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First time sharing Stories

first time sharing

It Finally Happens

Unsatisfied wife gets her wish

Walking down the hotel hallway with a bucket of ice. Nerves out of control. What if she gets cold feet? I slid the key into the door lock and turned the handle. There she was, lying on the bed, legs spread. Her thick thighs blocked his head. She didn’t lo...

First Play Date

A couple has their first time sharing with others

Her eyes lock on mine and she gives me a little smirk, her breasts bouncing around while he fucks her. I can tell she's bored with him, just letting him get off while she watches his wife ride me to climax. He grunts and pulls out, splattering her lower b...

Getting Her Wish...

A bored wife with a Daddy kink, and a penchant for being tied up, gets her wish to be thoroughly fucked.

“Untie me, you fucking bastard, it’s not funny! I know you can hear me,” she screamed at the top of her voice. But he couldn’t hear her. In fact, her husband was no longer in the house. Twenty minutes earlier, he had produced some ropes, pulled a dining c...

Thrill Of An Adventurous Foursome

New things to keep their relationship exciting and passionate.

James and Emily. They had been together for over a decade and had always been open to exploring their sexual desires together. They were adventurous and loved trying new things to keep their relationship exciting and passionate. One day, James and Emily m...

The Nineteenth Hole

A wife’s plan to surprise her husband after his golf game takes an unexpected turn

Barry and Dean finished playing eighteen holes, having a few wobbly pops from the beer cart girl along the way. The little blonde college girl was a hottie, with her boob-filled crop top, daisy duke shorts, and pretty smile. They had tipped well after get...

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Claiming Back My Slut

Mark goes to see Sam and hear all about the fun she had with her neighbor

As soon as my meeting ended, I went straight back to my office to check my phone for a message from Sam. I’d hardly been able to concentrate as I sat in the conference room, just knowing that her neighbor was there with her, thinking about what they might...

Morning Coffee

A morning-after discussion

The coffee cooled while we sat quietly at the table. “We can’t do that again,” she stated. “Did you enjoy it?” “Yes. That’s the problem.” “Was it fun and exciting?” “Yes.” “Is that a bad thing?” “Well, no…. but it’s not what we should be doing.” “Why not?...

Jason Comes Back to Town

Cyn and Alan host Alan's college roommate for Cyn's first hotwife experience.

This is about our first experience sharing me. It predated our very settled life of work, children, and taking care of parents. About four years after we graduated from university, Jason, Alan’s roommate before we married, stopped by for a visit on his wa...

Carnal Avalanche Part 1

Debra allows herself to be drawn into the world of swinging with two other couples.

In the encroaching darkness, Bald Mountain loomed ominously, appearing impossibly close. The steep ski trails, each one an intimidating challenge to my intermediate skills, spilled down the sides of Baldy's peak as if white sauce had been ladled over a gi...