. There were no friends invited. Somehow, Melanie knew it would just be her, her brother...Read On

The Secret Passenger Protocol

As we walked across the tarmac, I nervously asked the Fixer, "Well?" "She made it sir. She's a little upset. Apparently the handling was a little rough. We'll try to do better next time." "Thank you." He's the most trusted of my Secret Service detail. The only one I could clear for 'blueball' ops. It's best if I don't give his name. He doesn't need to be hounded for the rest of his life...Read On


Making Love to Me - Part One

I should have let you......

As I wake up to abeautiful day, laying still in bed, I stretch my body out but my mind is still on you. I am thinking of your sexy body, your touch, your kiss, and how I wish it could have gone further than just the kissing and touching of our wanting bodies through our clothes. But I knew it was better for us to wait but damn I couldn't stop thinking of how good you felt and much I needed...Read On


When Her Man's Away...

(G is for Gloria) Dave catches Gloria masturbating

Gloria drew the living room shades, then walked over to the coffee table and lit the scented candle that sat in the middle. She had just taken a shower and was wearing her bathrobe. Her skin still warm and moist from the shower water and body oil she had used, her long auburn hair still wrapped up in a bun. She slowly walked over to the couch and untied her robe. She sat slightly sideways,...Read On


And Along Came A Spider

A husband sends his football players to satisfy his wife.

Meg was weeding the flower beds when she heard the truck pull into the drive. She glanced over her shoulder and waved to the two guys inside. William, her husband, had sent them over to help her out around the house; as today was Saturday and he was fishing. Meg dusted the dirt off her hands and walked over to them as they got out of the truck. “Hi Ben, Matt… thanks for coming out here...Read On


Better than your brother

Bailey decides to get back at her cheating boyfriend by playing with his brother

She opened the door and stormed in. Alec was on the bed, in his boxers. “What the fuck?” He started to get up but she pushed him back down on the bed. “Bailey,” he said, “what are you doing?” “Your brother cheated on me,” she replied, “now I’m going to give him a taste of his own medicine.” She was on the bed, on her knees. She was wearing her old grey off the shoulder t-shirt, a...Read On


Bondage can leave a man helpless

I secretly tied myself to her bed, but she got interrupted before she could find me...

As I parked my car in the vast shopping mall parking lot near my girlfriends apartment, I texted her to say that I would be working late, and that I would try to make it home by 11 so we could hang out at my new apartment. In truth I was sneaking over to her apartment early to play a little prank on her; I knew she would get home at five thirty and I planned on being there to surprise her....Read On


Nothing but black high heels

A mother disciplines her daughter

Mother didn’t believe it was a spanking without her daughter Makaela sobbing like a baby. Makaela fully agreed that when she did something wrong she would be so ashamed of herself. She knew she truly deserved the hard spanking she would soon receive. Without being disciplined Makaela’s conscience ate at her. It was only after a hard thrashing and becoming a broken sobbing heap on her mother’s...Read On


My Father's Boss

My father will do ANYTHING to get the promotion...

There was a very important company gala coming up, a formal black tie event; my father needed a plus one. My mother has been away for the past three months taking care of my grandmother across the country. I was the last person he wanted to take to the event, and the gala was the last place on earth I wanted to be. I am more the type of girl that goes to rock concerts and biker bars. I...Read On


Submission in Progress

A journal entry outlining thoughts and feelings about submitting

He has been my virtual Dom for a while now. We met in a glorified chat world with porn star avatars. Through these interactions and some voice and cam sex, he has come to control everything. He tells me when to eat, determines where I can go, how to act and what to wear. He lives thousands of miles away, but He marks my body nearly everyday. I am His canvas, His muse. He demands twenty spanks...Read On


India Lover

We flirted for a long time before it became reality

This is a true story about an encounter I had with a coworker from India. She started managing our support team in early 2008. We immediately hit it off. We communicated often. She found herself up late at night just so we could chat. We decided that we should be really good friends, but probably should not tell many people about how close we got. We just had normal conversations over a...Read On


The Stepmother

one young mans encounter with his stepmom

Paul had always been attracted to older proffessional women since a young age, the idea of an encounter with someone much his senior had always been has most focused fantasy and he never had much luck with girls his age in their late teens nor was he particularly attracted to them. When his parents separated he was living with his mother while his father brought his new partner into the...Read On


A Blast From The Past

My First Time In A Motel.

Hi again all, I've been thinking about what to write. I've decided to go back in time 16 years, to a time when I was a young, 20 year old nymphomaniac. Things were different then. I was living with my parents, didn't have any tattoos, my ass was rounder and my tits were firmer. I loved to party, and I loved to fuck.   I was early summer, and I had just gotten a job as a clerk at a...Read On


Make Love To Me Part 1

A loving couple's journey into fantasies became all too real

“Make love to me” Beth instructed Allan as his tongue expertly explored her most personal parts. Allan crawled up her body and leaned forward, kissing her gently. Beth responded, her tongue searching for his, tasting her own juices on his tongue as they kissed. She needed his cock and she reached down between their bodies, her hand in search of his healthy seven and a half inches, guiding...Read On


Erotic City: In the hive of the Queen

Harmony gets sentenced by the Queen, while we wait to find out what Byron's fate will be.

Harmony struggled to keep up with the long legged women, who had captured her. Afraid that she'd lose her balance and be trampled to death, she kept her eyes forward, but her mind was on Byron. Were they as rough with him? Where were they taking them? So many questions were floating around in her head; all without answers. They weaved in and out of various side streets that sparkled in...Read On


I Spanked my Teacher - part one of two

And lost my virginity at the same time!

As far as I can remember, I had a very ordinary time at school until that is, I went to College. My Dad had said, "Now you are eighteen, you’ve become a man. Now you’re off to College and away from home for the first time." Then he decided it was the appropriate moment to give me a lecture on the birds and the bees and girls and boys and sowing my ‘wild oats’ and taking precautions and...Read On


Home For Dinner

Two lovers eat a meal and more

This is the second story written in collaboration with Alphamagus. We are enjoying it enough to make it a series, assuming you enjoy it as well. Juliana and Robert were both foodies. They ate out frequently but also enjoyed shopping for food from various market purveyors and then cooking together. Dinners during the week were generally simple, given the long hours that both of them...Read On


Surprise Delight

It was a beautiful day outside and it had been a long hard week at work. I decided to pamper myself by taking a nice long bath and just soak my sore muscles. After my bath and weekly grooming I decide it was time to slip into something a bit more slutty to wear around the house (I don't go out dressed up, not quite passable for that step). I walked into my room and looked in my closet, where...Read On


A Little Pee Game

A very short story about a bit of pee fun

I like going out with you. I feel happy being seen with you because you are so pretty and I’m sure anyone who sees us together will be envious of me, being with someone as cute as you. I never mind anyone else eyeing you up, because I know you’re mine and I’m yours and we don’t want or need anyone else. So that means I can relax and enjoy myself and have fun and just enjoy being with you. ...Read On


Joe Gets a Lesson

(F is for Francesca) Joe needs learn just how far Francesca can go.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Frankie?" Francesca (Frankie for short) was naked and bent over the dining room table. Joe, her husband for 10 years now, was standing behind her. He had a belt in his hand, folded in half, with the buckle end wrapped once around his fist. She found herself in this predicament because of their earlier discussion about their sex life, over breakfast...Read On


Being taught

Young guy Cal seduces his tutor Libby

It was Saturday. I was tutoring Cal today. I put on a little pastel dress and thongs and a touch of make up. I arrived at his house at 11.30. I knocked. He answered the door and grinned easily. He leaned on the door jamb. Cal was 6’4’’, with a huge build and messy dark hair and eyes. He gave me one of his bone crushing hugs. “That’s enough, Cal,” I said, attempting to pry him away, but of...Read On