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Immerse and indulge yourself in tales of sex and romance, set amid a backdrop of rich historical detail. Mingle with the upper echelons of society at a Venetian masked ball, witness the gluttony and debauchery of ancient Rome, or experience the shocking scandal of a Victorian high-society love affair. This category is exclusively for stories set in a historical time period.


Bright Cotton Futures

A young woman is offered a major career advance, there's just one catch...

I got back from lunch early. Well, to be truthful I had barely taken lunch at all, just spent ten minutes wolfing down my sandwich in the parking lot. I was just so excited at this opportunity and I wanted to impress them with my work ethic. This is a small town and you don't get too many chances around here. My mama is a waitress at the diner and my pa is a mechanic but I wanted more than...Read On


A Casualty of War

kick me, kick my right leg.

The train pulled into the station in a hiss of steam, all those around me grabbed their bags excitedly and hurried to get off, I could hear the cheers of the waiting crowds, they weren't for me though, they were waiting for their warriors, their heroes, I was neither. It took about ten minutes before the guard came in checking the carriages. "We stop here sir," he said kindly, "You have...Read On


The Aftermath of War 3rd and final

The Victoria Cross

We spent the rest of the day calling on old friends; it wasn't just emotional, it was heart wrenching. Many of my old mates hadn't made it and were buried in some foreign field, if they were lucky, others were damaged, some very badly or mentally scarred. I'd been told by my boss in Berlin that I could commandeer a jeep to get around in from the local battalion, so I took advantage of his...Read On


The Aftermath of War

the tensions eased

Gradually over the next few weeks tensions eased a bit, the fraternization rules were relaxed and Germany became a much better place. The rubble clearing still went on though, it had to, the building work was moving on quicker than most of us had anticipated. I'd met Eva's younger brother Manfred and I'd managed to get him a job on our building gang as a tea boy and general labourer, he...Read On

Recommended Read

The Water Girl Part 2

Adeline is back in a new adventure pleasing her Domina and having fun with her friends.

Chapter 1 The villa was teaming with excitement when I woke up. I turned over and gave Laxia a kiss on her soft cheek and she stirred. Hearing the footfall and voices of the other slaves, she turned to me and with a sleepy voice asked, “What’s happening?” “I have no idea, but I will find out.” I got up, quickly put on my tunic, and then went in search for Paulus. He was always up...Read On


The Aftermath of War

Life in post war Berlin

I was among the first of our soldiers to march into Berlin, I didn't expect to be welcomed with open arms, but what we were greeted with was worse, far worse. It was total apathy; these people had endured everything over twelve years of tyranny, twelve years of being careful of what they said or who they said it to! Occasionally, we saw bodies still hanging from lampposts where the last...Read On


The Water Girl

The story of Adelina, a slave girl in ancient Rome.

Chapter 1 The rooms were full of people but they didn’t notice me as I floated in and out carrying water. Oil lamps and incense burned and the air was thick with their fragrances and also of something else. Thin fabrics were hung from the ceilings and behind them men and women fornicated. I could see the shadows move as I walked and the odor of sweaty men and women and their bodily fluid...Read On


One Hand Luke

A cowboy comes into town.

The wind swept through the valley, relieving some of the heat of the day. A cowboy wearing a black Stetson and black chaps rode into town slowly on a black horse. He looked ragged from days of travel, his left hand gripped the horse's reins tightly. He stopped in front of the saloon. He was in his mid-twenties, his light blonde hair contrasted with his black hat and a grey shirt. He...Read On

The Last Voyage Of The Henrietta Bone

An age when the world as we knew it was smaller, and there were lands still not discovered.  An age where the sea washed upon distant shores. It was no longer thought of as a square.  It, a majestic ship, constructed from the finest wood in the forest. Designed for transporting goods, or doing naval battle. Built with three masts, each towering a hundred feet, and it with a fuselage of...Read On


End Game

John Polidori (1795-1821) returns to England and prepares to meet his fate...

London, February 1821 John strode across the bustle of Piccadilly, the wide road alive with people even at this late hour. He was glad to turn his steps towards home and to disappear into the huddle of dark streets that was Soho. He felt more at ease here in the shadows than he did in the melee of the West End. There, flaming torches lit the way, gilding the streets with an orange glow...Read On


Chelsie's Dream

Chelsie finds an uncanny similarity between her dream and events of two centuries ago

"Ow!" said Chelsie. "Stop that!"  She looked behind her. Nothing. She looked over her other shoulder. The long, dark corridor was empty. Nothing moved in the gloomy old house. But someone - or something - had definitely touched her behind. Alarmed, she scuttled back to her room and shut the door. To her frustration she saw that although there was a large, gaping keyhole, no key was to be...Read On


An arranged Rajput wedding

A lovely sensual romance erotica

Her silhouette was dark against the bright light of the lamps that filtered through the curtain of marigold flowers. The curvaceous length of her hip was garbed in dark sparkling red. Only the glimpse of long legs, a small hand holding a chain of flowers and the pale line of her cheek brought relief to his eyes. Prince Veer on the other side of the balcony leaned forward to see more...Read On

Where There Is Smoke

It was on the cusp of dusk and a late autumn storm was brewing. A frozen fog hung over the small village of Tarrytown. A village of mostly Dutch ancestry, who had no predilections or immoral behaviors. A village of non-swearing apple pickers and scattered-vendors. It was the autumn of 1791, and as they say… "Frost was on the pumpkins." The frogs must have had a forewarning as they croaked...Read On

The Cat's Aye

Her warm personality always added a smile to the drab façade of the gray stone club building. Although a superstitious old hag of a crone, she had never missed her daily round at the door selling apples. Until... Money and pleasantries were exchanged, with no reason for platitudes. She pushing her cart, and he a polite distant following her to a niche in the alley behind the club. Raising...Read On

Editor's Pick


I saw the union soldiers when they first crested the rolling hills at the edge of Papa's farm. There were so many, the ground shook with them and the wild things startled. I wished earnestly to be one of the rabbits, to hide in a burrow and let the destruction happen over my head. Already, I had buried the jewelry--what little there was left. I had harvested all of the kitchen garden that...Read On


Amanda's Decision.

Amanda sees through her decision during the turmoil of the English Civil War.

Amanda was tall, strong and smart; things unheard of in a woman. Her black flowing hair provided a stark contrast to her light brown great coat. Her steely blue eyes hid a fragile side to her. When she wanted, her eyes would reveal her fragile side. She always wore thigh high leather boots with high heels, which were thought of as daemon's shoes by some folk. Slowly she rode her horse,...Read On


The Spy

Sandra must defeat the Germans

The rain fell at a steady pace, hitting the windows like pellets. In the war room, there was once again confusion and anger. What had happened? How did the best-laid plans fail to do the job? The German high command was furious; someone would get shot for this. It was 1944 and the German High Command's best strategists had come up with a foolproof plan, that had somehow failed. There was...Read On

Recommended Read

The Waking Dream

John Polidori (1795-1821) was personal physician to Lord Byron during the fateful summer of 1816...

London, Spring 1816 He clearly remembered when he first became aware of a hint of unease; a sense of otherworldly darkness. Before then in his life, of course, he had moments of disquiet in terms of worry and fretting, but they were normal daylight concerns. He remembered as if from a great distance his medical training in the cool grey light of Edinburgh, his careful studies...Read On

The dead are still alive

Love is immortal. So is Revenge!

Jack Lisa’s slumber broke once again as the car swayed on one of the serpentine turns of the hilly road. She rubbed and palmed her eyes before she looked outside. The full moon was shining in its absolute glory and pacing beautifully along with the car. She took a deep breath and looked back at Jack who had been driving for almost all throughout the evening. “Good evening sweetheart...Read On


Maitresse en titre dans l'amour III

Giles has an offer for Isabel, and she thanks him

May 1391, Guildford Hamon de Grey, the bastard half-brother of Sir Giles re-adjusted himself and tried to act as if nothing had happened, yet inside he was on fire, his heart and mind racing. He tucked his shirt back into his breeches, re-adjusted his tunic and grabbed his hat from the ground, where it had become crinkled and crumpled. He smoothed down his silvery blond hair and put the...Read On


Perfect Duty--Part 2

The Conclusion----A Promise Fulfilled

With the end of World War II, I got discharged at Fort Dix, New Jersey, and made my way to Darla's hometown in Pennsylvania. I found her house and rang the bell. Darla opened the door and almost passed out. Immediately, she began to weep with joy and happiness. "Greg, you came for me. I thought that I would never see you again and Italy was a wartime fling." "No, I always keep my...Read On


Perfect Duty

Army Manuevers

I am US Army Medic and my name is Greg. Most people call me"Doc"'even though I am not a real one. It was early March of 1945 in Italy. I was part of the US Army assigned to distributing food and medical supplies to the locals. It was a four man team made up of two PFC's and two sergeants. After being wounded twice, I got this duty instead of being sent stateside. We got our orders. The...Read On


Maîtresse en titre dans l’amour: II

Isabel uses her skills to try and gain Giles' trust.

February 1391, Guildford ‘Have you met her? This Hobbes girl?’ Isabel asked. She and Hamon were sitting in the great hall in front of the fire breaking their fast together. Sir Giles was still abed, after the previous night’s excesses. Normally Isabel or his squire Roger would have woken him up, but this morning she let him sleep. The travelling troubadour Jace was playing a tune on his...Read On


Maitresse en titre dans l'amour

Isabel and Giles have a poignant few days before the upcoming marriage of Sir Giles

February 1391, Guildford Isabel was sitting in front of the fire of the great hall, sewing and listening to the musician play a tune from the West Country on his lute. There was a hustle outside the hall and the servant girl Ida came dashing into the hall. ‘Sir Giles is here damoiselle ,’ said Ida. Isabel smiled from ear to ear and set her sewing aside, yet she didn’t rise. She watched...Read On


Maîtresse en titre

Now in England, Isabel receives some news that makes her question her position as official mistress

November 1390, Herefordshire Isabel la Badeau sat in the window embrasure of the de Grey estate in Herefordshire. She was watching the winter wind pelting the windows angrily. It was the sort of rain that came in on a diagonal and stung when it hit you. Isabel was glad that she was inside, out of the cold and in front of the fire. It was at times like these that she missed the arid...Read On


La prisonnièr Francais

He takes a young French girl captive, but she has more of an effect on him than he first thought

August 1389, Aquitaine It was a hot, arid summer’s evening as Sir Giles de Grey sat in front of the open window, the hot and stuffy southern French heat drifting in. My God, does it ever rain here ? He thought. He slicked his shoulder-length dark blond hair back off his sweaty brow and took a deep drag of sweet Malmsey wine that they had brought over from England. Campaign season...Read On


Alexandra and Denise

Alexandra spends time in a re-programming school after being caught with another girl.

Alexandra shuffled slowly down the long hallway. The drab linoleum tile was cracked and missing in places. The two toned green walls were faded and depressing. A number of girls were sitting in chairs or shuffling along, attired in the same ugly print hospital gown and robe, and wearing the same blue slippers. It was 1950, and this was the third time she found herself in a place like this....Read On

Recommended Read

Trust Ch. 3

She is his and he is coming for what is his.

From that moment onward Iona sought out this Russ called Long Sword. The images he had spun created a need so great that she could physically feel the man she wanted most. With Iona’s exhaustive imagination, she could feel Kieren’s resting on top of her. The press of his awe-inspiring body against the softness of hers felt real—skin on skin, moist from exertion. Behind her closed eyes,...Read On


Her Victorian Bottom Shared: Part 1

The continuing sexual adventures of a lusty Victorian husband and his sexually liberated wife.

In the pale moonlight of an early December dawn, Henry Chambers was deep fucking his panting wife for the third time that night. Prudence lay eagerly beneath her husband as he pummeled her well ploughed furrow with the urgent stabbings of an oncoming spend. His sweat laden face was pressed against her right cheek as she urged him on in their animalistic passion and the need to reach their...Read On


The Fatal Lie: Pt.2

Cliff, a private detective, is on his way to Las Vegas to track down the guy who stole from the mob.

It was 1930, and life was closing in on folks ever since the Stock Market crash the year before. The only people making money were gangsters and bootleggers for this was still Prohibition in the United States Cliff, a private investigator out of Chicago was, as they say, "on assignment" headed for Las Vegas. He had left earlier in the day from the place Carl Sandburg described as: ...Read On