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Cheating sex stories, are those where someone in the relationship is being unfaithful to their partner. They may feature cheating husbands or boyfriends, cheating girlfriends or housewives. Stories specifically featuring cheating wives can be found / published in the popular Wife Lovers category.

Stories in this genre often contain elements of heightened excitement, the characters’ knowledge they are doing wrong, and the associated dangers which come with it. They may or may not get caught cheating, and that’s the risk they are willing to take. Typical scenarios would be where a person has been caught cheating in the middle of the act, is cyber cheating, or discovered text messaging their illicit lover.


Please Have Sex With Me

My husband won't make love to me.

Life is supposed to be joyful when you’re pregnant. Once you get the exciting news, everybody is so excited. The wife's body changes and you mark all the things that happen down in the baby book. Your husband is so excited and helps his wife with whatever she needs. The couple still make love as long as the pregnancy is a healthy one. Nine months goes really fast and then you have your bundle...Read On


The New Aloha Spa

Being a true account of a trip to a New York Korean erotic massage parlor

Some older guys are buddies of mine. Winters in Sag Harbor only the fire department bake sale and amateur poetry readings at Ashawagh Hall are exciting. I show up at Rowdy Hall in a tight red dress and start the intravenous Chardonnay drip and make friends. Too bad Rowdy Hall doesn’t stock white Burgundies at $250.00 a bottle; I know my buddies would compete to pop for it. I offer nice...Read On


Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

I was not looking for a hook up. Honestly..

I stopped off at a hotel bar on the way home and had a couple of drinks. My wife, Elena had left on a two day business trip, which she did every now and then, leaving me home alone. We had been married about ten years and while our sex life was okay, it was no longer off the charts wild like it had once been. As I walked past the bar, I saw a very sexy looking young lady with a mimosa drink...Read On


Things Left Behind

It’s never how you think it’s going to be

She couldn’t deny it: the village had changed. The sweet shop where Jack Leighton had lavished pocket money on her was now BRONZE RAYS, a tanning emporium. The tree, from whose branches Marcus Burton had dropped conkers on her head, was now reduced to a stump. Peter, the man she had dragged here from California to marry the next day, did not know all this. Nor did he know the significance...Read On


Wife Becomes A Black Cock Slut

A cheating wife becomes a black cock slut.

I’d like to share a story about a close friend of mine named Megan. She and Matt have been married for almost five years now. They have had a decent sex life. Megan is 34-years-old, stands about five foot four and has short blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She weighs about 120 pounds, with 32D tits. Matt hired his friend, Dorian who owns his own company, to do some fence work for...Read On


Deep in East Texas

I was lost. The dirt road to the farm house seemed like a logical place to go for directions.

I have a unique job. I work for a rather large insurance company and my job is to go to commercial businesses and conduct safety inspections. I was assigned a job to check on an oil rig operation here in Texas. I do not like oil rig inspections for two reasons. One they are very dangerous and second, they are smelly and dirty. I drove down the dirt road to where I suspected the rig...Read On


Rachael's Mom

Pat returned the next summer without Rachael, so I planned to get her alone at least once.

When Rachael and her mom, Pat, visited us last year, Rachael and I had great sex in the pool and she sneaked into my bedroom every night to give me a quiet blowjob. But this year Pat came alone because Rachael was in summer school. That meant that I was going to somehow fuck Pat. She had made her willingness very obvious the previous year, so I planned to get her alone and see what would happen....Read On

Recommended Read

Fake Reality

It was a Friday night when Lia came home and I only saw her arrive because I was sitting on the porch outside. It had become a ritual; as soon as I got in from work, I’d take a shower, then sit outside and watch the sun set. Ever since I’d sifted through Grace’s lies and faced the truth, I couldn’t stand to be inside the house. The rooms felt suffocating and the pictures of us and all we’d...Read On


Sexy New Babysitter, Part 03

Can I resist my submissive babysitter? What happens when my wife finds out?

“I need you to pick up Kat on your way tonight. I don’t have time.” Confusing emotions flooded through me when I read the text from my wife asking me to pick up the babysitter on my way home from work. Due to the fevers and colds spreading from one kid to another it had been weeks since our last date night, meaning it had been weeks since I last saw Kat. I had dropped her off that night, my...Read On


Fixing the Electrical Short

I am a single divorced woman and I know what I like and I know what I want. Still I need some help.

I am a happy-go lucky divorced gal and I love the new neighborhood where I have moved. I needed a new start after being married ten years. While I love being single, I miss having a man around the house to fix things. Lucky for me, my next door neighbor seems to be quite the handy man and whenever I need something fixed, all I have to do is walk next door. I do my best on my own, but lucky...Read On


Teaching A Teenager About Sex

Terry was a cute little thing and was eager to learn about sex.

When my wife and I first met, she had just become a nurse and was rooming with her best friend, Patti. Patti was gorgeous and my future wife was gorgeous, so I had to choose between them. Which one would I ask out? I chose Jennifer because she was a natural blonde with blue eyes, a terrific body, and was a push-over when it came to getting her into bed. That was twenty years ago and my wife...Read On


Fixing the Shower

I am a single woman. I need things fixed. I pay up anyway I can.

I am a healthy and happily divorced twenty-eight year old woman. I never intended to be divorced at 28, but it happened. I am self-sustaining,except when it comes to fixing things around my house. I cannot fix a garage door or a broken garbage disposal or a leaking shower head. I can do a lot of things, but those items I cannot do. Fortunately for me, I have a rather robust, fairly good...Read On


Fixing the Garbage Disposal

I looked into my bathroom mirror. I am a healthy divorced woman. I have needs.

I had a short love affair with Jack, my favorite self-pleasuring tool. But Jack is limited, being a tool, and so this woman is desperately in need of a real man. I pride myself in being a self-sustaining woman, since my divorce. I didn’t need a man, I had Jack. But Jack couldn’t fix a garage door and he certainly couldn’t fix a broken garbage disposal. I thought about my next door...Read On


My Wife's Best Friend Is Now My Best Friend - Part 2

My friend invites me to her house while the husband is away

After months of hiding our affair in hotels, and sometimes in cars, Danni invited me to happy hour. She said, "Aaron is on a fishing trip. Do you want to do happy hour Friday?" "Hell yes! I can leave work early if you can." We had this conversation on a Tuesday. My dick got hard as I anticipated our get-together coming up. I love how the times we spent together so far have only heightened...Read On


Thicker than Blood-Part Nine

Wo suffers more from betrayal the betrayed or the betrayers?

“I’m nervous,” said Jenna. “No, scared—no nervous. Oh, I don’t know what I am.” There was still a good fifty miles to go. But, the road was clear and the sunny day nice. He smiled over at her. “We’re doing this right,” said James. “We know what we have to do, and, we can do it.” “We have to convince him,” she said. “We will, I have a feeling,” said James. “You wanna stop and...Read On


I'd Wanted To Fuck Her For So Long (Part 4)

I'd been friends with her for so long, and now finding out how great the sex was...

Considering how long I had been friends with Brandy and her husband Brian, how many times I'd socialized with them, we'd hung out as couples (with my wife and I), and the fact that our kids had been growing up together, I had never imagined crossing a line with her like we'd just crossed. Her husband, quite honestly, was an asshole. Overweight, loud, obnoxious, and openly rude towards...Read On

Recommended Read

Something To Believe In

I was such a good Christian girl when this whole thing started. The one man I had ever been with was my husband and then only after our wedding day. Honestly, I thought sex was overrated. I submitted to it twice a week, or as Jimmy needed it. I never wanted it for myself. It all started when I asked my husband if I could get a job. We didn't need the income, but he worked such long...Read On



free time

I thought today would just be a shitty day. On Tuesday's everything sucks for me. Lately the snow and then the crappy swingers party last Saturday. It all added up to just blah. Then I was told the boss was heading out on a trip and would be leaving after lunch. So what is a girl to do with all of this freedom? As if he is even going to notice me skipping work early. What a great opportunity...Read On


Easing your frustration

He isn't giving you what you want. I will.

You lie there on your bed, hot, horny and frustrated. Again. He always does this. He has literally come and gone. He's a nice guy who gives you nice things, but he doesn't give you what you really want. Not the writhing, sweaty, urgent and filthy fucks you used to enjoy before you settled down with him. He talks a good game, he gets you wet, thrilled and desperate. And that is how he...Read On


a quickie

after work fun

Great, another dull day after having my period all weekend. All that I could think about was sex and I was so worked up I would just about say yes to anybody. As usual the day was slow and work was boring. I unfortunately work with boring people as well. Could my day get any worse? Maybe it's the thought of Spring being so close that my hormones were a mess. Who knows, but I needed some fun...Read On


Cabin Fever

A married woman's latent bisexual energy is released...

She panted loudly like a loyal dog following its master on a long run along the beach. I heard her metered sounds of lust pulsing through the cabin wall and I could tell she tried her best to muzzle herself. She either had her hand over her mouth as he moved his hips between her legs, or her face was buried in a pillow, as he slide inside her from behind. Or maybe, it was something else....Read On


Fixing The Garage Door

Cadey's story of desperation.

I was late for work. The garage door didn’t open fast enough and I had hit the stupid door with the car. Crap! I pulled back into the garage and hit the “Down” button. The garage door creaked and then it stopped half closed. I got out and surveyed the damage. The door hung off the roller on one side. I didn’t know what to do. I was pissed. I had been divorced about six months and had...Read On


Cozumel Adventures, Part III

The night was going to be a special one. I just didn't know how special.

The trip to Cozumel for my wife and I was a ten-year celebration of sorts. As we bounced along a bumpy asphalt roadway, in a Mexican taxi, on our way to meet up with some friends from the United States that Mary Anne had accidentally discovered shopping in a market, I knew the evening was going to be full or fun and merriment. We weren’t two blocks from the hotel when Mary Anne hiked up...Read On


My Wife's Best Friend is Now My Best Friend

I became best friends with my wife's best friend and ended up with "benefits."

When I first met Danni, I didn't like her. Sure, she was hot and had a great body, but she wasn't nice to my girlfriend. They have been best friends since high school, and they were now in their 30s. But I got this vibe that Danni thought she was better than my girlfriend. Fast forward a few years and the girlfriend is now my wife. Danni, her husband, and I became friends. I started hanging...Read On


Cozumel Adventures, Part II

Cozumel was supposed be out tenth anniversary celebration. It became more than that. . .

As I lay in bed, in our hotel room, in Cozumel, next to my slumbering life-partner of ten years, staring at the ceiling, I grew increasingly frustrated. I was horny and she was counting sheep. This was not how I envisioned a ten-year celebration. I looked at the clock. It was midnight. Outside our fourth floor balcony I could hear the sound of reggae music and people laughing. I slipped out...Read On


Thicker than Blood Part 8

Who is hurt more by betrayal the betrayed or the betrayers?

CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR 2015 “He just disappeared, again!” said Ronald. “Yes, and I have no idea why,” said Stacey. “But, we do,” said James. His new wife looked down. “Huh? What?” said Stacey. ‘“Before we came here today, Jenna and I talked. I’d asked her why her dad hadn’t said that ‘he’ was giving her away. At first she didn’t know, but then she started thinking,” said James. ...Read On


Cozumel Adventures, Part I

We went to celebrate ten years, but things happened . .

My wife and I checked into the hotel, after a long flight to Cozumel. We were both bushed and I was looking forward to turning in for the night. As were checking in, a very beautiful young lady, probably in her early twenties, was also checking in. I did my best to mind my manners, but I couldn’t help but notice her lovely form, as she sported a very low cut, and very short, sundress,...Read On


Thicker Than Blood Part 7

Whis is it that is hurt most by betrayal the betrayed or the betrayers?

The meeting with the judge had gone well. Winifred Clark did have some friends at court, and with Nathan backing her efforts the meeting had gone, well, well. This was one trip to the prison that she was actually looking forward to. She pulled into the spacious fenced in parking area and strode to the gatehouse that led to the inner grounds of the DOC. Admitted, she headed for the hall...Read On


The College Coed Who Needed A Tutor, Part II

I had Never Tutored anyone before, but then again, I had never been a college professor before.

I was curious. I had guaranteed Rachel, a student in my college class, an excellent passing grade in exchange for some outside-the-classroom fun. Rachel’s apartment was just across the street from the community college where I was an adjunct professor. I passed Rachel’s roommate, who was on her way into the apartment from where I had left Rachel, naked on her couch and hopefully, well satisfied....Read On


From Good Friends To Hot Lovers

Vanessa finally tells James she has wanted him for a long time.

Vanessa and her family moved into our neighborhood about a year ago . Our families hit it off from the start. The other thing that happened from the start was I thought she was so fucking hot. She had curves in all the right spots. When I looked at her, I was totally intoxicated. Sometimes we would have cook-outs with just our families. We all would sit on the deck and watch our kids swim in...Read On