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Interracial stories feature sexual relationships between different ethnicities or races. Interracial sex stories typically feature a well endowed black man and blonde white woman, however they can refer to any differing race or nationality whatsoever.


Interracial Affair – Part Three

Sinking deeper into my slutty sexcapades, I ended up getting more that I bargained for.

My adulterous relationship with Marcus continued. I had become deeply involved with my black lover, and I struggled to keep my husband from finding out. It was like walking a tight-rope, trying to balance between being a wife to one man, and a slut to the other.  Marcus called me when he wanted me, and I always went to him. He made a habit of meeting me for lunch two or three times a week,...Read On


Interracial Affair – Part Two

Marcus pays me a late night visit when my husband is away on a business trip.

My story began on a Sunday afternoon when I went grocery shopping and to grab some beer for my husband who was at home watching football. While I was at the supermarket, a stunning looking black man approached me and tried to pick up on me, and he succeeded. He took me to his apartment and encouraged me to get on my knees and worship his cock. He gave me his number to call him when I’m...Read On


Interracial Affair – Part One

The story of a how I got involved in a kinky sexual affair with a well-endowed black man.

I’ve heard about men hitting on women in grocery stores, but I never thought that would happen to me. I was married at the time. My husband was at home watching back-to-back playoffs on this certain Sunday afternoon. He sent me out to pick him up some beer. I had a few other items to pick up as well, so I made up a list and made my way to the local supermarket.                                 ...Read On


Impulse Part 2

After the last time both wives turn the tables on their husbands.

When we last saw them Dean and Morgan had gotten their wives, Linda and Nancy, make their interracial fantasy into reality. Of course that also meant both women, even they didn’t know it at first, were put in the position of risking getting knocked up. This on an impulse where the husbands had the black guys stop using condoms; something both wives didn’t expect. Both women were not amused...Read On


My Wife’s Black Lover

My wife takes on a black teenager for her lover

I’d like to tell you about how my wife fell for a black boy. Now she’s so in love with him, she’s having his baby. She finds much more satisfaction with him than she ever did with me because of the way he makes love to her and the sheer size of the cock. We took in an exchange student to help with the rent. He was a seventeen-year-old black lad from Nigeria. Now I’d had visions that all...Read On


Le Belle Donne Ch.01b

Heaving breasts on the Italian vineyards.

After waving goodbye, Alberto and Adriana walked quietly along the trail for a bit before saying anything. They were both a bit nervous about being alone together. “Ehm, so… how was the lake?” Alberto looked over at the girl he was so in love with and asked. He so wished that he had the courage to tell her how he felt. “Oh, it was so refreshing.” Adriana could still feel a bit of the...Read On


Le Belle Donne Ch.01a

Heaving breasts on the Italian vineyards.

Chapter 1   Just outside San Casciano dei Bagni, on a picturesque vineyard, a beautiful Italian woman in her early forties picked another drove of grapes from one of the many bushes and put it down in her basket. Grazie Dio… Corrina Martaci exhaled lightly as she took off her straw hat and wiped some sweat from her forehead. The warm weather she was used to, but today it was...Read On



Two men watch their wives act out their fantasy then add some real risk to it.

The word Impulse is interesting because what it describes happens a lot in human nature; spur of the moment decisions. We’ve all The word "Impulse," is interesting because what it describes happens a lot in human nature; spur of the moment decisions without regard to possible consequences.We've all met people that were impulsive and sometimes that worked in their favor while other times,...Read On


Wife servicing in Africa

Our sexual arrangement in Africa

As you will all know well, it’s an extremely common fantasy amongst white women to have sex with black men, and that many white men (including myself) love watching our wives or girlfriends be fucked by African men. The reason why I’m writing is that my wife and I returned to the States in 2017 after four years of living in Lagos (we had a villa off of Bishop Olunole Street on Victoria...Read On


An African Experience

Maria’s next client takes her by surprise.

It was an unbearably hot day and Maria Atkins’ body was perspiring heavily, causing droplets of sweat to trickle down her milky-white skin. She placed her key in the front door lock. Turning it without effort, she made her way through the doorway after another long day at college. She threw her satchel down on the couch before heading to the fridge. She took out a cold bottle of water...Read On


Magic Dust

Can the magic dust even the odds where a woman is actually risking getting pregnant?

Chapter 1 : I’m Mr. J. an older guy that got interested in porn a couple of decades ago. I really get off watching amateur videos where wives fuck men other than the one they are married to. Sometimes you can hear their husband encouraging them, especially if the guy or guys are black and the woman is white. I mean what can be more exciting than tasting forbidden fruit? Anyway a couple...Read On

Football Buddy: Part One

Losing a football buddy has never been better

Sometimes things happen for a reason, that's what they say. I tend not to believe that shit happens is more my philosophy. I work at a packing and shipping firm in one of the busiest cities, so I usually do not have the time to socialize.  My days are usually spent in front of a computer printing shipping forms or receiving invoices. My only savior is football season, its the one time of...Read On


A Wife’s Black Birthday Gift

My husband brings me home a young black lad for my fortieth birthday present.

What do most women dream of? Well, what do a lot of us fantasize about sex wise? As for me, it has always been taking a horny young man and showing him what an older married woman can do for him. (Of course, a young man can make an older married woman feel young again. Anyway, each can be good for the other, if I have my thoughts right. I have read and heard that young men fantasize...Read On


The Party Guest

Lara sneaks away from her husband to attend to a party guest

Lara stood in the living room, wearing a spaghetti-strapped yellow sundress that accentuated her feminine curves, also bringing a radiant glow to her blonde beauty when she held on to a glass of red wine in her hand. She was hosting a party full of well-dressed guests, where her husband stole the show getting everyone’s attention. The people were laughing along with him. He had such a way...Read On


The Room

A stranded couple decide to enjoy an interracial fantesy that was a bit more than expected.

Okay, here’s the usual description of this post. Folks it totally fiction for people and places although the weather described might just have a hint of truth. Other wise it’s a product of an idle mind. Enjoy. Chapter 1: Life changing experiences can be in odd places and times. I had that feeling as I closed the door to room 641 that something big had happened. A little background first....Read On


A simple smile

After a break things can either go down or they can go up

 "Almost there guys," I said as I looked into the back seat. My two Malamute dogs looked back at me. I hated seeing them like this, cooped up in the back seat of my SUV. "I'm sorry," I said as a single tear traced down my face. I wiped it away and shook my head. "Enough of that," I cursed myself. I had cried enough on this long drive.  Texas was a long way behind me now, so was a great...Read On


Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Sucking My Man So Much

I'm about to marry the best cock I've ever sucked...

I love my Ted, with all my body, heart, and soul. I would do absolutely anything for him. He would never ask me to do anything that causes me physical or emotional pain, so yes, I would do absolutely anything he asks of me. He’s a BBBC (Big Beautiful Black Cock) – what woman in her right mind wouldn’t want to suck that, to ride that, to get hot, hard doggie loving from that? Every chance...Read On


A Wife’s Black Stud

My wife takes on an African teenager for a lover.

The baby will be black when it’s born – of that, I have no doubt. For the past year, Victor, our lodger, has been closer to my wife than I have. And when I say close, I mean really close. Mandy hasn’t let me anywhere near her since Victor moved into our spare room. It seemed like a good idea at first. I was working long hours, and Mandy was home alone all day, five days a week. We have...Read On


You are Cordially Invited to Celebrate the Joyous Marriage of Ted and Brianna

Planning Our Wedding

Two weeks ago, Ted asked me to marry him. Eleven months to the day since we met. Eleven months to the day since we started our first (but not our last) multi-day fuck fest. Our very first date ended with three days in bed together! In answer to Ted’s proposal, I pulled him down on top of me, grabbed his gigantic black cock with both hands, and I slowly, eagerly, joyously stuffed all of...Read On


How It Started

New Year's Eve. A beautiful brown stranger on the train.

It was nearly 1:00 am when I found myself stood alone on the platform. I took a deep inhale of my cigarette, holding it for a moment before exhaling slowly into the cold air. The smoke floated out above the tracks and was blown away as the train came screeching into the station. I staggered and stepped back. In my half-drunk state, I hadn't noticed the trains approach. I took another quick...Read On


African Desire

A married white woman brings home an African boy so husband can watch.

Whilst making love, my husband would often say something like, "Julie, baby, you are so hot. I wish I could see you take care of a young stud and see the look on his face as he tasted your sweet nectar." This little expression would make me, as well as my husband, rise to a higher state of arousal. He never really pushed the issue, so I was never sure if it was just a way of getting us...Read On


Marabogo: Cuckold Island Ch. 03

Joshua's mind fills with thoughts of Megan and Obali in bed

Chapter 3 A crowded lobby stood in front of Joshua as he began to drag the suitcases towards the elevators. Luckily two of the cases had small wheels on them, which made it a lot easier. Though the laughter he got from the women he passed made the whole matter a lot more humiliating. Joshua could hardly fathom how this had all happened. Just a few days ago he had gotten married to the love...Read On


My Wife’s Black Orgy

My wife invites three black men home for an orgy.

It began as any ordinary day. Julie was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for James and me, and listening to the radio. As I came down for breakfast, I noticed Julie was a little nervous. I could tell that there was something else bothering her. Maybe it was the prospect of her date with James at the end of term dance at the university that evening. Julie went out shopping to find something...Read On


Bridgette's New Closet

He got a call to remodel a closet... he just didn't know WHOSE closet it was!

James Jackson was the new guy at the construction office so when the call came in that a customer needed someone to come over to remodel and expand her closet, he was the one that got chosen for the job. He was out helping on another job when his supervisor pulled him aside with the news. "Hey J.J., some lady called and needs someone to come over and remodel her closet. Sounds like she...Read On


Pumping Lois at the Local BP

When Lois takes a sunbath, the young clerk at the BP offers to help her put on suntan lotion.

The heat on Thursday made it feel like living inside a microwave oven. I wandered around my house naked all morning trying to keep cool. Sweat drenched my body, making me feel like I just stepped out of the shower. I heard a few honks and whistles from cars and trucks driving past my house on Railroad Street. This told me all I was doing was giving free looks at my big 46DD tits and pussy as...Read On


Daughter's Friend, Part 9

Is this the end of one relationship, and the beginning of another?

Samuel Kane was born at a healthy seven pounds, thirteen ounces. He arrived a little earlier than any of us expected. Alex went into labor on a brisk Wednesday evening, and Sam came out crying his head off early Thursday morning. The delivery was quick. I only lost feeling in my hand for about half an hour. Alex sure does have a strong grip! It’s been about three months since then and mother...Read On


In Brazil Chapter.02

Pedro heads to Studio 3, where soap opera Dinastia is filmed

Chapter 2 Over at Studio 3, as he approached the hangar-like building which housed the sets of Dinastia, Pedro could hear fans of the show cheering. Every day a group of fans gathered outside the fenced off plot, in hopes for a chance to see their favorite stars. When Pedro got there, the fans were cheering Ana Clara Franca’s name. Ana Clara had been on the show for as long as Pedro...Read On


A New Experience

Wintertime is a great period for adventure indoors and making things cosy at home.

Hi Tessa, John has kept his word! This morning he arranged two 'black dicks' for me. As he says, to 'give me a turn' tomorrow starting at noon; I'm so flurried and overwhelmed by the news that I felt I had to share this with you. Though I do realize you are with your friend now and probably won't have time to check your mail or answer it in time. To be frank, I'm a bit timorous of the...Read On


Man Enough

I had timed it just right, stepping into the back employee elevator at the stop above the parking garage. “Fancy meeting you here,” I smarmed, and she glared at me. I was taken aback, remembering our delightful kiss I had finally dared to snatch the night before. Her full body yielding in my arms. The beautiful scholar nearly twice my age and much more intelligent and accomplished than I....Read On


The Perfect Man and His Sweet Little Slut

If you had asked me a year ago to describe my perfect man - my Mister Right – I would have told you, I have no idea! I just knew I was dating Mister All Wrong. It was bad enough that my boyfriend had only a six-inch cock, and that he wouldn’t let me suck even that! It was bad enough that he fucked me only once a week, and then reluctantly, and I had to beg for it. All of that was bad...Read On