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Cheating sex stories, are those where someone in the relationship is being unfaithful to their partner. They may feature cheating husbands or boyfriends, cheating girlfriends or housewives. Stories specifically featuring cheating wives can be found / published in the popular Wife Lovers category.

Stories in this genre often contain elements of heightened excitement, the characters’ knowledge they are doing wrong, and the associated dangers which come with it. They may or may not get caught cheating, and that’s the risk they are willing to take. Typical scenarios would be where a person has been caught cheating in the middle of the act, is cyber cheating, or discovered text messaging their illicit lover.


Blonde Witch Of The North

Slacker finds internet flirting has wonderful consequences

I was walking around the house in just my robe and red speedo briefs. I was eating a Magnum ice cream, enjoying my day off. That's when shit got hectic. There was rap on the door. "Ah fuck it, for real? Yeah, yeah, hang on - Jesus."  Bang bang, the door went again. I flung the door back. "Jesus, ALRIGHT! Lisa?" I stood aghast, it was my pal Lisa from facebook. How to explain Lisa?...Read On


Illicit Desires Ch. 09

Frankie gets an email from Dana

As I walked up the Jetway into the main terminal of San Francisco International Airport, I glanced at my watch. It was 2:35. That was Central time. I was now in the Pacific time zone, so it was actually 12:35. It took me forty-five minutes to retrieve my luggage at the baggage claim and pick up my rental car. After that I had to negotiate the freeway traffic into the city. By the time I...Read On


Pen Pals And More (Part Three)

Daryl comments on their recent hot sessions and Cherie's need to up the ante.

Dear Cherie, Don’t ever apologize for being who you are again. You are a beautiful, vibrant, physical woman who has strong sexual needs that are not being met. I am just so glad that I am the chosen knight in shining armour who is there for you. Each of the sessions that we have had in the last several weeks has been hotter than the last. I can’t wait for our next lustful encounter. I am...Read On


A Saturday Morning Surprise (Part 2)

Laura came back for more

About two days later, my stepdaughter handed me something. When I looked, I saw that it was a pair of panties and a smile spread across my face. I looked at her and she said, “Laura sent them to you.” I put them in a pocket and told Jessica, “Tell her thanks and ask her when we can get together again.” Jessica smiled and replied, “Oh, I know when you guys can get back together. Laura...Read On


Beguiled (Chapter 1)

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence...

It was another hot August day in Jacksonville, Florida when we were moving into our new rental home. This was our third rental in the Jacksonville area in a year. My husband of two years Brad, is a bartender who always seems to lose his job. It’s never his fault of course, but I know better. Brad can be pretty obnoxious when he drinks. I’ve told him plenty of times not to drink on the job,...Read On



I wake up and look at the clock: it's 3am. I roll over to hug you and you are not there. I hear voices and assume you're watching TV. Suddenly, I hear your voice in a low drawn out moan. I get up and put on my robe and quietly walk towards the living-room. As I get closer the moaning gets louder. I get to the doorway and see you sitting naked on the couch with my best friend Kristy between...Read On



I meet a very special slut, for the first time!

Some people dislike the word slut but for Emma it’s the perfect word, it describes her to perfection. Her wanton behaviour is sometimes beyond belief. She flirts constantly; often to her detriment as it is she, who is left wanting more. She masturbates incessantly when she’s on her own and I have never known anyone like her in my entire life. Well, that’s not entirely true. All this is...Read On


The Joke That Backfired~~Part 2

A careless luggage placement turns my first bi experience into something much more.

So I quickly hung up the phone after telling my son goodnight, not even caring that I didn’t get a chance to do that with Ken. All I cared about was concentrating on the top of Melanie’s head as I pressed my thighs together and smothered her ears. I was glad that the lights were still on in the room so I could see what she was doing to me. One of the first things I noticed was that her...Read On


Pen Pals And More (Part Two)

Cherie writes Daryl back, explaining why this proper married woman is becoming such a slut again.

Dear Daryl, Sorry I have been avoiding you. I am embarrassed and have been having my lunch in my office to avoid seeing you face to face. And I have been working out in the mornings. That’s why you haven’t seen me at the gym the last few evenings. It’s not your fault at all and I DID want what happened even more than you a few nights ago. It’s just that I am embarrassed by my behaviour and...Read On


A Saturday Morning Surprise

Laura came over and got what she wanted

Saturday morning I was in bed. Nobody was home but me, so I thought I would get a couple more hours rest. I had been watching television for about an hour when I heard a knock on the door. I got out of the bed and walked to the door. I barely opened the door because I was only wearing my underwear. Standing there was Laura, one of my stepdaughter’s friends. “Hello Laura. Sorry, but...Read On


Roommate's Girlfriend

My Roommate's Girlfriend masturbates in front of me.

I came back to my college townhouse earlier than expected. Professor O'Malley let me go when he got a text from his wife. He seemed to be in a hurry as his black Honda screeched out of the parking lot. As I trudged through the snow, I felt a slight rain sprinkle upon me. As I entered the townhouse, the kitchen was dark, but there were lights on upstairs and a smell of flowers. As I rounded...Read On


Under His Spell: Chapter 4

Brie receives her collar.

Stepping into the elevator, Joe and I went up to the room together. I wondered what I would find from Joe when we arrived there. I admit, I was a little nervous.  In the room, the first thing I noticed was a collection of boxes stacked at the end of the bed. Walking further into the room I paused to remove my heels, kicking them aside. It was then I realized that my suitcase, which had...Read On


She Was Too Sexy To Refuse

Angela came over and got more than she wanted

I was doing some work around my house last Saturday. There were some repairs needed on the back of my house that I had been putting off. Well, I couldn’t put them off any more. I was about halfway finished when my neighbor’s wife Angela came around the house. She said, “I heard you around here working, and I thought I would just come over.” Knowing she doesn’t just come over, I...Read On


Sunday Fun Day

Had some fun

We had just had a fun night at a swingers' party on Saturday night and I woke up happy and relaxed. I didn't think the weekend could get any better. I rose and went out to the kitchen and called my man’s name. I failed to get a response. There was a note lying on the kitchen table telling me his friend had free Patriot tickets. He'd left me at home alone with his son. I wasn't satisfied...Read On


Swinging - My Introductory Experiences

There was no way I would consider this lifestyle until, one day, I found myself being enticed.

My husband and I have been married a little over ten years and, while our sex life has, at times, been off the wall wild, it has waned in frequency and wildness over the past few years. I have tried my best to keep my college-girl figure. I workout every day and run two miles twice weekly. I still wear size three pants and have managed to keep my girlish figure in proportion through both...Read On


Confessions Of A Hussy Housewife - Chapter 5

Fate throws one at Sammy in her escapades.

This is my fifth confession and this one has to do with fate I guess. It's strange how things work out. A little background: I was not a nice girl in high school, you see. I was too stuck up for some boys. I thought that they were a waste of my time. Most of the time I threw rejection right in their face, a couple more I teased, acted interested, then smashed their dreams so to speak. One...Read On


My Girlfriend's Roommate Chapter 2 - House Visit

A tryst from the past is reignited

This story stands alone to some extent, but is much better after reading Chapter 1. Enjoy! After college, Shannon and I both went to work for firms a few hours away from school. Her old roommate Lisa took a job at an accounting firm in a nearby city. A few years down the road Lisa met a man at work and they got married. Shannon and Iwent to the wedding and Lisa’s new husband seemed to fit...Read On


The Night My Wife Cheated

Our house guest pushed all the right buttons.

My wife and I met in college and have been married for about ten years. I considered myself quite the stud back then, but was still surprised and flattered when I landed someone like Anna. Our love life has always been fabulous, and I knew she had never cheated on me. Anna grew up on a small ranch outside Dallas. If there was such a thing as a “typical” cowgirl, it’s Anna. She’s nearly as...Read On


Will I regret this, tomorrow? Part IV

Bev pleasures her first lover, outside her marriage.

Beverly had been masturbating in her bath while preparing to meet her first lover outside her marriage. "Ring, Ring" Bev, awash in her impending second climax, almost let it go to the answering machine. “Ring, Ring ” "Hello" she croaked out, fumbling with the house phone next to the bath. "It's me, DJ" came the surprise reply. "I'm at the hotel. Are you coming down to get me, or do...Read On


Pass Around Joy

Billy and Jigger after rehearsal hijinks.

Bonneville Beverly Reno had the leading man good looks. I had the character actors mojo and a huge 1966 Pontiac Bonneville. Attending a commuter college made me an asset for lifts after late night theater rehearsals. One thing you learn is that some folks are just born to be romantic leading men and leading ladies. Others are relegated to supporting roles on stage. Still others work in...Read On


My First Wife’s Sister

Pauline was nineteen and I had a good way to make her have sex with me.

My wife’s younger sister was nineteen and had married a brutal man a year earlier against our strong warnings. Almost from day one he started to abuse her, but she would never report him or leave him. So we offered to let her stay with us if she would leave him, even if only on a trial basis. She accepted and moved into our guest room. Pauline was simply gorgeous! I’d had fantasies...Read On


Confessions Of A Hussy Housewife - Chapter 4

Sammy moves on with her extra activities.

I'm up to four confessions now. Having returned and recovered from my trip, I was ready to try out something new. At the time of my next adventure I was teaching middle school. I began taking a close look at a few of the teachers there - I was glad to work with such hot men. Two particularly attractive men were the two boys' coaches. They were young, fit, handsome black men. One was from...Read On


Pen Pals And More (Part One)

Hot letters between Daryl and Cherie talking vividly about the lust that has ignited between them.

Dear Cherie, Thank you so much for last night. I can’t believe all what happened, but I am very glad that it did. I hope that you feel the same way and that you don’t have any regrets. I have watched you longingly for a long time as you walk down the halls of our building. The sway of your shapely hips has aroused me from your first day on the job. Every move you make is sexy, in case...Read On


Treats First then the Trick

What a hoot, thought Randi. This good-looking hunk is taking me to, of all places, a damn graveyard.

It was a fantastic fuck. Randi Druitt's sex-charged body writhed and shuddered. A large, powerfully built man lay between her widespread legs. With deep, fluid strokes, he pumped his demanding cock in and out of her very willing pussy. Each thrust left her gasping with passion and wanting more. The freckle-faced redhead lay nude on the backseat of an old Buick, parked on the far side of a...Read On


Illicit Desires Ch. 08

The confrontation

I was seated at the bar at Murphy's sipping a pint of Harp when Dana arrived. It was exactly 5:30. I stood up and called to her, "Hey Dana." Smiling when she saw me, she walked over, kissed my cheek and said, "Lets grab a booth." I picked up my beer and followed her. We sat opposite each other rather than on the same side of the booth. In the future it was possible that we might...Read On


My Wife’s Harem, Part 2

I was ready to have a go with three more girls in my wife’s harem.

It had been three weeks since I’d spent that long night of sex with Elizabeth. She was the fourth girl in my wife’s harem of girls that I’d had in my bed; three gorgeous blonds and one brunette. They all had been amazing fuck buddies that wanted me again anytime I wanted them to return. Cathy is thirty-four and lives just across the street. Teresa is a gorgeous sixteen year-old...Read On


My Wife's Harem

Turns out that my wife of ten years is bi-sexual and has a harem of girlfriends that she’ll share.

Readers should start with “Our Foreign Exchange Student” to get the background to this story. I spent the night having sex with Natasha, our foreign exchange student, and my wife caught us. However, she wasn’t upset because she had been having an affair with Natasha for three months! I was understandably upset to find out that my wife of ten years was not only bi-sexual, but had also...Read On


A Sexy Housewife Visits My Shop

An interesting day at my shop.

It was a very hot day in August and I was working at my shop. I own a Automotive Gas and Service station. I have owned and operated it for the last twenty years. I have a few employees who work for me. I’m still involved and work on all the cars. I'm definitely a hands on owner. My name is Jake Rhodes and I'm forty-five and single. I'm 6'2" and weigh about two hundred and ten pounds. I...Read On


Illicit Desires Ch. 07

Frankie listens to the recording made at the motel

By the time I was in my car, driving away from our house, it was almost 7:00. Katie generally didn't leave for work until 8:00. I had an hour to kill before I could safely return home and pack the bags I was going to take with me to San Francisco. Stopping at a local cafe, I bought a copy of the morning newspaper and ordered breakfast. I was just finishing my eggs and sausages when my...Read On


A Student’s Life - Part 2 - Meeting Your Family

My visit to your place over Easter doesn't quite go to plan.

It has been just over a month since you surprised me in my halls at uni. It’s now the Easter break, and as per your request, I’m coming to stay for a few nights to meet your family. And this is where things take off. The farm lane scythes its way through the Berkshire countryside, then home straight to your parents’ farm. I’ve been driving for just over two and a half hours, as I was caught...Read On