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Mistaken identity Stories

mistaken identity

I Thought He Was My Boyfriend

I thought my boyfriend was the one joining me in bed.

It was my best friend’s house party at a new place that he and his fiance had moved into. It was a chill night where the drinks and smokes kept everyone high. My boyfriend was with me and I had a good chill session after a long time. I was planning to sta...

What The Fuck!

A case of mistaken identity leads to a great night of hotel room sex.

"What the fuck!" said the woman, turning to confront the person that had just slapped her arse. "Oh, I am so sorry, I thought that you were someone else," responded the man who had slapped her arse. "Someone that you must know quite well," said the woman,...

Watching Susy 6

Susy desires a stranger to love

Susy informed me that she was happy in our marriage and that I was the one for her. Well, me and my vast fortune of fifty million. Being twenty-five years older than the sexy Minx I had trouble keeping up with her high-maintenance lifestyle. Money was no...

Lady Penelope-MILF Of The Mansion 12

Her Ladyship throws a costume party

Lady Penelope Ward-Williamson was born and raised to do nothing. A perfect example of a spoilt female born into the upper classes of the UK. She had gone down the usual path since birth. Educated in an all-girls school and then at finishing school. After...

A Very Long Engagement pt. 1

A sister reminds her brother about an old promise.

“Matty!” The little blur of blue jeans and blonde hair slammed into me full force, leaping into my arms with the force of a small meteor. I staggered back into my tiny one-bedroom flat as I caught my kid sister, barely staying on my feet. She clung to me...

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Feast Night

A woman takes advantage of her town's tradition.

She gasped as he eased inside, her voice joining the chorus of tree frogs, crickets, and the muted cries and moans from couples in the surrounding forest. Gods, but she’s sweet, he thought. How could I have missed this? But William? Would he approve? He r...

Trent And The Twins

Trent discovers the reason his girl friend keeps changing her mind on sex she wants

When he was a junior in college, Trent was on the school football team. He was an average player, too short to be a quarterback, but he was a fast running back. One Friday afternoon after practice, he noticed a cute blond girl sitting in the lowest row of...

Disciplined By The Headmistress : Chap 1

Helen is a computer consultant but when she sees the Headmistress, she is mistaken for a student who needs to be disciplined

Helen Smith is twenty-three and a nerdy very petite I.T. specialist. She is 5ft 1ins tall, very slim, maybe a size 8 to occasionally a size 10 dress, but with gorgeous full firm large breasts size 34dd which seem hugely exaggerated by her tiny stature. Sh...

The Secret Santa and the Santa Secret

Danielle finds that her Christmas Eve romp with her husband was not what she thought.

As Danielle headed upstairs to check on her two young children she said to her husband, “Eric, you need to get out the kids’ presents from Santa. Then you need to make it look like somebody has eaten the cookies and milk that they put out.” Eric nodded an...

The Once And Future Kink

King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Morgana, and Merlin live happily ever after.

“Focus on the countess,” Merlin instructed. In the distant courtyard, a lady in red mingled and danced to music that barely reached to where the two watched from a rooftop. “Bite down and swallow quickly.” It seemed to be a very large bilberry. When she c...