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Risky sex Stories

risky sex

Booty Call Before Last Call

A quiet, relaxing evening over a few drinks takes a hard turn...

I’d been horny even before we’d gone out that night, and now, perched at the bar on my tall barstool alongside my husband, with the better part of two Long Island iced teas in me, my inhibitions were about as low as my arousal was high. Accordingly, when...

Joan's Journey To Satisfy Her Extreme Lust-filled Desires.

Joan Goes Deep In The Park Alone, Looking For Sexual Satisfaction..

Joan woke up in the morning, all alone in her bed. Her mind was still possessed by the gang bang fucking she had received at the club over the weekend. Joan's hand was buried deep between her thighs, rubbing her swollen clit, her heart beating faster as s...

Unholy Descent

A passionate sexual encounter where desire overpowers restraint, leading to rapturous release.

In the dimly lit chamber of desire, Where Beauty danced with Danger's fire. A demon of lust reared its head, Temptation luring, darkness spread. Innocence lost in the depths of sin, Self-love tangled, a battle to win. Exploration of bodies intertwined, Im...


I got punished for teasing.

I wasn’t sure how all of this had happened so fast. I was now bent over in my bathroom, and my freshly shaved pussy was being pounded. I had gone into the bathroom early that morning and took out the butt plug my husband had put inside me before leaving f...

The Butterfly Garden (Part 1)

A true story about a risky encounter in the Butterfly Garden

This is a story about my long-term partner and our sexual escapades outdoors, one of my favorite settings! This was one of the first times we ventured into this territory, about two years into our relationship, but it has always been a thrill for me even...


He masturbates while watching his MILF lover squirt over her vibrator!

Ben and Ryan hang out in a cheap bar near their university and watch the world go by. Typical students who make two beers last as long as possible and find various reasons not to attend class. Vicki Wanda walks past on her way to the bar with some friends...

Rikki, Part Five, The Finale

As soon as we switch to missionary you can't last for shit.

Two weeks had passed since the last time I saw Rikki. The last time I saw her was amazing. The sex was amazing but the wheels were coming off of this relationship. It wouldn't matter how much I tried to save it, she would sabotage it no matter what. Rikki...

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At Any Moment

A couple tempts fate fooling around before a friend arrives.

“She could be here, ah, at any moment,” Vicky gasped as her boyfriend’s hand snaked under her top, across her torso, and up toward her breast. Despite her protests, the slender blonde slid into the touch and leaned against her molester, pressing her back...

With our meal finished and our sparkling wine drunk, Ashley and I relocated to BaBa’s a little earlier than most and we took a corner booth. It was well away from the dee-jay and the music. I purchased another small bottle of sparkling wine, which we sipp...

Exes And Ohs

Small town living has its drawbacks for Sadie’s promiscuous nature

I gaze across the restaurant table at him and know I should be a good girl. Should behave. But every fibre of me craves to crawl up, sweep away the candles, wine glasses and luxurious napkins, grab his tie and kiss him. I ache to straddle his lap, free hi...

“The Alpha Man in Me” - Chapter 11 - I Love You

David gets to meet Clare's mum, an entwined tale of 3 young people set in 1987

Though I have already briefly mentioned my two girlfriend’s jobs I do feel it is a good time to clarify a little about their different backgrounds and education as it does help explain a little about their characters and future careers. At school, Sarah w...

Dreams Cum True

Lessons Learnt

"Wait, guys! I've got it, wait, I've got it!" Jack excitedly waved his arms to silence the other four boys - young men, really, eighteen, with their heads full of lust. "We'll tie her down onto Eagle's desk," he started, “she’ll be bent over with her legs...

A Wash And A Wax

His wife humors him with some roleplaying and sex in her salon on a slow Saturday morning.

Lindsey always opened the salon for a few hours every Saturday and each time it was slow. She made time for clients who couldn't make it in during the work week. Occasionally she had a wedding party but today was a very slow Saturday. She had a few walk-i...