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Trinket Stories


  The death of passion, cruel and sharp.  Back into my memories,  it’s terrifying.  The bitterness brings too much sorrow.  All my soul within me, punished.  The aching want within me, looking, Retreats to my memories, craving.  On that day my soul grew h...


I will ride your sword from hilt to tip.

Hips and lips hover above Sexcalibur. I wait;and watch your facedrink me in.    Expectation,of silken contact, wherever it be.Your breath hushed, waiting…  Straddled across your hips,silken lips fleetinglybrush against Sexcalibur,  coaxing a slight tremor...

The Unbroken

Some things are irreparably damaged. Too broken to imagine being whole again.

  When you come to mind,  The “what if’s” of my life come together,  Squeezing the breath from my lungs and,  My heart stops beating momentarily.    I’m so sorry I couldn’t  give you what you coveted,  I also wanted it so fiercely, I felt physical pain. ...

Joyful Agony

Do you ever think of me?

The night shadows sweep across the moonlit ceiling. They are ghosts of who we used to be.I’m haunted by your intoxicating whispers,Uttered as we hurtled towards a magnetic destination;The climactic apex of Joyful Agony.            Our hearts’ cadence buil...


I’ll look back only once

Do you understand the pain I feel?Do you know it? You were going to be the one.We were going to be perfect…So perfect...I have always Secretly loved you. I know You loved me too.Unrestrained joySparkled in our eyes.The future beckoned us.  Revealing my mi...

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Beautiful Torture

She knows who she wants

A hopelessly lonely girl,Waits patiently to know,The perfect companion and beloved; You are her Romeo.  Set forth and find your Juliet,She is out there searching too. Wishing you were by her side,She waits and pines for you.  A supernova in the night sky,...

Hold on a little Longer

I’ll be there soon.

I see you struggling.You need what is real.I know you ache for me.I’m waiting for you. Hold on a little longerfor me baby   We both once had everything,Can never get that back.It’s time to move forward,Begin a new story for us.  Just hold on a little long...

Maya’s Mischief. 1: Titty Fuck

Maya detonates Brad’s grenade

“Mmm, baaaby, I want you so bad right now.”Maya turned from the dresser and looked at Brad as he lay on the bed slowly stroking his hard cock, tormented with desire. A sharp tingle shot through her pussy.“Ooh, let me,” Maya purred. She really hadn’t thoug...


You would be mine.

I wish I could hold your hand.Not gently, rather the way that leaves your palms sweaty and your fingers entwined with mine. The kind where our hands stay locked when we swing our arms together while we walk. Even if I decided to pirouette, our hands would...


You reminded me there could be joy.

Did you find me when I needed you most?Perhaps it is me who found you. Perpetual misery pervaded my mind.Another's folly was my affliction.  Something you wrote seemed familiar.I noticed you once and looked twice. I noticed you twice and smiled;the first...