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Domination & submission Stories

domination & submission


Victoria and Joe continue getting to know each other and have a sexy evening out.

Joe, gasping in pleasure, arched his back and attempted to control his thrusts as he finally came, streams of hot cum bursting down Victoria's throat. Victoria swallowed as much as she could and started to gag, so Joe withdrew a little and finished unload...

Wild Horses

Will this feeling last forever..?

The way a horse’s tail will instinctively swat, A common fly who's shot its shot. My ache for you seems born in me, I had my chance but couldn’t flee. Who could’ve known it’d lead to this, I should’ve stopped it at the kiss. My chest is warm but my wrists...

Shadow Of The Carnival

The Carnival left town, but its clowns linger in the shadows, waiting to turn laughter into screams—will Peter survive their return?

It had been two weeks since my last encounter with Alyson. Summer had just begun, but the weather had already started to turn hot. I was hiding under a shady spot, feeling miserable and wondering what to do. I was two weeks away from heading to my new col...

How My Online Mistress Helped Me Become Submissive To My Real Life Lover

I had a Mistress on Lush. She wanted to help me be more sub in real life

Before becoming an Owned piece of property belonging to a long time Lush Mistress, I began dating a lovely lady. She, Michelle, is a manager at a local bar and restaurant and also a fitness consultant. She is beautiful, poised, fit, confident and always a...

Taming Of A Power-Hungry Mistress

One of the most arrogant and probably fake "mistresses" on Lush gets tamed and taught a lesson.

The new mistress had had enough of seeing how some "mistresses" abuse and neglect those that chose to worship and submit to her. The arrogant mistress appeared to be just a power-hungry collector, but a poor manager of her group of submissives and slaves....

The Hotel Invitation (Part 1 of 3)

When her husband left town, her master invited her to be his hotel call girl for the evening...

The note was taped to her front door. Her name was spelled out in big letters. Her husband and kids had been gone since early in the morning, but it was now lunchtime and she hadn’t had any visitors all day. Just going about her day working a typical Frid...

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Your Romantic Little Slut

...But then suddenly your fingers were gone, and the sting of your fierce hand left my own wetness splattered across my ass cheek.

5:43pm. I locked my phone and tossed it on the bed. I’m not going to check again. For two months you and I had been apart—how could the final minutes feel so torturous? But the words of your last text had strapped my heart into a pillory and left it expos...

Body Swap Accident Pt. 00

Emma and Madison swap bodies. But with a peculiar condition

Chapter 01: How everything started As the night sky draped itself over the city of Los Angeles, Emma Hartley emerged from the diner that had been her battlefield for the past eight exhausting hours. The fluorescent lights within had taken their toll on he...

Aunt Bella Can't Say No! Pt. 01

Alex moves in with his rich hot - and something more - Aunt Isabella

Chapter 01: Hey sis, how are you? Seated on a plush, slightly worn sofa, Lisa cradled her phone in her hand, her fingers trembling with a mix of apprehension and hope. Her face bore the marks of life's experiences, etched lines of joy and concern around h...

Was I Falling for Mr. K?

Is that all I am to you, a young tight pussy?

After a long, tiring day at the beach, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly decided to go out to dinner by themselves, leaving me to entertain the girls. I made us some burgers, we watched a movie, and I put them to bed. Their parents still weren't home yet, so I just chil...

Little Sierra Must Be Punished

Their second date gets out of hand.

I stood outside little Sierra's apartment door holding a present. Jewelry. The blue velvet box was small, but it wasn't cheap. I thought, for the twelfth time that day, that offering gifts was probably not the master strategy for a new dom and his submiss...