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Cheating sex stories, are those where someone in the relationship is being unfaithful to their partner. They may feature cheating husbands or boyfriends, cheating girlfriends or housewives. Stories specifically featuring cheating wives can be found / published in the popular Wife Lovers category.

Stories in this genre often contain elements of heightened excitement, the characters’ knowledge they are doing wrong, and the associated dangers which come with it. They may or may not get caught cheating, and that’s the risk they are willing to take. Typical scenarios would be where a person has been caught cheating in the middle of the act, is cyber cheating, or discovered text messaging their illicit lover.


Real (Horny) Housewives Tales - Sorry, Wrong Number.

Another in a series of short stories about housewives.

Evelyn was at a crossroad in her life. At forty-five, with her two kids away at university and her husband working long hours and travelling, she was struggling with how to fill the hours of the day she was alone with meaningful events. The recent months had proven to be especially challenging for Evelyn. Her sexual appetite had spiked and she often found herself daydreaming of a myriad...Read On



Hubby gets caught sucking cock

I had long suspected my wife of cheating on me. I had no definite proof, but I was certain I was right. She was a hot and oversexed lady that had recently seemed less interested in me fucking her. I knew when we married that she had many previous lovers. But that was okay with me because she was insatiable and would fuck my brains out. Her lack of interest in sex made me very suspicious that...Read On


Real (Horny) Housewives Tales

First in a series of short stories about housewives.

Prologue. Amanda and Nancy have much in common. They share the same birthday, grew up on the same street, went to the same schools and graduated from a prestigious university. They both married into the same, influential and very rich family. This wasn’t by fluke or fate. Amanda and Nancy had conspired and meticulously planned out their future, shortly after entering university. It...Read On


Vinny's Mistake

Blackmailed for fun

Well, as you may have read in my last fun encounter with Vinny, like an idiot I allowed some pictures to be taken. Big mistake! If my husband sees them, I could be in a lot of trouble, maybe even jeopardize my marriage. Yes, we have a “don't ask, don't tell” polyamorous relationship but I love my husband with all my heart. The latest sex I’d had was with my husband followed by a swingers’...Read On


A Weekend Away From Home

Tom had to fly to Detroit for a weekend conference. Janie had more fun than he did.

I got a phone call as I was getting dressed for work on Monday morning and as my wife, Janie could tell I was not very happy about it. "I have to go to Detroit next weekend," I said. "The guy who was supposed to be repping us at the trade show is out sick. The boss thinks he won't have time to prepare after he gets back to work and might not even be healthy enough to go to the show at all....Read On

Recommended Read

Amy Goes Out Of Bounds

Amy finds the right instructor to push her limits.

It was a fantastic day on the slopes, sunny and warm following a 6” powder night.  I’d already been up and out early, anxious to find the ever elusive first tracks.  With winter slipping away into spring, there wouldn’t be many more days like this for this season.  Although disappointing to accept, summer in the mountains always follows with the perfect consolation. The sun crept higher...Read On


Clocking Out

Wrong place, right time lands me in a heap of trouble.

During my time as a bartender I managed to get into quite a few sticky situations; this, however, had long-lasting effects on my work and personal life. It was about 12:30am and the bar I worked in was about to close for the night. Being more than a little tired, and with the bar being mostly empty now, I decided to take out the trash and have a cigarette before I left for my car. I stepped...Read On


A High School Affair

A confused girl has an affair with her teacher... But someone is watching.

***Lindsay*** This is a story about a gay girl that discovers she isn't gay… then discovers she is gay… then realizes that she is just bi, but is not really sure. Confused yet? I know I was. That girl was me. I was sixteen years old, and summer break was just about over. A new school year was beginning, yet unlike most people, I was excited. Not for the reasons one could imagine, however. ...Read On


Claiming Her Kid Sister

Falling for the forbidden fruit of my girlfriend’s little sis.

I never dreamed I'd fuck my girlfriend's sister, but I don't regret it. In fact, I'm going to do it again. If you'd asked me beforehand, if you’d stopped me before I knocked on their door that warm summer afternoon, I would have been offended at the suggestion that I would ever cheat at all. But an hour later I was in the shower, washing away the sweat of sex as my body tingled with...Read On


Secret Desires in France - Obedience

A complicated and perverted love triangle in the South of France.

ALEX   In the afternoon Alex drove to the plumber in Grasse to pick up a part he ordered the day before yesterday. He needed it to fix the sink in Louise’s bathroom. When he got back home he saw that she was dressed in a short, black dress and high heels. Her legs were clad in sheer, grey nylons. She was on the phone and didn’t see him come in. She was speaking in English. Was she talking...Read On


Dangerous Situation

I never expected Mandy to give in to my desire, but she did

“I do not need a baby sitter,” I told my boss. “Whether you think you need one, or not, you have got one,” my boss bawled back. I didn’t mind Mandy, our Health and Safety Officer; being honest about it, I wanted to fuck her senseless. Sometimes, I would hear her strut across the concrete floor in the factory production area; the clip clop of her heels seemed to be calling to me - Fuck...Read On


Oh, Susana 1

Susana just had to have him.

"Fuck meee!" Susana pressed her feet hard against the roof of the car, bracing herself as Peter pounded away at her pulsating pussy. "Yes! Yesss! Fuck me. Harder. HARDER. Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK me, get it in, push it, push it in, push, push, yes, yesss, YESSS . . . Ohhh, fuuuck YESSS!" She arched her back on the laid-back seat and whinnied as his plunging cock drove her once again to the...Read On

Recommended Read

Temptation Calling

An intense night-time phone sex fantasy affair while their spouses sleep.

I half expect the cavernous silence over the phone line to end in a click and the dial tone. As the moments tick by, the fact it doesn't begins to worry me just as much. It means she's considering my offer. Too late to take it back. Willing my heart to stop thumping in case it wakes my wife one floor above the living room in which I sit, I wait. The softness of the sofa contrasts with...Read On


My Wife's Office Party

Husband finds out why he was never invited to his wife's office parties.

My wife, Sarah, started working as a secretary for a hedge fund company about a year ago.  She seemed to love this job so much because she was always glowing whenever she talked about it. Her last job was hell for her. She would often come home crying because her boss was such an asshole, so I was  happy that she found something better at first. When I found out why she liked it so much...Read On


How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter 10)

How it all ended

You have to play dirty at times to get what you want. Lose a battle to win the war; set it free in order for it to return. What's right and what's wrong is only a matter of perspective. “You need to meet him, Cathy! Who knows, you might hit it off with him. He seems a nice guy,” I said, maintaining my persuasive tone. “I make my own choices, Noel! And in matters of love, I make my own...Read On


Couples Yoga

A yoga session with extra attention.

    “God this traffic is brutal,” I though to myself as I sat on the highway not moving anywhere. “I'm going to be late if this doesn’t let up soon.”   I was on my way to meet my friend Lindsay and was already late. She is a co-worker that has tried to convince me for months to come to yoga with her. To be fair tho I have always wanted to try it but have never had the time. Between work...Read On



A night at the bar quickly leads to an afternoon of fun that will never be forgotten

Ever since I saw you I knew I needed to have you. There’s only one problem, my boyfriend specifically said no. It all started when I walked into your job for the first time. Although I didn’t have any drinks in me yet, I spotted you from across the bar. Standing tall at six-two, about two--undred sixty pounds, you were exactly what I liked and then some. I told my boyfriend that I would...Read On


How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter Nine)

Kate shares with Noel her perspective.

“It’s a minor injury. Her left leg is fractured and her hip has taken some damage. But she will be fine,” the doctor reported, as she flipped through the pages of the reports, which were handed to her by the nurse. Kate and I sighed in relief. I turned to look at Sarah, who was still unconscious and breathing softly, her leg in a plaster cast. It dawned upon me that, in the fight between...Read On



At a party Mike meets Stella, who ignores him at first. A few days later Mike gets a surprise.

The wind howled around me and tore at the hoodie I had tied tight around my head. It was freezing and late in March with rain hanging in the air. I crossed the street aiming for the light of the restaurant I was heading to. The bright light inside offered warmth, a cold beer, good food and time with my co-workers. It was a farewell get together we had organized for a guy who was moving on...Read On


Secret Desires In France - Awakening - Part 1

Coming of age at the feet of a mature woman

Carrying a straw bag over her shoulder Louise walked from her car to the marina of Sainte Maxime. In the distance, across the bay, Saint Tropez was basking in the warm sunlight. Francis and Monique, friends from Cannes, had invited her to spend the Sunday on their yacht. They were picking her up here, but she was early and would probably have to wait a bit. She sat down on a bench and...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor

Turning forty, a housewife craves sex with a neighbor.

Every morning over the past four years, my fitness game plan is to take a three-mile jog, weather permitting. If the neighbors don't see me, I get phone calls asking if I'm okay. Apparently, neighbors set their watches by me each morning. One memorable spring morning the weather was cooperating. In fact, it was one of those cool but warming spring and cloudless days that makes a person...Read On


Your Move, Part 2: Kalli’s Turn

A younger sister-in-law tempts her sister’s husband.

Seven years since you’d last seen your sister’s husband, Evan, when you were an eighteen year-old starting your last year of high school. Seven years since you had watched the way he confidently led your sister across the dance floor at the wedding reception. Seven years since you had (somewhat) guiltily fantasized that he would be consummating a relationship with you, not Alyssa, and that...Read On


How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter Eight)

Noel gives Derry a taste of his own medicine

I walked by the swimming pool, as the glittering rays over the waters fell in my eyes. As I approached the door of the magnificent bungalow, I inhaled the air, mixed with the fragrance of wild orchid. I rang the doorbell and waited for a response from within. I turned around to admire the blue pool and the colourful garden, which beautified the house even more. As I admired the beauty in...Read On


My Wife's Birthday Request

My wife makes a special request for her birthday. Something I could never give her.

"For my birthday I would like to go out dancing at the club and bring a man home to fuck," my wife explained.  "That isn't really what I meant when I asked what you wanted for your birthday, honey," I replied, feeling dejected. I wasn't prepared to hear my wife ask me to fuck another man, especially not as a gift from a husband to his wife.  "Well, I've been thinking about this for a while...Read On


Surprise... Surprise!

Cheating with Annie is one surprise after another...

Our relationship had been sexual for about a year. I was cheating on my wife, and Annie was cheating on her husband, Ivan. It was a lust/sexual relationship and neither of us had ideas of running off to be happy ever after together. This ‘something’ seemed like all the others. A Thursday evening, a common night for Ivan to be away on business. We called them ‘somethings’, as in something...Read On


How i Won Back My Wife (Chapter Seven)

Bliss of a sweet revnege.

We walked into the restaurant at eight. I had worn my usual black suit. Bella had worn a black dress that ended right above her knee, revealing her smooth legs. We looked like a young couple who were celebrating their anniversary together over a romantic dinner. We put in a word to the receptionist about our arrival and she led us to our dining table. I pulled out the chair for Bella...Read On

Recommended Read

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

“Seems we’re both very, very dirty.”

It tickled as the glob of conditioner slipped from my long wet hair, ran down the indentation of my spine and landed with a resounding splat on the shower floor.  I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined it was a lover’s tongue softly gliding slowly down my back. I shivered as I reached for the bottle of expensive hair product to try again while contemplating the last time anyone touched...Read On


We Play With Steve.

"See, it's not just your tits I've thought about."

Steve didn't mince his words. "You're a lucky cunt, Gary." Steve and I were on the deck having a beer. We were watching Pat, my wife, pottering around in the garden. "It's frustrating," Steve said. "What is?" I knew what he was going to say, or at least the subject. "The way Pat's shirt opens, and I can't quite see her tits." "It's not her shirt, it's mine," I corrected Steve. Pat...Read On


Krystal - Part 3 - The Last Chapter

A young cheating wife and her husband continue her story.

I drove home, my husband Chad sitting beside me. He didn't say a word the whole way. His hand was on my thigh, his fingers clenched, holding me tight. I pulled in our driveway and parked in front of the garage. Chad came around and opened my door, helping me out. He was being the gentleman that I married years ago. We walked into our house together. Chad took my hand and dragged me into...Read On


Todd Just Can't Stop Cheating

She's a cheerleader, and his girlfriend's best friend. How could he not?

His eyes darted wildly to either side of the house as he rang the doorbell for a second time, fearing that his girlfriend would show up early to see her friend. Todd was meeting Harper, his girlfriend’s best friend, at her house for a quick fuck before the two girls were going to meet to practice some new cheers. Harper liked playing things dangerously and cutting things close, Todd not...Read On