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Sadness Stories


Their Life Now

The alternative now

The other Mothers don’t trust her Homewrecker, they know The other Dads don’t trust him His daughters' future stolen for an earring in a bed Easily and happily led There is a dinner party circuit, but they don't know Outside, they have to dine together, a...

When It's Over

Life Can Be So Unfair, With Twists Around Every Corner. Lost love, Lost Friendships. One Never Knows!

It was Thursday afternoon. My wife thought I was out of town on a business trip when actually I had been in town all week putting the final touches on my plan. I was sitting in my car, parked two doors up the street, waiting. I called the number and confi...

The Night Of The Storm

What seemed so simple, became so difficult, but you never know what the results of your actions will be!

It was a stormy night in early April. The rain was pounding on the roof and splashing against the windows. Thunder and lightning were creating night fireworks in the sky. The lights flickered occasionally. This had been happening for several hours and may...

An Afternoon In The Hospice

A Spaniard turns to a friend in her hour of need

It wouldn’t be long now. She knew. She made sure to sit up as much as she could. She tried so, so hard to walk and, with a stick, could make it to the nurse’s station. But, sometimes, she could not even eat solid food and had to be fed on a drip. Two year...

Why Me

Why me God

Why God,  on this special day, why did you take  my only love away.   Our hearts were free  and so full of love. Why did you take my pure love from me?   It was love for all eternity, forever and meant to be.   My love for her in my heart, I will forever...

Her nervous start to increase inside. Her heart is racing, her breathing is increasing. Her worries are building in her mind. Her loneliness creeping in. Her body is showing opposite signs. He speaks and calms her instantly. He touches her and soothes her...

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I hate myself for doing this, walking to the corner of the street where she lived, standing in line for a film I have no intention of watching. People say, “How is…,“ then they stop and change the subject. Her sock turns up unexpectedly in the wash. Her e...

Fuck Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can bring out the sadness for many, one lonely lesbian in particular

  It was a dark and dreary February night as I drove home, fitting my mood. It was Valentine's Day, my least favorite day of the year. A day championed by Hallmark to peddle overpriced, sappy cards to the gullible masses in order to line their greedy corp...

Reflection v.2

A short sad poem I came up with.

I stand alone on a white sandy beach.The night sky looking down on me,as The stars sparkle above like a diamond in the rough.The moonlight shines down reflecting of off the calm sea night sea. I lower my head to look down into the calm sea.Looking like a...