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Immerse and indulge yourself in tales of sex and romance, set amid a backdrop of rich historical detail. Mingle with the upper echelons of society at a Venetian masked ball, witness the gluttony and debauchery of ancient Rome, or experience the shocking scandal of a Victorian high-society love affair. This category is exclusively for stories set in a historical time period.

Recommended Read

Mixed Blessings

After a surprise and rapturous night with Meg, Tobias receives a more challenging visitor...

Even in his half-awake state, Tobias realised that things were not quite as they should be. Beyond his almost closed eyelids, the bedroom was bright, but the angle of the sun seemed lower and more golden in tone than was normal in the morning. He started to become more aware of his surroundings and as he did, he noticed that he seemed to be pushed to one side of the bed and also, that...Read On

Recommended Read

Interim Indulgences

The ensuing misadventures of a hapless but well-meaning young clergyman...

Tobias sat back on his rather uncomfortable wooden settle in his dusty drawing room, a glass of his father’s best brandy in his hand and gave a contented sigh. A couple of bottles of the fine liqueur had been surreptitiously slipped to him by his papa as a parting gift. He mused that it was very pleasant to be back in his vicarage, having assisted with the harvest at his parental home for...Read On


The Green Heron

Take Pride in the way you have lived your life

"It was a green heron. I'm sure of it. I was strolling along towards the embankment and then saw it standing in the water. I stopped to look. It was having none of that. It flew away. But I'm certain it was a green heron. It must be lost. They live over in the Americas not in Spain. I read that last year, in 2018, one was seen over in Wales. That was only the second time they could remember...Read On

Memento Mori

Howling. Screaming. "Nomads of doom beneath a sepia shadow, conjugating flesh." A toll of bells rung, as I whispered a new line to a soon play script. I masturbated with my thoughts. As my cock's prowess baulked with its temper of heat, my eyes rolled back. Often titillated in fields of dreams while inhaling the opium that I'm so fond of, with arousing sexual amnesia spinning in my head....Read On


Jus Primae Noctis

Marion protects her lover by humiliating sacrifice

They had almost made it. Almost. Now, though, Marion was tied spread-eagle in a frame, naked; facing Willum, her new husband, who was similarly bound. Her troubles were manifold, not the least of which was that whilst she was newly married to him, she did not love him. She barely cared for him. Her heart was Sean’s, but he was a pig farmer, not of her class. Not that the difference in...Read On

Recommended Read

Virtuous Intentions

The further misadventures of a hapless but well-meaning young clergyman...

The Reverend Tobias Whitmore was surprised. As he sat in the gently jolting coach, he realised that he was actually looking forward to a springtime social afternoon in the gardens of his mother’s cousin’s husband, a Canon of the Church of England. This was an unexpected emotion, where mortal terror might have been more appropriate, due to the presence of his beady-eyed mama who wanted him...Read On


Genesis (The Sixth day)

One possible explantation of our heritage. A 1000-word story.

They lay, entwined, with arms and legs clasping each other, sharing the afterglow that their sex always gave them. The dark was complete now, total blackness, leaving their sense of sight useless. They had watched the embers of the fire wink out, one by one; tiny sparks of orange that stayed bright until its dying second. The fire had warmed the cave walls, the rock absorbing the heat...Read On

Editor's Pick

End of the Masquerade

In late Elizabethan England, the poet John Donne is poised to make a life-changing choice...

He thought he’d be in love before, but he was quite wrong. He knew that now. Donne leant against a stone pillar in the shadows of the Great Hall, glass of wine in hand, apparently laconically surveying the elaborately masked dancers in their extravagant costumes moving in the bright candlelight. Abutting the palace of Whitehall, the grand riverside mansion, York House, was en fete...Read On


The Vikings Are Coming

Beci had heard tales. She hoped they were true.

The ninth century was a time of uncertainty for many people that had settled on the East coast of Britannia. There seemed to be nowhere to hide from the recent raids that saw villages destroyed, men killed, women raped, and for no apparent reason other than greed and wealth. Monasteries were laid bare and monks watched helplessly as the horned invaders made off with their riches. It...Read On


Where's Wanda?

A Cliff Bradley mystery investigating a missing person case

The perfume in the room was suffocating, almost to the point of being lethal. The four women seated on the large sofa ranged in age from a few years past puberty to several years beyond menopause. They all looked beautiful if you didn't get too close. Their makeup was so thick it could have been painted on their faces by the drip artist, Jackson Pollock. The ladies' names were Tonya,...Read On


Great Anticipations

Suddenly I was homeless and my future uncertain.

My name is Charles Dickredy and I have lived in the Norfolk Broads, in the year of our lord of eighteen thirty eight, for all of my seventeen years. I know not why I relate this story of love and lust to you simply because of the hurt and trauma that it has caused me, except perhaps, so that others may avoid the pitfalls of kindness and of falling in love with beautiful rich women.  Not that...Read On

Recommended Read

Trust Chapter 6a

His world changed the moment he entered her.

Iona honestly felt that she had done nothing wrong. Regardless, she did feel a tremendous amount of guilt eating away at her. Not only had she seen this man of darkness a total of three times now, she also was relieved that he had managed to not lose his life. She had no idea why he was still in the vicinity. Theirs was more or less just a meeting of the eyes, for her a simple...Read On


The Space Under The Staircase

Even when faced with dire dangers, unexpectedly beautiful things can happen.

Life in Paris for the past four years had been horrendous under the Nazi occupation. Guy LaSalle and his family had managed to scrape by and remain one of the families the Germans had not prosecuted. However, between the walls of the house they occupied, a small personal war raged on. At twenty-six Guy was the oldest of the families four children and was expected to marry and carry forth...Read On

The Vltava Protocol

Milicent is thrust into a European mystery of intrigue and lust

December 1992, Prague Standing in the magnificent aura of Prague, recently unshackled from the oppressive regime by the fall of the Soviet Union, Millicent heartily breathed in the fresh, clear cold air. The city was shown in all its glory: the fairy-tale architecture of St. Vitus cathedral, the National Museum, even the Old Bridge Tower presented themselves straight out of a...Read On


Boarding School

Thomas started me thinking about what it would be like. So I had to find out!

My name is Paul Davies; I have a friend, just one friend who shares a room with me. His name is Thomas, Thomas Alverton. He is funny, bright, and intelligence seems to be his middle name, unlike me of course. I am out of place to say the least. In fact, I am not sure what I am doing here in this school. Where’s here? Dunstandale Boarding School for boys. I arrived on my sixteenth...Read On


Heavenly Benefits

The Reverend Tobias Whitmore continues to be perplexed...

The Reverend Tobias Whitmore let out a heartfelt sigh. Having taken over the parish of St Margaret’s in the prosperous market town of Stratton-over-Wye a year previously, he ought to be happy with his lot, he reasoned to himself. He had been welcomed as a new broom (not altogether unexpectedly, since the previous incumbent had been so elderly, his actual death made little difference to...Read On


Gift of Eternity

The gods have tested her with hardship, but then a son of Pharaoh looks upon her with desire.

The sun beat down upon Set Maat, ending the relief of the night.  Wind whistled through the valley, carrying the sand of the desert into the village, where it gathered in every nook and cranny.  The cliff faces seemed to dance in the rising heat, taking on a semblance of life in the valley of the dead. Isetnofret smiled as she wished her father farewell, but once he vanished into the...Read On


The Runaway

A young woman escapes a kidnapping and finds love

I believe it was late April that year I saw the dust from the riders as I looked up from stacking firewood. An oak had split the week before from a lightning strike in the west pasture. Cleo and Sage heard the horses long before I did, their ears perked up as they stared off into the distance anticipating the arrival. My Winchester was leaning against the fence, so I grabbed it, cocked it...Read On



Three sisters find a way to avoid being pillaged by the Visigoths.

The captain of the guard entered, his face distraught. "Princess, your father and brother are dead. The palace walls have been breached. You are in immediate danger." My older sister looked at me. "What shall we do?" I looked at my younger sister, then, at my older sister. "We make peace with them." "Peace! Are you mad, Arielle?" "No, my sister, just practical. If we resist,  the town...Read On


The Real Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Part 4

Brom and Ichabod vie for Katrina's hand and her affection.

Life in the Sleepy Village went on. Katrina spent her days helping Ichabod with school and letting him play with her afterward. His favorite activity was laying her on the table in front of the classroom, crawling up under her skirts, and tasting her, until she swooned in blissful orgasm. Then he would flip up her skirts, drop his breeches and fuck her to another one, pulling out at the...Read On


Newlyweds - A Halloween Story

Two newlyweds meet for a Halloween picnic and a little extra.

  How do you explain to your fiancé that there are dark secrets – even ghosts – in your family history? And that some of those ghosts are not fully relegated to the past. It was a crisp, but not cold, end of October evening in the “middle ground” just north of Vidalia, Louisiana, when Shelly stepped out of the woods and walked across the harvested cotton patch toward a small square of...Read On


Revolutionary Love-The Desire to Suckle

Borya, the fearless and determined revolutionary leader, finds his secret desires reawakened.

**It is Europe, 1914, in the time of revolts, clandistine meetings, calls for Revolution. The future Russian Revolutionary leader Borya Petrov leads the way, his life entirely dedicated to the cause, with thoughts of nothing else. Until he met Natasha, who rekindled long buried feelings, secrets and desires, Together they embark on the sexual adventure of a lifetime.** Natasha...Read On


The Last Consort

Gwion meets the Queen

Every generation looks to the past. Sometimes, it is a look back as far as childhood; when life was simple and others made decisions for you. Elders made sure your needs were met. Still others look back to what seemed to be a Golden Age, when all seemed right with the world. A wise lady summed it up by saying, “People knew their place and they stayed in it.” This story is from so far into...Read On


Witness Protection, Chapter 3

With the trial over and the criminals in prison, what will happen to Missy now?

"Why don't you take those pajamas off and let me see what I can do make you a little more... um... comfortable?" Missy said, biting her fingernail coquettishly. As I got up out of bed to get undressed, she scooted over for a better look. Seeing her keen interest in watching me get undressed, I decided to build the suspense and make a little show of it. I slowly lowered my pajamas watching...Read On


Witness Protection, Chapter 2

After receiving some frightening news, she needed to take her mind off things...

The days began to blend together and Missy and I established a workable and comfortable routine. She really was enjoyable company, not at all like the horror stories I had heard from others who had done similar work. In fact, it got to where we were almost like a married couple, we could anticipate what the other one was thinking or wanting without being told. I was thinking that if this...Read On


Witness Protection, Chapter 1

A new Detective tasked with babysitting a witness finds there's more to the job than he thought!

It was a hot, sticky tenth of July back in '65. I remember the day because I had just made Detective about a month prior and this was my first big case. I say my first big case but in reality, I was just one of many people working on it. We had been trying to crack this big drug ring that had been plaguing the city of Chicago for several years. We knew they were operating in the city and...Read On


Chicago '42: Part Two

Detective Bradley falls for a gorgeous wealthy woman who is being blackmailed.

The Heiress The well dressed woman sat across the desk from Detective Cliff Bradley. "I could use a name," Cliff said. "I don't know his name," the voluptuous woman curtly replied.  "I mean yours, not the blackmailer." "I'd rather not say until you've heard my story." "Okay, I'm all ears." "Well Mr. Bradley," she began. "It's Cliff, doll." "Yes, Cliff, she continued. "I met a man."...Read On


Chicago '42: Part One

A sequel to private investigator, Cliff Bradley's, "The Fatal Lie"

The Alderman Cliff Bradley was one bullet short of making the Chicago Daily News obits in the summer of 1930. He had gotten tangled up with the mob who got itchy about a bundle of misplaced cash. They wanted it back. It turned out that 10K had been stolen by a teen-age hooker who considered it a tip. Unfortunately, the Chicago outfit didn't see it that way. They terminated both...Read On


Grecian Baths

A summer daydream of a bath with a god.

There were once beautiful baths that existed in this world. Back when sexuality wasn’t hidden like a disease and the true beauty of the naked form and nature was something to be preserved instead of graffitied upon or covered. It lay next to the modern-day bath, a community swimming pool. It's mildly populated this afternoon. Couples, young and old, children splashing about, elders...Read On


The Real Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Part 3

Baltus breaks in the new servant girl.

While Katrina was occupied with Ichabod, Baltus retired to his study. He rang the servants bell and, moments later Anne, the new scullery maid entered. "You rang, Sir?" Baltus looked up and smiled. His daughter knew just what would please her Papa. The girl was young, pretty, and very busty. "You must be the new girl. What's your name, my dear?" "Anne, Sir." "How old are you, Anne?"...Read On