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Cuckold (commonly misspelled cuckhold) stories involve plot elements where the male has a wife or girlfriend that is not sexually exclusive with him, and where she retains the sexual power in the relationship. She will proactively take on other men (sometimes called a 'bull') to sexually service her or enthusiastically enjoy with the husband's knowledge and underlying consent. In some cases the male may appear to be initially reluctant about these activities or his natural submissiveness to his female partner may allow him to willingly observe or hear about these activities in a passive or voyeuristic way while feeling aroused at the same time.

In more extreme or fetish elements of the cuckold stories genre, the submissive husband or boyfriend may assist his wife in preparation for a date and/or undergo feminization or humiliation and cock-shaming. It may involve traditional BDSM or femdom elements such as restraints or cock cages. The experience may extend to making him service the bull, being forced to accept anal sex or be involved in cum-play or cleaning of his wife and the bull. At the far end of the spectrum, it may also involve the husband allowing his wife to be impregnated by the bull's seed while he watches.

In the reverse where the male retains the power in the arrangement of infidelity with his wife's consent, it is called 'cuckqueaning'.


Did My Girlfriend Cheat On Me?

Did his innocent GF really cheat on him after his birthday party?

Did my girlfriend cheat on me? Last week, I woke up to choking and slurping sounds, mixed with some sports commentary from our TV in the living room. My head was throbbing, my eyes hurt, and my throat felt dry from the dehydration caused by the few too many beers and shots I had the night before when we were celebrating my birthday. It took me a few moments before I realized where I was...Read On


Adventures With Traci - Marcie And The Construction Workers

Marcie introduces her new friends to Traci and Terry

On the Monday morning following our exciting Saturday afternoon with Steve, Traci and I had to return to the mundane world of work.  Traci was employed as a receptionist for a large investment firm. She spent her day answering the telephone, greeting clients and getting coffee or water for everyone but herself. She wasn't thrilled about her job, but she realized that her situation was...Read On


An Arranged Marriage - Part XII

Bill meets up with Isha and they prepare for their dinner date.

I was tempted to use her cunt again and very nearly telephoned her to tell her that, but it was Thursday and in two nights time I would be fucking Isha and I wanted to save myself for her. Cherie did hint the following day about us spending the weekend together but I managed to convince her that until her divorce was settled, it was better to keep things quieter between us. I also told her...Read On


An Arranged Marriage - Part XI

Bill meets Isha, who plans a very public cuckolding for her cheating husband.

A few hours later we found ourselves in bed enjoying post-coital bliss. For the first time, we could lie together and relax without the thought of Cherie having to get up to go back home. It would also be one of the very rare occasions too that we spend the whole night together. We fucked once before falling asleep and again the next morning. I awoke to the pleasure of having Cherie giving me...Read On


An Arranged Marriage - Part X

With Sunita out of the country Bill gets to renew his acquantance with Cherie

And then there was Cherie. It had been over two months now since Cherie and I had had sex. Her husband, Pete had become suspicious that she was having an affair and she had decided to cool things between us. We still saw each other regularly though because we worked together and the relationship remained friendly. She often had to visit my office with paperwork and we sometimes chatted. I...Read On


An Arranged Marriage - Part IX

Sunita departs for India leaving Bill to his own devices

With one hand gripping my forearm and the other hand the cane she led me from the bedroom to the dining room and came to a halt at the edge of the long table. I was nervous. I had never been in this position with any women before, it had always been the other way around and yet I felt a sexual excitement that I had never experienced before. Letting go of my arm she gripped my left buttock...Read On


Cuckqueened By The Maid, Chapter 3

Becky decided to stay home and get to know her new Mistress better!

Naked and tied to a chair, I was forced to watch as my husband of twelve years fucked our housekeeper, a woman six years younger than me. Maria climbed on top of him and straddled him, holding his hard fat cock in one hand. She purposely looked at me and, as I sat there helplessly, she lowered herself slowly onto his cock, the cock I should be getting! “Oh fuck, baby, your cock is so big and...Read On


In vivid color!

Subconscious cravings!

Most nights, I don't dream, or I don't remember them. But, once or twice a year, I have one of those really intense vivid dreams. Sometimes good, sometimes strange, sometimes bad! This one was a real doozy! I awoke to the sound of the bedroom door opening and groggily looked at my wife as she closed the door and turned to me with a deep loving smile. I smiled back as I propped myself up on...Read On


Carlos - The Man From The Beach

A couple meets a stranger who shows them what controlling power a massive dick has.

I arrived at the hotel with my wife Jenny in the afternoon. We’d planned this holiday for our fifth wedding anniversary a few months ago and after a long stretch of uninterrupted work, the hotel really was a sight for sore eyes. The weather was perfect and we weren’t sure if we wanted the beach or the pool first. We checked in and then went up to our room. We decided the weather was perfect...Read On


One Took Over The Cuckold's Bed - Part XIII

Rick not only gets deeper into cuckolding but discovers the power of female domination

Paulo showed us around his offices when we arrived. We were both very impressed. His Faro operation was based in a three storey office block. I didn’t know exactly how many staff he had but it couldn’t have been much lower than fifty. His own office occupied a corner of the top floor with magnificent views across the city with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop. Maria’s office was next door....Read On


Cuckqueened By The Maid, Chapter 2

Becky learns what is in store for her and what her new role will be...

The next day I went to work a little earlier than usual–I told Richard it was because I had an early showing, but in reality, I wanted to be out of the house before Maria arrived for work. I needed some time away from her to figure out what I was going to do. She had told me if I "wanted more" to come home at noon and take the rest of the afternoon off. What did she have in mind? "More" what?...Read On


C-Day Of Greg

A loving husband remembers the day he was cuckolded..

I still remember that day, clear as the waters of Mediterranean. 23rd of August, Malaga, Spain. --- I am sitting on cold wet sand; several steps away from the sea, watching the moonlight glimmer on the calm water. It is a quiet night, only sounds of waves gently sweeping the coast and seagulls chanting far on the rocks. I am listening carefully, waiting for 'her'. The peaceful music of...Read On


Sluts Have More Fun

Stella is out on the town looking to get her pussy satisfied.

Stella and Agnes were hitting the town tonight. These sexy ladies were keen to get out and have some fun. Dressed to kill in hot flesh-revealing outfits guys wouldn’t know what hit them. Agnes is Dutch but had lived in LA for a few years. She is medium height, smoking body with short blonde hair, cute nose and the biggest green eyes. She wore glasses and had several pairs which she turned...Read On


The Anniversary Present

The best gifts in life are free.

John was at the stove cooking his breakfast when Aileen walked past, dragging her hand across his butt on her way to the garage. "I'm going to the store," she sighed, as she did every week. "Of course you are," he replied sarcastically with a grin. "Mmmm hm." "Happy anniversary to you too," he said, still grinning. "Happy anniversary!" A short while later he took a quick break, as...Read On


A Couple Explores Cuckolding

My boyfriend gets humiliated and cuckolded...

We were finally going to make it happen. My boyfriend Andrew and I had talked about bringing in another man and we were both turned on by the idea. After browsing through a number of websites we had finally found a few profiles that were interesting. In the end, we decided on a guy we’ll call John. John was a bit older than our late twenties (closer to forty) so that Andrew wouldn’t feel...Read On


Cuckqueened By The Maid, Chapter 1

Finding her husband fucking the maid was only the beginning!

It had been a very long, very frustrating day. The real estate market had crashed in our area and I couldn't give away a house lately. I had been showing prospective buyers houses all day, but with the news lately talking about the housing bubble bursting and all the banks that had screwed people over on their mortgages, everyone was leery of getting into the housing market. Sellers...Read On


One Took Over The Cuckold's Bed - Part XII

Sue and Rick go shopping for clothes to please her lover Paulo

Sue decided to contact Paulo inside the boutique. She was unsure of what colour he preferred so she took pictures of some and sent them to him with a text message. Moments later he rang her back. ‘That red and black one looked nice’ he told her. “It’s Rick’s treat by the way. It’s a thank you for all the hard work you are doing.” I could hear his voice and his laughter at the other end....Read On


Handling It Pt.3: All In

She has dreams too.

"Un-fucking-believable," John said to himself as he checked his email.  It had only been four hours since he posted the listing under Casual Encounters, but already he had two hundred and three replies.  He couldn't believe such a basic inquiry could spark so much interest.  Maybe he wasn't as big a perv as he'd thought, he decided. The listing was titled, "Shy Asian Wife Wants To Watch." ...Read On


A Surprise Cuckolding

See what happens when the pizza is late...

My experiences with cuckolding, believe it or not, were not planned. At least my part wasn’t, initially. My wife Lenora and I had a good marriage, had good kids and what most people would call a normal life.  Then unexpectedly, as guests at my wife’s friend’s daughter’s wedding (“The Wedding Surprise”), both I and my wife, Lenora, were introduced to the world of cuckolding (or drunk wife...Read On


Handling It Pt.2: Opening Up

Role play and sharing fantasies rekindles old flames.

Just before she put his cock in her mouth, Aileen handed John the video camera.  It was powered on and cued up to play.  She didn't want him to record this time, she wanted him to watch.  And one way or another, she knew he was going to enjoy it.  She watched him raise his finger to touch the screen, knowing he'd found the playback icon.  When she heard the sound of her recording coming from...Read On


Spanish Eyes - Part 2

The deed done, her fidleity shattered, how should a cheating wife behave now?

Nothing had prepared me for this, not even our wedding night when Oscar had taken my virginity had felt so new and so exciting. Surely this was the ultimate in sexual unity; his huge, thick cock buried fully in my tight, inexperienced vagina. Skin on skin, flesh on flesh, nothing to separate us. Surely nothing could feel this good. But I was wrong; this was just the beginning. Just as...Read On


Spanish Eyes - Part 1

Pushed by her husband and pulled by desire; what chance does a faithful wife have?

“It’s just something you have to do, Irene,” my mother had told me many times. “If you’re lucky, you’ll like it. If you’re very lucky, Oscar will go off it after a couple of years. But if you’re like most of us, he’ll be relentless and you’ll just have to put up with it and concentrate on the important things in marriage.” It wasn’t the most positive advice on sex that a...Read On


Handling It Pt.1

Sometimes infidelity can lead to hotwifing.

It all started on the train on his way home from the office.  His cellphone buzzed, and John saw that he had a picture message from Aileen.  In three years of marriage, it was the first time she'd ever sent him a nude picture of herself.  Lying on her back, on top of her blue yoga mat, a naked selfie.  He felt himself getting hard. "Got company?" he replied. "No" "You mean not yet?" "What...Read On


Monica's Suck Slave

A black man realizes his subservient sexual nature and likes it.

I’ve known Monica since we were kids. We met on the neighborhood playground and grew up together. As we grew older, I found myself completely in love with her. She was always small, slender and cute, with a smooth, almost onyx skin tone, long silken curls and mischievous eyes that were almost equal in color to the darkness of her complexion. And as we grew older she grew more beautiful until...Read On


Jessie's Awakening

Jessie's wild ride may not come to an end...

Jessie felt horrible as her head bobbed back and forth on Jack’s massive dick. This was the last time, she told herself. One more time, and she’d get it out of her system. She felt horrible being used like a slut on all fours, but she needed some release. She made up her mind that she'd let loose for tonight. Just then, Jack scooped up a fist full of hair and shoved her head down the...Read On


My Unlikely Experience - The Rematch

In the days following my loss to Dave, I was extremely sore from having my arms ensnared in the ropes and my legs tied spread eagle. I could've beaten him had he not trapped my arms in the ropes. I had never fought in a ring before and while I'd seen pro wrestlers do it on TV, I never gave much thought to how it works. Even if I had, I thought it was more for show than functionality. I...Read On


Jenny and Nick Date a Wife

Jenny and Nick play with a wife while her cuckold husband waits at home.

Nick and I plan a date night with another woman at least once a month. These women come from different venues. Someone we met on a porn or swingers site, or met at adult parties, or met out somewhere.  And on occasion, someone that we already know who knows a little about our non-vanilla wild side. Often, these women are wives or are in a committed relationship. If they tell us they do this...Read On


One Took Over The Cuckold's Bed - Part XI

Four days into their cuckolding holiday and Paulo and Sue are already making plans for meeting again

Sue woke me at 5:45 next morning. Perched on the edge of my bed she leant over and kissed me. “Your early morning wake-up call Mr. Cuckold,” she said with a smile. She was naked and I reached up and cupped a breast. “You’ve cuckolded me again haven’t you?” “Three times since I said goodnight to you last night,” she smiled. “Twice before we slept and once again twenty minutes ago.” I had...Read On


My Unlikely Experience Chapter Three - Wrestling - Seriously?

We met a great couple a year or so ago when they moved in just down the street from us. They seemed like nice people and Sam (Samantha) and I agreed, they weren't at all bad to look at. Dave and Jackie both have blonde hair and blue eyes, average heights and they appear fit. In my opinion, Jackie's not as pretty as Nicole Kidman, but she has a similar look. She has a long, slim body and...Read On


Jock Fucks Nerdy Wife

Rough Jock Hits on Nerdy Wife at Board Game Party

Newly wed couple Arthur and Eleanor joined a couple of friends Herman and Lester one night to enjoy a rousing game of “Settlers of Catan,” a board game cherished by nerds the world over.  Unfortunately their friendly game was disrupted by the intervention of Herman’s crass cousin Joey… Arthur, Eleanor, Herman, and Lester were all sitting around the coffee table in Herman’s living room...Read On