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Ff oral sex Stories

ff oral sex

Whispering Secrets

Mrs. Jones, my babysitter, ate my pussy to keep me from revealing her secret, and I now wake up in bed with her.

As the haze of sleep lifts, I realize I'm not alone in my bed. There's Mrs. Jones, her soft curves pressing against me, our limbs entangled beneath the cozy blanket. The faint scent of her perfume lingers in the air, and a rush of excitement spreads throu...

How Badly We Want You

Two hot sapphic women, and a husband who likes to watch

We’d all had a few drinks when the subject first came up. Kendra might have had one or two more than Wes or me. “Top celebrity crush this month,” Wes prompted us. “I’ll go first. Charlize Theron. We rewatched Atomic Blonde last week, and I still can’t get...

Red Hot: Chapter Two

A Reader participation Slut Story: Gwen had a threesome and more!

Although she fingered her aching, needy pussy in the limo, Gwen’s sexual fervor would not be sated; it only increased. Her front door hadn’t fully closed before the horny redhead had her hand down her tights to play in her hot wetness. The insatiable, you...

Transforming Genevieve Chapter Six Part Two

Genevieve, Marsha and Peter enjoy a lustful 3some

As we exited the elevator and started walking down the hall toward our room, I got this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was about to lock myself inside a hotel room with two people I hardly knew. I wondered if I might have made a colossal mist...

Braving The Tide

A surprise job offer leads to an intense orgasmic bond between coworkers

I looked at her across the conference table, as she talked. Only half listening to what she said. My heart thudding in my ears was all I could hear. Her long red hair sliding over her nipples was making me uncomfortably distracted. Her name was Jasmine, a...

Liv's Texan Experience

Olivia has to leave NY and go on a unexpected trip to Texas.

I have a feeling that when you work from home, people get the idea that you have all the spare time in the world. Since you're always at home and have the liberty to create your own schedule, they think you're always available when they need you. It's tha...

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The Ghost of Christmas Past

I need to share my secret, Camille is relying on me.

When a snowflake falls, there is beauty and tragedy; each is unique until it melts on the pavement. Wearing white and misty grey shrouds, black skeletal trees form a guard of honour. The blizzard mutes all noise as a mark of respect. It feels like the wor...

Triangle's Edge - Part 4

My boyfriend and I are in a threesome with the woman with whom he cheated on me and who is also my ex-girlfriend, and I get her to confess.

My boyfriend was lying naked on the bed, his hands handcuffed to the bedpost, while my ex-girlfriend stood naked in the middle of our bedroom, waiting for my command. As I stood beside the bed, my bare, dripping pussy was on full display, in stark contras...

Mark's Business Trip: Hot Tub & Swinging

Mark and Sam meet another couple in the hot tub on their last night in Boston

Sam On our last night in Boston, Mark and I decided we couldn’t end our trip without checking out the hotel’s outdoor hot tub. It was a perfect, chilly, late spring night, and the only thing keeping me from feeling fully content was the knowledge that our...

The Life Of A Spirited, Disciplined And Unusual Middle Eastern Young Lady.

Chapter 7 I remove Malika’s mental block and have more fun with mother and Nasrah

Training continued. They made me rehearse my activities in enormous detail. I acted out so many scenarios with the actors that might occur when I met the target. The wonderful release offered by my time with Nasrah helped me deal with the burden of it. My...