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Consensual Stories


The House Sitter's Adventure

A house sitter has a surprise encounter.

There were no two ways about it, Julia thought, as she managed to park her bright yellow and sporty little car in front of the house that she was to mind for a week or so. What the agency had told her about Gerry Madeley’s place was soon to be seen in eve...

When The Memories Are Too Strong

A young woman reclaims a lover's attention.

The door was closed behind him, all that they needed to say to each other, and desired, repeated as if their affair was as fresh as it had once been. Some months had passed, more than the last time she had assured him that their relationship had to be ove...

Just A Reminder

Marc reminds Tara who is the Master

It's almost 9:30 when Tara wakes up this Saturday morning. Marc has already been gone for some time, but she notices that he has left an envelope for her on the dining room table. For the young woman, this kind of missive is always a source of anxiety and...

Looks Can Be Deceiving - Part IV

Turnabout is fairplay. Bret gets some revenge on Jacqui.

In the morning, I am in for another surprise. As I emerge from my shower, I find Jacqui in the bedroom. She is completely naked, on her knees, hands clasped behind her back, head bowed, dog collar around her neck, leash dangling between her breasts. Layin...

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Looks Can Be Deceiving - Part III

In Jacqui's room from Bret's perspective

Jacqui didn't open the door right away. Those few seconds of waiting seemed interminable. I wondered if she hadn't changed her mind and didn't want to see me again. But no, she finally opened the door and the sight of her took my breath away. She stood in...

Weekend Away - Part I

A couple of BDSM lovers on a weekend away.

I closed my grade book and looked up and out of my office window. The wind had shifted around, now coming from the west-southwest. The radio had said earlier that it would bring slightly warmer temperatures - if two degrees above freezing is slightly warm...

Chubby Neighbor

Neighbor rewards act of kindness

After an amicable divorce from my wife of ten years, I moved to Florida. We split everything fifty-fifty and went our separate ways. There was no cheating, no hate. We had married at twenty and it was too young. We really just ended being together in mind...