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Thick cock Stories

thick cock

Relaxing Friday Night Sex.

Busy professional couple find that an established sexual routine is the best way to unwind at the end of the week.

Topless, Zoe fondled husband Rob’s thick cock. They sipped their Martinis. After a frantic week at their busy workplaces this was the regular Friday night wind-down ritual. Ditto the intense sex that followed. The sexual routine was always the same. Why c...

A Gift From The Car Wash

Deserted and alone, she finds solace at the car wash.

Abby Hughes, dumped wife aged thirty-nine of Westfield Grove, was the sad description of me as I contemplated another Sunday of solitude. What to do to keep busy? The house is tidy, and the washing is done. The garden is tended. I’ve finished my book. You...

My Very Special Friend, Part 1 of 2

He was much older than me, but handsome and sexy. He'd been my first "real" boss, and I'd wanted him ever since..

I couldn’t decide if Mark was unfriendly or merely shy, but after he hired me, we barely spoke, only enough for him to teach me what I needed to do and assign tasks. I’d felt like I made him nervous, despite him being much older than me, and it always see...