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First time interracial Stories

first time interracial

Housewife Blacked: Part 1

The school run goes in an unexpected direction for Clara.

“Come on, you two, we are going to be late for school,” I called upstairs as they brushed their teeth. Normal school day morning: running late; house in chaos; children can’t find their homework; husband focused on getting himself to the train on time. Fi...

Secrets Of The Underground

A runaway slave escapes to a remote hillside cabin, where he is seduced by the debaucherous wife of an abolitionist.

Throughout the early 1800s, the Underground Railroad was a lifeline for those fleeing the shackles of slavery. Thousands of brave volunteers formed the backbone of this clandestine network, scattered across the hinterlands and operating in the shadows. Th...

The Bastion Of Desires

A group of five college friends get the experience of a lifetime

After their classes had concluded for the day, Mia, Claire, Dakota, Seth, and Aaron, all students at the local university, ventured out into the unusually warm April day. The usual cold and rainy weather of mid-April had given way to a sunny afternoon, pr...

Things "Swing" Into Action for the Happy Suburban Couple

Jack hooks up with a Lush buddy while Trisha is exposed to new lesbian and interracial experiences.

When they arrived home from their dinner at Ed and Vicky’s, Trisha told Jack she had to use the restroom and she sprinted inside. Ed’s seed was still seeping from her pussy and she wanted to clean up as soon as possible. She desperately wanted to take a s...

Her Golden Opportunity

Young female reporter gets too close with a star athlete.

As the elevator doors slid open, revealing the bustling locker room filled with towering figures of athleticism and raw masculinity, the nervousness in young Sarah's stomach threatened to consume her. She took a deep breath and smoothed out her skirt, adj...

Swedish Delight - Part 2

Inga's desires for Walter manifest themselves in a delightful way.

Inga arrived home happy about the way the night went. She finally had a chance to have a decent conversation with Walter about something other than work. She was able to enjoy his beautiful smile and sexy voice in a relaxing atmosphere. The fact that he w...

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Paying the Rent: Part 2

Gregg and the huge-breasted Emma continue their arrangement.

Months after James had left Emma after catching her with their landlord, Gregg, James summoned the courage to return to the apartment to retrieve the last of his belongings. The image of Gregg thrusting and ultimately ejaculating between Emma's enormous b...

Swedish Delight - Part One

Can a casual conversation during an office party ignite a flame?

Office parties are usually dull. Until the office slut misbehaves. Chrissy did not disappoint. The 5’2” blonde floozy flirted with every guy during the four-hour party. Her red mini dress, with a deep revealing neckline, helped her stand out in more ways...

Making My Brother's Friend Welcome

A curious young woman is very curious about sex and throws herself at her brother's friend to satisfy her feelings.

To start this story, I need to go back to give you some background. As a young girl, everyone told me how pretty I was. I never saw it and didn't think I was anything special. Then after turning sixteen, I started to pay more attention to fashion, and bec...

Triangle's Edge - Part 8

My boyfriend cheated on me with my ex-girlfriend, so now I'm going to suck his best friend's cock in front of him.

As Mike and I entered the bedroom hand in hand, he came to a halt when he saw his best friend lying naked on the bed, biting down on a ball gag, and handcuffed at the bedpost. My boyfriend's cock was only partially erect, but this indicated that despite h...

Triangle's Edge - Part 7

After my boyfriend and I had a threesome with my ex-girlfriend, I'm in the mood for a cock.

After dismissing Sara, my entire focus shifted to my fiancé, who remained handcuffed to the bedpost and completely at my mercy. "Uncuff me and allow me to fuck you as you deserve," he begged as I approached him slowly, his eyes devouring my bare body. "Oh...