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We feature both female masturbation (masterbation) and male masturbation stories here. A typical story will feature either teens, women, lesbians, young men or girls masturbating and exploring themselves for the first time. Masturbating has been defined as the excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. Closely akin to our toys section where external stimulus is involved.

Sister in Law

Moving in with family can cause some problems

"I can't believe we are doing this," I said shaking my head as we landed.  "You have said that fourteen times," Desiree said.  I could tell she was getting annoyed with me. At this point my argument was a non-factor, our house was sold, most of our belongings had either gone to Goodwill or sold with the house. All we had left of our life before this move was in our suitcases.  "It will be...Read On


When a Stranger Calls

Ugmmffff... The phone was ringing loudly in my dream. It continued on until I suddenly found myself wide awake. My cell was lying next to me and was all lit up. I reached for it and looked at the number with heavy sleep-filled eyes, I didn't recognize it but for some reason I found myself answering it anyway. "Hello," I said groggily and slightly confused. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I wake you?"...Read On


Masturbation Obsession in High School Recurs Later in Life

I beat off constantly in high school and later in life when my wife lost interest in sex.

My name is David, and I was a geeky boy who didn’t learn to fully grasp to the joys of masturbation until the summer before my junior year in high school.  That might sound strange, but I was backward and mostly unaware until then.  I went on a camping trip with my classmates, James and Michael, just before school started, as a kind of celebration since we had all turned sixteen. James got...Read On


Southern Hospitality, Part 3

Sarah has an erotic dream

It was the end of Sarah's first day at Amnesty International. She couldn't believe how quickly the day had gone. It seemed like they'd hardly gotten anything done before it was time to leave. Chloe was a great boss. She was smart, encouraging, and very passionate about her work. Sarah felt that same passion for helping people. She just hoped she could stay as passionate as Chloe had. She...Read On


Abbey Alone

“Nothing like a good dicking to help you relax.”

She had just closed a deal with a client that would open up a whole new market for her: the self-made female mogul, no billionaire sugar daddies required. In her canary yellow blouse and skinny black tie, Abbey reclined in the desk chair in front of the bay window in her executive suite. She finally allowed herself to acknowledge that the meticulous strategies she had executed over the...Read On

Football Buddy Part Two: Lose Some You Win Some

Another football season is upon Matt, what will he do?

My relationship with Brittany was doomed from the start. Yeah, the sex was out of this world, but we were from different worlds; she was pure country, and I was a city boy. Eventually, it had to come to an end. However, we had a  good three months. She had moved out of her apartment and into mine. We couldn't stop ourselves on most nights. The sex was incredible even on the last day we...Read On


Abby's Panties

Taking care of her pussy.

We were the best of friends, Abby and I. We'd grown up together, living next door since Abby moved into the neighborhood at age three. We did everything together growing up. We had played in each other's backyards for hours at a time. If it rained, we just moved inside and kept it going. I had tea parties and makeovers with her, and she played hoops with me and together we helped GI Joe...Read On


The Hand Job

A surprise for Dawn...

“You want me to do what?" Dawn’s eyes looked like saucers, her mouth fell open and her body froze mid-thrust. "I want to see you play with another man's cock. You don't have to fuck him, just make him cum," said Colin, her husband of five years, who was lying under her, cock buried in her thirty-year-old pussy. He added, almost in a whisper, "You know we have fantasized about a...Read On


When Social Misfits Find What Fits -- Part 1

Our heroine reveals the tawdry inner secrets of a woman who rejects the pursuit of social status.

I think we all know that one strange nerdy girl that's a little twisted, maybe even a little too insecure and bordering on scary-desperate. Like Michelle, the flute playing, band camp character from American Pie, or maybe more like Osgood, the scarf wearing, inhaler sucking character from Doctor Who. She typically mumbles sarcastic comments under her breath, dresses like she doesn't much...Read On


Professor Davis, Asst. Cheer Coach 2

More extracurricular activities...

Later that night, after a big loss, we returned to the cheer room.  It had not been a good game.  It might even hurt our playoff chances.  Not much happens in the cheer room after a defeat. The girls didn't run cheering from the bus to go make a spirit line for the team tonight. Instead, they just exited the bus; their shoulders drooped and they walked to the cheer room.  I backed my truck...Read On

Editor's Pick
Series Award

Echo's Run 1

The machine streaked across the desert, screaming through bleak vistas of scorched earth where nothing lives without a little outside help. Joshua trees and desultory vultures. Fossils buried under the salt floor of ancient seas. She was hammering the gas, white knuckling the wheel until the screaming of the engine drowned out the screaming in her mind. She was riding inside a shot bullet,...Read On


Woman Crush Wednesday

“We are not doing anything wrong. We are friends.”

“She's so cool.” “You mentioned that. Once a day for the past seven days.” “We clicked and soul-bonded.” “Then this should be a terrific dining experience.” “I’m nervous. What if I am remembering her inaccurately?” I posited, as Kevin and I walked through the doors of the casual dining establishment. “What if Amber isn’t engaging or amusing at all? Or, what if her husband is a toad?” ...Read On


Jaq Gets Sent Some Sexy Films

A sexy film turns Jaq on.

I recently became friends with a guy on Lush, he is in Australia and his name is Dan. Dan loved the pictures of my wife Jaq on my profile and began to leave comments on them. Most of you will know that Jaq and myself have a very varied and interesting sex life and Dan loved to read about our adventures. One day Dan messaged me a short video that he had made. I quickly clicked onto the video...Read On


The Devil's Dyke

The impacts of her walk at the famous beauty spot

She pulled the muddy and battered walking boots from their carrier bag in the boot of her car, tipping them out onto the floor as she slipped off her purple Converse without undoing the laces. Smiling to herself, she thought of her mother's disapproving face whenever she did that at home when she still lived there. She grabbed the walking boots and banged them together a few times to...Read On


Time Is Of The Essence

Oh there's an app for that

07:50 With another series of lurching rattles, my train crossed the bridge and entered the station. As it did so, I caught a few fleeting glimpses of the river buses and the London Eye. A particularly violent lurch over the points sent a delightful spasm through my already tender pussy. The seething mass that was my fellow passengers swept me toward the exit door and then out onto...Read On


The Frenulum Technique

Adam meets Barry for some one-to-one training.

I stumbled upon it while reading pornography on a sex stories site. It was called Solotouch. A site for masturbators to meet masturbators, comprising mainly of men I hasten to add. But it didn’t stop me looking, and for a straight guy that may seem strange. The one thing I have been known to do is masturbate. I have always done it, and in truth, the thought that I am going to work myself...Read On


Whoops, Wrong Number

They trade sexy pics, first by accident, then intentionally.

I frowned at the dressing room mirror. The skirt I was trying on was cute, but I couldn’t tell if it was too short or just short enough. I snapped several photos to send to my friend for her opinion. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really paying attention and accidentally sent them to the last person I was texting, a cute guy I’d met at the gym yesterday. Shit! I frantically sent him another message: ...Read On


Deep Wood Diaries, Part 1

I need some privacy to take care of my bush... and my aching clit.

Between my junior and senior year of college, I got the offer to do an ecology internship deep in the woods of New England. I jumped at the chance, knowing it would be a great educational experience as well as an excellent networking opportunity, and who wouldn't want to spend three months getting paid to hang out in the woods?   So come the end of finals in May, I packed up my Jeep and...Read On


Lush Moderator Of The Month

Jenny was beside herself, she was so close to the coveted award

Jenny was beside herself; it was the twenty-eighth of February and the last day of verifying stories, on her favourite Lush website, before the end of the month closed. She thought she was as close as anyone to that coveted award and she so desperately wanted it. There was one problem that stood in her way. Her husband! He had arranged to go on a short vacation to visit a church of some...Read On


Exposure II: The Photoshoot

Chloe asks Jimmy for a favor, leading to shared experience

A week had passed since Chloe caught Jimmy jerking off in his bedroom.  He tried to avoid her as much as possible since hiding in his bedroom when Chloe popped around to see his mother, Alice.  He thought he'd got away with it, until later that week ... "Jimmy, do you have a moment?" Chloe called out. Jimmy was arriving home from his class on photography when he heard Chloe call to him. ...Read On


An Unexpected Rescue

A fast-paced tale of seduction and betrayal between two friends. Which one will win the prize?

It’s interesting how our lives can rapidly be changed when a new person enters our social circle. Comfortable daily routines which have long been taken for granted may suddenly fail us, as we are plunged into turmoil and uncertainty. Such was the case when my housemate and best friend, Amy, brought her younger brother over to stay in my home for a week in order to search for an apartment....Read On


masturbating for a woman on a video site while crossdresing

I was messaged about one of my photos on my bio by a woman, she thought it was very erotic.

After years of crossdressing I joined a site that lets me show off a little. I started by reading the stories and then filled out a profile. I added pictures and found it quite satisfying getting comments and friend requests from others.As time went by I found myself enjoying chatting with others on the site and doing some role playing. The chatting was hot and I really liked sending pictures...Read On


Exposure I: Caught In The Act

Jimmy is caught masturbating by his mother's best friend. Where will it lead?

Jimmy was eighteen years old, currently studying photography and film-making.  He owned all the best equipment, from top of the range cameras to video editing software for his laptop.  All funded by his loving, and supportive single mother, Alice. Alice had gone to town for the day, leaving Jimmy alone in their beautiful home of a small residential neighborhood.  Jimmy had the day off,...Read On

Introvert's Indecent Proposal

Story collaboration lead two shy introverts into each other's arms.

“Fire. There is a fire in the kitchen. Please leave,” a timid voice stuttered after she opened the door to our cubicle. I looked at Molly, she looked back at me: we both stared at the embarrassed privacy intruder and waited for the punch line. I looked beyond the member of staff towards the café’s window. There, I saw the reflection of the flames in the kitchen. This was no joke. Molly and...Read On


Chaperoning Katie

Young coed practices handjob skills with handsome older man who isn't exactly who she thought he was

Katie entered our world a couple years ago when she rented our studio apartment. At the time, she was about to start her sophomore year in college. Bob and I found her to be a bright, cheerful twenty-year-old woman and a diligent, hard-working student, but unfortunately rather naive and immature. We often tried to serve as mentors for her, and over time, she would begin to confide in us,...Read On


Warren's Trail Cam

Upon a visit to his cabin, a man finds some enticing photos on his trail cam.

"The cabin is at least still standing," Warren said to himself once the old, wooden building came into view. His truck slowly crawled across the worn, bumpy gravel drive that led to his rural hideaway. For days, he pictured his cabin in disrepair as he let his son use the place to host his friends for a weekend getaway from college. Despite the promises his son made to clean and take care...Read On


L is for Labor Day

“How am I supposed to concentrate on furniture with my girlfriend vibrating her gushing pussy?"

“The apple was hard. The orange got wetter.” “Can we compare them, though?” Sitting cross-legged on the rumpled bed in a black Pong t-shirt and white cotton panties, I released my focus from the two fruits on Jacob’s dresser. They were each bruised from my telekinetic practice. “We could eat them.” “Toss me the apple,” Jacob said, reclined next to me like a lazy lion in his eggplant...Read On


Designated Pool Boy

A Chance Encounter by the Pool

I liked my sister, Connie, even if I didn’t really know her. I was the “surprise” of the family, born twelve years after her. When I was starting elementary, she was off to college; as I was entering my teen years, she was married. I dare say I wouldn’t have known her at all if she and her husband had not decided to stay at the Beach. Of course, she married up, so they lived at the North...Read On


E Is For Easter

“I don't wear a pointy hat or own a black cat or cast spells in a cauldron.”

“You gotta catch them all.” “How many is enough?” “Whatever fits in your basket.” As the three of us milled about in the freshly-mowed grass, I surveyed the park filled with hundreds of rambunctious children, and a few determined adults, searching high and low in the trees and bushes for pastel eggs for our town's annual Easter carnival. “Don't you have to find all ten colors to win a...Read On


S is for St Patrick's Day

“Is satisfaction all that you are searching for?” “Sometimes I like surprises.”

“Dinner was… unexpected.” “You didn't like the stew.” “I really liked the stew,” I told him honestly, as we stood in the open doorway of my apartment. We lowered our voices so we wouldn't disturb the neighbors. “I’m glad you brought it. I’m still surprised we ran into each other today.” He shook his dark, floppy hair out of his eyes. “I do run the store, so I'm in there all the time.” ...Read On