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Interracial stories feature sexual relationships between different ethnicities or races. Interracial sex stories typically feature a well endowed black man and blonde white woman, however they can refer to any differing race or nationality whatsoever.


Jamaica Vacation

Cindy wanted black cock and .......

While watching interracial porn, where white ladies on vacation in Jamaica were long dicked by natives, my girlfriend Cindy admitted to me that she had been fucked by a black guy while in high school. After watching the porn, she related the following story to me. She told me a black guy would catch her alone and repeatedly tell her he was going to fuck her. The rumor around school was that...Read On


Meet the Danvers - Chapter 1

Just your typical, ordinary, everyday family...

Jim Danvers sat naked in the circular room, slowly stroking his limp penis. He had already come twice, evident by the two shot glasses on the table next to him, half full with his cum. In the middle of the room, and completely naked, sat his nineteen-year-old daughter Meghan. She was quite the sight. Blonde, slender, beautiful, a classic cheerleader. Her perky breasts and erect nipples...Read On


Giselle. A conquered wife. Chapter V.2

Giselle discovers how gratifying sex is with her African lover and experiences real sexual bliss.

In the meantime, having watched Giselle swallow every drop of his fertile semen out of the condom, Mobu was aroused and excited more than ever before. He pulled her towards him and kissed her passionately, pushing his tongue into her mouth and wrapping it round hers. Eventually, he pulled away and spoke eagerly to her.  “Look, Giselle, maybe you think that I am a jerk and this is for me only...Read On


Thank You, Cousin

One party on one special night makes me life perfect forever

Tina has written several stories posted here. Recently, she asked each of us who love her, to tell our stories. Rod and Brianna have done so, and I guess that leaves me as the last of our love-quartet to tell my story. My name is Ted. I know that Tina has talked about me here, as have my girlfriend Brianna, and Tina’s boyfriend Rod. Being of African-American heritage in historically racist...Read On


The African Slave Girl

Fulala, captured by slavers, is rescued by a Naval Lieutenant.

It seemed to be forever that we had been searching for the slavers. In fact, for five weeks now, we had been cruising the southern islands of the Caribbean. We had sighted them once, two ships close to the horizon, but near enough for the best top man to be able to make out their sail rig, we knew it was them. Their course had suggested that they were making for Guiana in South America,...Read On


Masseur and mademoiselle

I had finished cleaning my room when Anita knocked on the door and said, “Referral for you.” I walked into Anita’s office and saw her standing next to a professionally dressed black woman who seemed about ten or twelve years older and two inches than me. She looked at me expectantly as Anita introduced us, “Cecilia, this is Phil; Phil, Cecilia has heard good things about you.” “It’s...Read On


Flight To Miami

Last year in late summer I booked a flight to Miami. My husband was already there. He works in international finance and real estate business with an US-American partner. The two have a joint office in downtown Miami. My husband booked me into a hotel in Miami Beach on Collins Avenue. The proximity to the beach and the better environment make the difference. It was the night flight...Read On


Proper Charlotte

Black and white was the least of their differences.

I kept sneaking glances at her as she sat at her little table, scowling at the menu. I couldn’t help it—she was stunning. She was also darker than anyone I had ever seen in my life. When I checked in, Mrs. James said there was only one other guest. That wasn’t a surprise for a country inn in October, almost an hour from the nearest town. I only picked the place because it was near the...Read On


Giselle. A conquered wife. Chapter V.1

For the first time in many months, Giselle felt happy and fulfilled. She sat back and gazed at her black lover’s penis, soft and wilting after she had sucked every drop of semen out of it. She thought back over the events of the last few weeks; how miserable she had been because of her husband’s sexual inadequacy, and how her friend Becca had suggested she take an African lover. Then how...Read On


Trip to Tangier

My cucky hubby and I - he was already 'unable' due to his testicle operation - had been on a combined business and holiday excursion in Lisbon (Portugal). We stayed at our beloved Sheraton hotel downtown. In the evening at the bar, we met two guys from England who came in with their sailing yacht after a stormy crossing through the Bay of Biscay. My husband, as a former navy officer...Read On


Did She or Didn't She - Lance Said She Did

Lance was there and saw everything.

A few months later, I was finishing up remodeling her home office. In order to move the big file cabinet, I had to take out the drawers. In the bottom drawer were several of Pam’s video and audio tapes, some old photos, and several old love letters. I couldn’t help but read the letters and since Pam would be furious to know that I read her personal stuff, I never told her I had found them....Read On


Ebony Delight

A young teens crush leads to an interracial intrigue coercion and fulfillment of her wild desires.

At the age of seventeen, I often worked as a house or babysitter. My favorite couple to babysit for was the Johnson family. They had recently emigrated from Liverpool, England and were often in need of a sitter for a date night. The Johnson’s were a beautiful and caring interracial couple. Emily Johnson was thirty-five years old. Her hair was a lustrous fiery red. It flowed in waves to...Read On


Housewives Of Valley County Ch. 02

The story continues...

Down the street from the Najjars, John Matthews awkwardly made his way home. His erection made it hard to walk any faster and even walking was hard to do properly. His penis leaked precum as he pictured his wife Tiffany in the arms of a big black man, just the way he had just seen Jamilah. Across the road, ahead of John, a stunningly beautiful woman in her early twenties jogged down...Read On

The Aftermath Part One: Actions and Consequences

Actions always have consequences, are the consequences worth the action?

It had been six months since I cheated on my husband. During that time I had tried to tell him. How do I tell my husband that I had slept with another man, not only another man but a black man? A black man while we were on vacation with our kids, while my husband was in the next room tending to our children. Every time I got the nerve to tell him, I backed down. I knew it would mean the end...Read On


An Afternoon With Robert and Marcus, Plus Friends.

A teenage Marie was having fun with friends Marcus and Robert, when some others arrived.

It was on my first holiday abroad with my friend, Lynn. I had spent an incredible afternoon the previous day with a gorgeous black hunk named Marcus from France and his friend, Robert, and had arranged to go back with Lynne this time, so we could have some sexy fun at their rented villa. We got there early, letting ourselves into the private pool area behind the villa, and lay down on...Read On


The Recruiter - IV - Tiff takes it all

My plans comes to fruition and Tiffany does her assignment masterfully.

I sent Tiff into the other room as soon as the stylist crew arrived and laid down for a bit and took a nap.  Within the hour I was awoken by Tiff with soft kisses on my forehead.  Opening my eyes, I saw a beautiful woman staring down at me.  Her hair, make-up, and nails were over the top.  She stepped back, undid the rope around her robe and let it fall to the floor.  A goddess was standing...Read On


I Left Karen Naked And Shivering In The Park, Aged 63

It was 45 degrees and the temperature was dropping fast.

It was getting late in the fall and my wife, Karen had agreed to let me leave her alone and naked in the park behind the liquor store.  We have frequently done this in parks around town in the rougher parts of town. This park was a favorite of mine because of the location. The pavilion where we meet is just a little over three hundred feet behind a liquor store and apartments, a place...Read On


Karen ushered in 2018 with a bang

How we celebarted New Years eve, 2018

We lay in bed on Christmas morning after a very enjoyable round of lovemaking. My wife Karen handed me a card. I opened it, and it said that it was good for one visit to the adult cine on new years eve with all the trimmings. Karen and I had ushered in 2017 with an impromptu gangbang of her on the stage at the cine. Knowing that Karen always strived to do everything bigger, better, and...Read On


Gentle Persuasion

Getting my church friend into bed took a while, but...

The first time I went to the little church in Georgetown, Guyana, I felt more than a little out of place. There were only about twenty people there and they all clearly knew one another. All but two of them were women. And all were black, because Guyana is one of those countries where slavery was everywhere and when it was abolished in the late 19th century, many of the plantation...Read On


Red Centre

Paul longs for his desert flower from the ski field to the red heart of the desert.

Some après-ski party this is turning out to be. The students in the university ski party are loud and drunk as they struggled back from the Aspen bar, ducking into a mini-blizzard that is pelting snow in their faces. Gluhwein and schnapps have fuelled the fun all night in front of a roaring fire in the bar. Paired up now, the merry youngsters lose no time to tumble down into bunks, onto...Read On


Paint my lust Black

The gardener proves perfect

“Hello, can I help you?” Sue asked as she opened the door to the tall, dark-skinned man who had just rung her bell. “Mrs Harris? The names Joe; I work with Harry, who normally cuts your lawn. He has hurt his leg and asked me to cut it for him.” Sue showed Joe where the lawn mower and other garden tools were and left him to his work. Ten minutes later she was in her bedroom making the bed...Read On


The Past Isn't Dead, It Isn't Even Past

I finished drying my hands as she put the last dish on the drying rack. She put her hand on my upper arm and said, “Let’s have a glass of wine and chat.” I smiled back at her smile, pleasantly surprised at the contact, which she had studiously avoided during the last two weeks. As we walked past the table, she said, “Thank you for helping me wash up.” “Thank you for the dinner. It was...Read On


Housewives of Valley County Ch.01

Follows the housewives of County Valley

(This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history.) "And for the rest of the day, we can look forward to more sunshine and great weather…"  Weatherman Alan Westerman broadcasted from a high point overlooking the beautiful suburbs of Valley County. Over on crest road, a neighborhood filled with lush green trees and beautiful architecturally...Read On


Tammy's Craving for Indian Cocks and Cum - Part Two

A lactating MILF and her husband go on vacation to India, where she's fucked repeatedly.

It would be best to read Part One of this story to get a better understanding of the couple and their motivations, as well as seeing descriptions of some of their first cuckold activities. But the following synopsis may give you a good start. In Part One of this story, I describe how I’m writing this story for a couple, in their voices, who live in a small town in Washington. They are...Read On


I dared Karen to hike naked in the desert

Karen hiled naked on the sholder of the road

This is a true story. It took place on Wednesday, February nineteenth of two thousand and three. Karen was 49 at the time, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 130 pounds, with beautiful 38D breasts the hung so sexily from her chest. While on a trip to Las Vegas, Karen and I decided to rent a Harley like the one we owned at home. We called the local Harley dealer and secured a new two thousand and...Read On


Karen and the Tow Truck Drivers

What Karen had to do to keep our car from being towed.

I was working in the garage around ten pm when my sexy wife Karen walked into the garage, naked. She told me that it was a beautiful moonlit night and she wanted to go to the park and enjoy me and the night. Karen knows just how much I appreciate leaving her naked in different parks in the colored part of town. Those of you that have been following us know that she has gone exposed...Read On


How Karen ushered in the New Year at the adult cine

Karen was Naked all night at the adult cine

After Karen’s last adventure, a week before, and comments made on the story, Karen and I thought long and hard about if we should continue playing the game with strangers. We had been fortunate so far. Since Karen had agreed to try her luck at the adult theatre, we decided that this would be her last adventure. She will continue to make gangbangs, but only with friends at the club and...Read On


Like Daughter Like Mother - Part II

Avril experiences more of what her daughter receives from William

William’s hands gripped the lapels of her turquoise blouse as he stared into her eyes. His dark brown eyes were penetrating and threatening. Suddenly a smile lit his face and he released them and turned away. Avril watched nervously as he reached inside the bag and took out the handcuffs. ‘He’s going to restrain me,’ she said to herself. Moments later he stood behind her and snapped one...Read On


Pool Party Mystery... Solved?

Mystery woman performs a cock-draining blow job.

"What are you staring at, sweetheart?" My wife asked as she peered out from behind the newspaper. "Charlie and the lady from across the street, Connie. They've been talking for quite a while and are pretty friendly, I'd say." "Imagine that, two neighbors acting friendly," Susan replied sarcastically. "Haha, very funny, but I'm thinking Connie could be the mystery woman from our pool...Read On

Tarzan Jr. Makes His Bones Chapter 2

Sister Monique watched Tarzan Jr. hold her French undies under his nostrils and inhale her scent.

CHAPTER 2 (Tarzan Jr. meets Sister Monique and Sister Heidimarie in Johannesburg)   The muscular Adam Smith aka Tarzan Jr. walked in front of Sister Monique and Sister Heidimarie up the spiral staircase to the rooftop hideaway along with “Jane” the dark-skinned nubile companion he had come to cherish like a pleasing bed-mate with no holds barred when it came to horizontal gymnastics. ...Read On