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Used Stories


Ready To Rumble: Damsel Worship

After the charity event, the real action begins

“So, this lilliputian Tasmanian Devil on speed jumps on my back, and I’m like, ‘Whoa! A feral cat’s attacking my ass!'” Everyone was laughing uproariously. The charity event was a huge success, and, now, it was our time to celebrate. At least three dozen...

Innocent Part III

Mel's education is lacking one vital component

Mel gripped my hand tightly as she whispered, “It’s big.” “It is a good size, fits very nicely,” I agreed. I knelt down, bringing her with me as we looked at the thing we needed. “Can we? Should we? Well, you can of course, I guess, but should I?” she ask...

Samantha's Slutty Night

A booty call turns into an unexpected threesome

The haunted house was fun, and it was almost ten-thirty when Samantha got the call from Darnell asking her to come over to his place for a few hours. After her divorce and just passing forty, she had decided to meet some new people and avoid a relationshi...

A Festival Piss Turns Into An Unexpected Adventure - Part 1.1 (Theresa's Perspective)

Theresa goes through an emotional and sexual rollercoaster with a stranger

You are my little festival slut. His words are buzzing in my ear. I still haven't fully realized that this happened to me and it's not just a very naughty dream. I would have never thought that I would ever have a sexual experience quite like this. But le...

Rebecca's Awakening 4

Home town revisited

Bex drove Matt back to where she had picked him up and dropped him off after a passionate kiss and a mutual grope, him groping her tits and Bex rubbing his groin. Matt reluctantly got out of the car both making promises to meet up again. Before pulling aw...

Katie's Miami Sexploits - Day Three

Katie escalates things, doing what is necessary to make the most of her final day in Miami.

I barely remember taking the elevator to my room. I awoke late the next morning from a deep sleep, naked in the cool sheets of my plush bed. The quiet sounds of waves lapped the shore below. I couldn’t remember being more relaxed. My body tingled and felt...

Daddy’s Girl

Julia would do anything to make her Daddy happy

Julia had got home from college, showered and was just about to start dinner when her Dad came in. He looked exhausted. “What’s wrong, Daddy?" she asked, going to give him a hug as he slumped into the nearest chair at the kitchen table. “My new boss is a...

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The flick of my lighter echoes the emptiness in my apartment. Sizzling of singed rolling paper replaces it as I inhale deep, filling my lungs. Her words linger. ‘You’re perfect, it’s me. I promise.’  Yes, I am. I’m the one she begged to fuck her like the...


Teen's First Solo Gay Holiday Part 2

Teen slut taken by everyone and loves it.

Brighton was the next stop and I was to be met by the B&B owner. I managed, with great difficulty to get my bag down from the luggage rack and stumbled to the door as we pulled into the station. It seemed that most people were getting off here and I dragg...


Teen's First Solo Gay Holiday Part 1

Teen slut taken by everyone and loves it

It was 1974 and I had just turned 17. We were due to go on our first family holiday to Cyprus but it was stopped when Turkey invaded the island. I had been looking forward to it and hand been allowed to take a friend as company. The school holidays had on...