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Babysitter Stories


Babysitting For Her Neighbor

Timmy, you need to stop fidgeting, so I can take down your underpants.

Cathy Sampson was living the good life of a High School Cheerleader. She was smart, pretty, and popular. Her classes were going better than ever in this, her senior year at West High. Cathy's folks were proud of her, as you would expect. She always tried...

Caught Firmly Empaled On Her Husband

I knew this day would eventually come!

It was a Saturday afternoon when my phone began buzzing. It was Mr. K texting me, “April, I need you now; come to the house ASAP.” Mr. K wasn’t asking; he was ordering my presence. It wasn’t a complete surprise, as Mr. K told me a few days earlier that Mr...

The Babysitter's Shorts

A woman makes a move before her husband does

Yadira couldn't resist looking up from her phone. It wasn't so much that she didn't want to, it was that she understood why her husband couldn't resist either. Their babysitter, Tania, was nineteen with a petite body and a deliciously proportionate bubble...

Was I Falling for Mr. K?

Is that all I am to you, a young tight pussy?

After a long, tiring day at the beach, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly decided to go out to dinner by themselves, leaving me to entertain the girls. I made us some burgers, we watched a movie, and I put them to bed. Their parents still weren't home yet, so I just chil...

Candy On Candy - 2. Babysitting And More

"You are so beautiful, Candy. You shouldn't be shy about your body."

I'd been babysitting for the Rikers for years, since I was sixteen, and they both were really nice. Candice taught me so much about my babysitting duties – really mothering duties. Matt was always polite and friendly and always inquired about my schoolwor...

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My Little Sister's Babysitter

Blackmailed by June, the babysiter.

Back in the late 1970s, when I was in my late teens, I was blackmailed by our babysitter. I have two much younger sisters who my parents didn't trust me to look after while they were working running the family business. My parents enlisted the help of my...

Innocent Part I

Bad timing can lead to bad decisions... or not

It seems to me that life is simply about timing and decisions. There’s good and bad, and only in hindsight can you be sure which is which. Good can turn out bad, and sometimes what you thought was extremely bad can turn out good, and then much later on… *...

A Wife's Story 5 - Telling All And Beyond

Karl and Alice invited us to come over when you got back. I think they're going to suggest we try swinging.

I picked up Peter at the airport when he returned from his latest trip to Brussels and Madrid. I was prepared for a late dinner at home together. It was simple. Tortellini with a marinara sauce I had made that afternoon. And of course, a nice bottle of ch...

A Wife's Story 3 - Babysitters

George pulled up the hem of my dress and slid his hand into the waistband of my panties.

Little Emily was 18 months when this happened. We'd been using Kara to babysit for over a year and she was maturing into a lovely young lady late in her senior year of high school. Still, it came as a bit of a surprise when, as we left for a play, she ask...

Bad Babysitter

A horny, exhibitionist babysitter, a pool, three teenage boys...what could possibly happen?

The babysitter was stoned, horny as fuck, and dressed like a cheap slut. Yes, I was, especially the horny as fuck part. Calling my attire scandalous hinted at least some modesty. I was dressed for the weather, not the occasion. That is to say that, due to...