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Boys Of Summer #8: After-School Special

Giving homework a new meaning

Just ten days after our camping trip, I picked up Bo for our first day back to school. He immediately began complaining about how much he was going to miss seeing me so much – and so much of me – since we wouldn’t be able to spend our days lying around na...

Sex And The Soccer Player: Part 3 - Paul And Me

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had kissed him back, Oh how glorious it would have been,.

I woke up early that morning, around 8:30 on a warm and wet Saturday. It rained all night long, leaving the soccer fields particularly soggy, and it was supposed to keep raining throughout the day. I wasn’t on a team at the moment, but Paul and Jess both...

Sunbathing, Spying, Sunscreen And Fingering

This is part four. Holly teases the boys, and a suncream session ends with Jess fingered by Mrs Jenkins after spying

The morning started out very civilised. Holly was persuaded to wear a bra and panties under her long sleepy tee shirt, and Jess did the same. Mitch appeared for breakfast in his board shorts and a tee shirt. He had lent a pair to Billy, who wore his own t...

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Holly Leaves Her Underwear For The Boys To Find, Then Loses Her Virginity With Both Of Them

This is part three, Holly takes the lead teasing, leaves her underwear lying around, then beds both boys.

The girls waited a couple of minutes before making their way as noisily as they could into the kitchen. Chattering about nothing in general, just making sure the boys knew they were indoors. "Hey, you two, what pizza do you want? What drink?" Jess called...

The Best Friend

Two lifelong best friends become even closer

It was shortly after the end of the school day and Josh and Gavin were speeding toward Gavin’s house. It was part of their daily ritual at that time of the year. They both had baseball practice at 4:00, so there was a bit less than an hour to drive to Gav...

How To Pick A University

Nick is one year from graduating high school when his mom's best friend comes for a visit.

The thing about having the hottest girl at school as your girlfriend is just that: she is the hottest. Every man, teen, and tween stopped and stared at her, like that day in the mall. Nick was walking slightly behind Isabel while she was window shopping....

His Supervisor - Part 3

Further discussions between fifty-six-yerar-old Gloria and seventeen-year-old Kirk lead to more fucking, maybe for the last time.

"I don't know what is the matter with Kirk, he had been so happy but since he came back yesterday, he has gone into his shell again," said Sara Theobald to her husband Richard on Sunday morning. "Don't worry about it, he will be alright," replied Richard,...

Service For Two

Sheila is off to get the car serviced. Her husband stays at home. They both know why.

The sudden shriek that filled my ears was unbearable. I think my first words were, “what the fuck!” And that was before my eyes opened. The wife’s phone alarm had rudely interrupted my morning slumber. It was followed by her running from the en-suite to s...

Pam And The Twins

Pam has to spend the weekend at home before meeting her family and is seduced by twins.

Pam blinked a few times against the harsh sunlight before putting on her Gucci sunglasses and looking up and down the street. Summer in suburbia, she thought watching the kids playing hockey on the street, basketball on the driveways, and little girls hav...