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Camping Fusina

Memories of my time at a small camping ground in Italy.

As I reminisce about my sexual adventures back in the day, it would be negligent not to include Fusina in my writings. It was a small camping ground just across the lagoon from Venice. Many tour buses called in there and disgorged their young travellers f...

Holiday Part Three, The Party, A fashion Parade, And Another Night Time Visitor

This covers a couple of days, shopping and the Birthday party, followed by a raunchy fashion parade and a night time visitor

The morning came around too quickly, my alarm woke me early and I dressed and busied myself making sure I had the tickets ready. I had a glass of juice, made coffee, and knocked on the bedroom doors, “Wake up, come on, rise and shine.” Then I called out,...


Teen daughters are hypnotized to stop their lustful behavior.

Calvin and his wife did their best to raise their two daughters, Aaliyah and Penny. Ages sixteen and seventeen, respectively. They treated them with respect and put them in the best Christian private school. All that they asked in return was that the two...


A sci-fi hentai story. The hotel purchases several robot maids. Unlike human maids, robot maids also provide sexual services for guests.

"Watch ooout!" Mika entered the laundry room holding a pile of dirty laundry raised above her head. She dropped the pile on the floor and started stuffing sheets and duvet covers into free washing machines. Sarah and Jay, who happened to be in the laundry...

The Welcome Wagon - Chapter Two

Elise's second encounter with Justice is not as she expected...or is it?

Elise tossed and turned in her bed for most of the night. If she had slept at all, it was minimal at best. The previous days’ encounter with Justice continually replayed inside of her head and she couldn’t wait to see her again. She finally relented and g...