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Runaway Stories


Offering A Ride To A Stranger - Chapter One

I offer a ride to a hitchhiker I meet on my journey home

It started as a pretty normal late summer day. I'd dropped a visitor off at the bus station and I was driving home, wondering what to do with the remainder of my weekend. It was then that I saw her, up in the distance walking slowly along the side of this...

The Way Of The Pirate - Chapter 1

She was beautiful and brutal and always had her own way

The coast off of the North African Ottoman provinces of Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, and Morocco in 1803 was as dangerous a place as anywhere on earth. It was known as the Barbary Coast and was a very lucrative business for Pirates. Capturing merchant ships a...

Heaven Is Where You Find It

From Hell to Heaven.

I slipped the note under the door of Mother Superior's office and hurried out of the back door of the convent with my backpack, leaving my life of the past eleven years behind. Tomorrow, I would have been making my final vows to enter the congregation and...

Lost And Found - Chapter 1: The Meeting

How a lonely girl on a bench changed my world

Friday night. Time for my usual shortcut through the park and head for Benny’s Burgers. But why was there a girl sitting on a bench in shorts, tee shirt and tennis shoes on a chilling night? So, I stopped and got out. She gave me a type of "now what?"-loo...

Lust In Space, Chapter 10

A stranger appears at the gates of the city. Who is it and what do they want?

"Did you enjoy that, my King?" she asked me. "I loved it," I admitted. "You are such a wonderful sex kitten. Do you think you'd like to do it again?" "I think so. It was different and very pleasurable. Would you?" "I would love to do it again!" "Suck your...

Gretna Green

shall we runaway to where the grass is greener

Shall we run away,To a faraway landWhere there’s a place Where the grass is greener. Where you and I,Could fulfil our dreamsAnd live happily ever after With no constant fears. Of the emptiness from within,Which our hunger for each otherCan’t suppress and...

Coming Clean

For one night only...

It remains dark in the house. Broken glass hastily kicked aside at the base of a back window reflects the glow of the full moon outside the house, shimmering and gleaming. Dirt is scattered around a potted plant that had been knocked over in the living ro...

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Jacksonville Or Bust

Sometimes you have to take the path less traveled

"Fuck you Jimmy!" she yelled as she stormed out of the wooden house."Fuck me? Fuck you! You're a stupid whiny bitch!" Jimmy said chasing after slamming the screen door as he left."What did you call me?" she turned around as he approached her in his white...

Sweet Valentine

Will you be mine?

Sweet valentine,will you be mine,with soft red lipslike cherry wine.Would you agreeto come with me,to sail across the open sea,until we reacha sandy beachand share a biteof ripened peach.We'd while awayeach sunny dayand there we would decide to stay.Just...

Jamie's gradual grooming

Homeless runaway is taken in by a family friend, and is gradually transformed

"Jamie? Is that you?" A voice shouted out from across the road. Jamie lived in a relatively small town or village so it must be someone he knew. "Jamie, it's Mike from three doors down, Phillippa's dad?". With that Jamie stopped, he walked over to the ver...

The Drifter Chapter Four

When a drifter unleashes the wildness of a shy woman, she runs away with him.

Before leaving the ranch I cleaned up my messy truck. This meant clearing the littered passenger seat and floor of several paper coffee cups, candy wrappers, a crumpled potato chip bag, crumbs and the classified section of the newspaper with the circled a...