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Cheating sex stories, are those where someone in the relationship is being unfaithful to their partner. They may feature cheating husbands or boyfriends, cheating girlfriends or housewives. Stories specifically featuring cheating wives can be found / published in the popular Wife Lovers category.

Stories in this genre often contain elements of heightened excitement, the characters’ knowledge they are doing wrong, and the associated dangers which come with it. They may or may not get caught cheating, and that’s the risk they are willing to take. Typical scenarios would be where a person has been caught cheating in the middle of the act, is cyber cheating, or discovered text messaging their illicit lover.


In the French Alps; Kitty’s Lesson

Richard teaches Kitty a lesson before one thing leads to another

Over a light breakfast on the balcony, Carole asked what had happened after she'd left the pub with Sally. “Did you manage to talk to Kitty?” “Indeed I did,” I said, putting down my coffee mug.  “And?” “Well, I told her a few home truths and basically said she shouldn’t disrespect you.” Carole scoffed. “I don’t suppose that made one iota of difference to her. Oh, I’m sorry, Richard, I...Read On


Carly (Part 4)


Regardless of how boring my marriage had been for as many years as it'd been boring, I had always been faithful when it came to not cheating on my wife. I dealt with the fact that she'd been prude, vanilla, boring as hell, and rarely interested in sex. When she was, it was a quick over and done. She would get hers, get off, and literally say, "I'm ready for you" and that meant I should...Read On

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Cheating - The Mind Fuck

All I see are brown eyes.

I am not going to cum. What am I doing with this man? These thoughts and more race through my head as my current victim tries to fuck my dead pussy. I desperately look into his eyes, begging them to be blue or green, anything but brown. But, they are still brown. He twists my nipples, rubs my clit raw, and thrusts his better-than-average cock inside my desert-dry pussy and I feel nothing....Read On

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Those Afternoon Meetings

"I'm in a meeting, darling. I'll be home later."

Sonja was late, as usual. I went ahead and ordered two large glasses of Chardonnay anyway. So I’m sitting, watching the condensation form on the outside of the glass, running in tiny rivulets as I anticipated... anticipated what, exactly? We have been lovers for just over a month. ~~~ It had all started at some dreary Chamber of Commerce event in one of the local boutique hotels. I'd...Read On

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In Sickness and In Health

Taking an impromptu day off work never felt so good.

She's so fucking beautiful, amber eyes wild as she struggles naked on her marital bed against the silk scarf that secures her wrists. Her breath snorts hot against the hand I've clamped across her mouth, the phone in my other. The call connects. "Oh hi, this is Leah's... husband." I flick my gaze down to meet hers, flashing with anger. "Sorry to bother you so early, but she won't be coming...Read On


Another Night In July

surprise sex with a stranger

Throughout July I’d been extremely horny — and I mean more than normal. I was pleased to have a Saturday swinger’s party on the horizon but, before that, I had quite an amazing night. I was invited out to dinner with a new woman at work who is, technically, my boss — one of many bosses in the firm. We’d been talking and emailing a lot, and I guessed she liked me more than the rest. She's...Read On


A Night With My Old Boss

My old boss chases me after I get some new

Fiona was an old manager of mine, who had been made redundant 3 years ago. After hooking up briefly with her, we split up as she wanted to try again with her husband. After a year of me chasing her I had given up and had gone on to Tinder. There I had met and started seeing someone locally to me. Word did reach Fiona via a mutual friend that I was seeing someone, and suddenly I was...Read On


Bailey, Our Baby-Sitter and a Friend

Bailey was the type of teenager you couldn't ignore even if you wanted to . .

Bailey was our very outgoing, vivacious, high energy, family baby-sitter. How I managed to survive after she headed off to her freshman college semester, is beyond me, but somehow, I managed to readjust. I was a little depressed the first several weeks, as Bailey had upended me, unlike anyone else I had ever known. When Bailey texted me that she was looking forward to being back home at...Read On


The Mind Fuck

Josh reached out for some technical support and got way more than he bargained for!

Josh checked the time on his phone for what was probably the sixth time in the past five minutes. He was feeling nervous and excited and more than a little impatient. Where the hell was she? He realized it was early still. He wanted to get to the restaurant ahead of time, but now he wished he’d waited just a little longer. The anticipation of meeting her was causing him to feel edgy and...Read On


Bailey, Our Babysitter

Bailey was the type of teenager you couldn't ignore even if you wanted to

Bailey was our very vivacious seventeen-year-old babysitter and from the moment I first laid eyes on her, I knew I wanted to experience a little private one-on-one time with her. Bailey was an elusive catch, but one that was worth pursuing. Our relationship was very casual at first and very businesslike, but the more she took on babysitting duties for Ally and me, the more desirous I became....Read On



Did you forget something?

Danny pulled into the McDonald's drive-thru, glided up to the ordering kiosk, rolled down the window and with a sigh, ordered a couple of cheeseburgers and some fries. He wasn't looking forward to the crap, but he hadn't eaten in about twelve hours and needed something in his stomach to soak up the few beers he'd consumed in the interim. After the order was confirmed, he pulled up to the...Read On


July! July!

My summer thus far

July is my favorite month as it’s beach weather in New England and I love the beach — and, of course, sex!  The month had started with a few great swingers' parties but nothing worth recording as it was my husband and I who had fun together. But I also had fun on my own. I met the gym boys for a threesome, but it ended faster then it started. I love those guys, but it’s becoming routine and...Read On


Punished Secretary

Horny secretary gets brutally punished after cheating on her husband.

DeAngelo pinned my hands above my head and pushed his hips deeper between my legs. I looked down between my jiggling tits and watched his fat, black cock sliding in and out of my swollen, wet pussy. His deep, unrelenting thrusts hurled me into another mind-blowing orgasm. I cried out his name in heavenly fury as orgasmic waves drowned me in a euphoric oasis. As my body trembled harder, he...Read On


The Book Tour

Famous author gets lonely on tour.

My publicist Emily leads me to a table where several stacks of my books are piled like Jenga towers. My stomach stirs at the sight. I love book tours and this is the first stop on a two-week jaunt across the country to promote my second novel. Before the month is out, I’ll have done ten signings, two TV appearances and countless radio interviews. I sit down and fix my hair as the...Read On


Cheating Secretary

Horny secretary finally gets to fuck her boss's big dick.

Under my orders, Tiffany, my sluttiest ex-girlfriend, had been fucking my boss for the past two months. Every morning, after she’d gotten her brains fucked out, she’d call and gave me all the sweaty details. Sometimes, she’d even let me listen while DeAngelo fucked her brains out. With every imaginary orgasm DeAngelo gave me, I unleashed more of my sluttiness. My husband, Oliver, loved...Read On


Jenny Blows A Big Cock

Jenny finds and blows a big cock. Will she go further???

As most that follow my posts know, I am a very happily married MILF. I’m fifty-five, 5’ 10”, fair-skinned blonde with natural D-cup boobs and an always shaved, often wet pussy. Many also know that I have a weakness, an addiction. I admit that I love cock and cum. I am the queen of “blow and go” with strange guys that I set my sights on. These encounters are always random and not scheduled.  ...Read On


UpCUMing Nuptials

Attending an ex's wedding? Rough. Hooking up with an ex at their wedding? That's more like it.

I couldn’t believe it. I still had trouble wrapping my head around the fact that Max, my Max (well not so much anymore), was getting married today.  It may seem weird, going to your ex’s wedding but it is what it is. It’s been almost 8 years since we broke up and besides, I want to be supportive. Still, I can’t help but be anxious. I mean, I think I still look pretty great for someone on...Read On


Jenny's Ladies Night Fun

Jenny and her girlfriends have some fun at the club

Three of my girlfriends and I decided to go out on a ladies night to a local upscale bar in Monmouth County, NJ, that we know and frequent, for a few drinks and some dancing. Beforehand, in a group text, we kept joking about what the night might bring. Would it be mild or wild? Of course, we chatted about what we would wear. We agreed upon a wardrobe theme: tease. We planned to each...Read On


Horny Secretary

Neglected wife can't stop obsessing over boss's big cock.

When I met my husband, Oliver, he loved fucking his little Korean girlfriend’s brains out. Oliver never thought about dating Asian girls until he saw “The Interview” with Seth Rogen and James Franco. After seeing Franco and Randall Park party with those “Korean” girls, he became obsessed with Asian girls. I never considered his ethnic-based attraction offense because I loved getting my...Read On

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Divided Heart

A love letter from the pen of a conflicted man.

I know a letter is old school, but there's something about the tactility of paper. A physical connection you can't get from email or text. It warms me to think that the very paper you're holding right now has been in my hands, beneath fingers that yearn to one day touch and hug you for real. But I'm getting ahead of myself already. You have that effect. Like all good letters, this one...Read On


Stanley Cup Playoffs Part 2

Having some fun when he's busy

Game 4  Monday is never a good day for me but I knew in advance that there would be at least games four and five ahead. That was good because I faced reduced adventure opportunities in the summer and I hoped I wouldn't still be sore. But I was.  I felt like I needed a vacation or something nice.  Anyway, I got a text saying that he would be driving to the game early and I replied, Going...Read On


The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Seven nights of fun

To some, the NHL playoffs are a welcome event, especially if they involve their favorite team. Me? I couldn’t give a rat's ass because — as you may have read in my earlier journal entries — I do not like sports.  For my awesome husband, however… well, his favorites, the Boston Bruins are in the Stanley Cup playoffs. For me, the best thing about that is knowing that, along with other...Read On


The Long Con (Chapter One)

Un"conventional" gangbangs and a whole lot of infidelity. But first, we meet the characters.

Scene One Throughout the cavernous hall, a booming of thunder and the pattering of rain reverberated, becoming even more impressive. The greys of a dreary city covered in rain clouds became visible through the wide, eclipsing windows of the hall, but failed to suppress the flood of vibrant costumed figures inside. Among the crowd, hues of every color imaginable oozed forward like...Read On


I Cheated On My Date With Someone I Didn't Even Know! Chapter 2

I got set up on a date but was seduced by another woman who took me home with her

She quickly moved in front of me and then with one swift motion she unlocked the door and sprang it open.  She bolted like an Olympic runner and I took just a second to get my feet going and follow behind. Thankfully the two employees, one of whom seemed to be the manager, were caught off guard by her rapid departure and seemed to have not noticed me just yet. I bolted out after her...Read On


Real (Horny) Housewives Tales - Just One Look

Another in a series of short stories about housewives.

Tricia gripped the leather-wrapped steering wheel of her car and exhaled slowly as she watched the garage door to the underground parking lot of the highrise noisily open. She shut her eyes and squeezed the steering wheel tight to steady the quiver that shot through her hands. Her entire body trembled in anticipation of not knowing what awaited her. Her stomach fluttered when she thought...Read On


I cheated on my date with someone I didn't even know! Chapter 1

I got set up on a date but was seduced by another woman who took me home with her

Dear Diaries, I thought I would share with you one of the most mind-blowing sexual experiences of my life.  Granted I am still young at only age 25, but I imagine this will stick with me for a while. In traditional fashion, this didn’t happen today, but a couple of weeks ago during the holiday break.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent, or in this case, not so innocent. This...Read On


Fucking My Sister-In-Law

A heat wave in Paris leads to an unforgettable night.

My wife, Jen has four terribly good-looking sisters, but I guess one of them stands out: Shannon. Their ancestors are Japanese, I think on her dad’s side, and of all of them, it was Shannon who kept those Asian facial traits. Shannon is the fourth sister, and she now lives in Paris as she’s doing a master degree there. I had the opportunity to visit France last summer. I went to Lyon to do...Read On

Cassie's Birthday Evening

She only got to see her lover on her birthday.  You see, Cassie Johnson was a mother and a wife.  She loved her husband and children dearly.  She only saw her lover on her birthday.  Her birthday was special and her lover was special to her.  Her husband was always out of town on her birthday. Her husband had no idea that she cheated on him.  She met her lover online many moons ago.  They...Read On

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Flare - The Fire That Blinds, Part IV

Despite good intentions, a man finds a college girl too much to resist...

“Make me cum?” Her voice was soft and sticky. It should’ve been so easy to say no- to smile and say goodnight, to go home to my wife as I had promised. But as I looked down on this tangled mess of a girl half my age, red hair chaotic and wild on her pillow, little black strip of an adult dress riding perilously high on impossibly long legs, I made the fatal mistake of hesitating, of...Read On


Tom And Jenny Decide It Is Time To Enjoy Themselves And Get What They Really Want

Tom and Jenny were fed up with their partners' attitude towards them, so did something about it.

Tom knew that his relationship was going nowhere fast. It had got to the stage now, whereby he would come home after a hard day at the factory, say hello to his partner, Jane, and sometimes all he got was a grunt, never mind a passionate kiss. He was only thirty-six, for goodness sake, certainly not ready for the pipe and slippers and pottering around the garden routine. He had offered to...Read On