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Cuckold (commonly misspelled cuckhold) stories involve plot elements where the male has a wife or girlfriend that is not sexually exclusive with him, and where she retains the sexual power in the relationship. She will proactively take on other men (sometimes called a 'bull') to sexually service her or enthusiastically enjoy with the husband's knowledge and underlying consent. In some cases the male may appear to be initially reluctant about these activities or his natural submissiveness to his female partner may allow him to willingly observe or hear about these activities in a passive or voyeuristic way while feeling aroused at the same time.

In more extreme or fetish elements of the cuckold stories genre, the submissive husband or boyfriend may assist his wife in preparation for a date and/or undergo feminization or humiliation and cock-shaming. It may involve traditional BDSM or femdom elements such as restraints or cock cages. The experience may extend to making him service the bull, being forced to accept anal sex or be involved in cum-play or cleaning of his wife and the bull. At the far end of the spectrum, it may also involve the husband allowing his wife to be impregnated by the bull's seed while he watches.

In the reverse where the male retains the power in the arrangement of infidelity with his wife's consent, it is called 'cuckqueaning'.


Twist Of The Knife! Ch 6.

Four is enough!

Fall 2016. Butterscotch pudding, my favorite! The carrot sticks were a little dry but edible. I picked at the chicken strips, reformed meat, I don't think there's any chicken in there. Luckily, I didn't run into that son of a bitch at dinner. I thought I saw him on the way back to my room, but when I turned, it was just my own shadow. Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, WOW! What a day. That was...Read On


Love Will Tear Us Apart Part 3

“He made that bet with you because he knew that he would win. His son was on our team, sabotaging everything he competed in. Always being around you and touching you, and distracting me in the process,” I said.  “He was sixteen years old and sad about the girl that left him. So I comforted him," she said.  “You were hugging him half of the time. And he was feeling you up. That made me...Read On


Twist of the Knife! Ch 5.

Long HARD day!

Fall 2016. It's dinner time. I'm not really hungry, but I do like the pudding. I usually don't run into the fucking ass-hole at dinner, so... I’ll probably go. Are your panties wet yet? I told you it would get crazy. But hang on, this roller-coaster hasn't even left the platform, so back to my story. Wednesday porn night! Over the next few months, we reviewed my Tuesday night 'auto...Read On


Busted With My Online Porn 7

Finally, Allen gets something he always wanted!

Something I Always Wanted We walked down the driveway to our car. The marine layer was moving in and little wisps of fog passed through the trees. Neither of us said anything until my wife asked if I was going to drive. I decided she should drive and I made a point of remembering where Bob and Sally’s house was. It wasn’t far at all, no more than two or three miles from our house. I...Read On


Love Will Tear Us Apart Part 2

After a while, Michael got tired of drawing. He started playing video games instead, and I went back to the living room. There, Diana was sitting with a bottle of wine and two empty glasses.  “How is he?” she asked. “We have to have another talk with the school,” I replied.  “I can do it,” she said.  “I will do it tomorrow when I pick them up. David will probably be there. I spoke to...Read On


Busted With My Online Porn 6

Meeting the wife's new friends

Donna had just left. I could still taste my own cum on my tongue. It really wasn’t so bad since I had been drinking so much juice and water lately. I read online that fruit juices tend to make your cum sweeter. I figured I might as well make things a little easier on myself by at least making my cum taste better. I can affirm that it does work! What was strange to me was that I felt...Read On


Katie And The Koral Chapter 4

In which Katie’s initiation ceremony continues...

The hour passed slowly.  I could do nothing but go over and over in my mind the reasons why Kate had gone down this path.  Was it all my fault?  Had I disregarded her wants so entirely?  Yes, I could have been more attentive and given her so much more of my time instead of letting Jenny's party girl attitude influence her so much.  All these things played over and over in my mind like so...Read On


Twist of the Knife! Ch 3-4.

3, Living the dream! 4, Coming out of the stone age!

Fall   2016 . I was hoping I wouldn't see him today, I mean really! There are twelve rooms on this floor and only one bathroom with four stalls and four showers. You would think we could work it out, so this doesn't happen, but sure enough, he was in there. The son of a bitch looked at me like it wasn't his fault, and I got so pissed I just went off on him! They say I have to take some of...Read On


Twist Of The Knife! Ch 2.

She said, “Yes!”

  Fall 2016. I haven't seen my wife since that first visit! She still comes every week hoping to see me, but I just can't face her. She leaves letters telling me she can't stand to see me this way and will be waiting for me if I can ever forgive her. I don't know why she says that. It's not her fault. She didn't do anything wrong. It was him, he kept telling me, “You know how much she...Read On


Our Cuckold Wedding Part Ten

Things get hot with Jen and my father

Jen called me after my father had taken her coffee to her and she told me that he was naked again. She told me that she was going to help my father decorate the Christmas tree this morning. “In the nude?” I asked. “Of course!” Jen replied, “I love being naked with your dad.” She called me back about ninety minutes later and again, she sounded excited. “I told you that your dad was...Read On


Katie And The Koral Chapter 3

In which Katie tries to explain

I came to slowly. I could hear Darius speaking, the sounds meant nothing initially, like a background drone, then sudden clarity. " the new bitches place.  Things got rough and I'm going to need your help sooner than planned. Get round here now Roger and bring Jamal. You'll need to get the full gear - and don't forget the serum. This is going to be a long job, so make it two vials,...Read On


Busted With My Online Porn 5


My wife jumped up from the deck chair and went inside, I suppose to call Sally. I slumped back in my chair and was just realizing the gravity of the situation. At the moment all I could think was, “At least this is all happening at our vacation home and not where we live and work!” We enjoy relative anonymity at the coast. We only knew a few people there and we didn’t really socialize...Read On


How Far Do We Go? - Ch 11

The date is set. Carly prepares Wade to realize his cuckolding fantasies...

  1 The early morning thunderstorm startled Carly, waking her much earlier than she had wanted. She had slept better than expected, not remembering any of her dreams. She saw that the latest rumble of thunder had not woken Wade, so she let her husband rest and Carly remained still in their bed. He would be up soon enough. Sunday was a work day at the showhome. Sunday’s were also their day...Read On


Busted With My Online Porn 4

The day after Donna

The next morning it was, as it always seemed on our typical summer vacations at the coast. We woke up slowly. The morning was overcast and grey with the normal marine layer that would burn off by ten o’clock or so. I cranked up the coffee machine, and made myself a double shot in a tall cup. I got out my radio and went out to the deck and enjoyed a smoke with my coffee. The radio station...Read On


Twist of the knife!

A loving couples eventual fall into madness!

  Chapter 1. Awestruck! Fall 2016. I'm watching the sunrise through the small window in my room. The red, yellow and orange maple leaves look as if they're on fire in the early morning light. I know It's fall here in southwest Michigan, but I'm not sure what day it is and It really doesn't matter anymore! I seem to have a lot of time on my hands these days, when I'm not ranting at the...Read On


Our Cuckold Wedding Part nine

Jen goes back to my fathers house and has fun.

The next weekend, Jen went to her black lover in France alone as he wanted her naked for the whole weekend and she knew that he would be exposing her naked body again. She had already told him about our weekend away at my father’s house and Martin was keen for her to do more with my brother and father. She returned to me on Monday and told me that Albert saw her naked again because...Read On


The Greek

While on vacations a teen couple meets an older man who has something to offer the girl.

Rich looked out over the mirror-like water. The air was still and the heat from the sun was almost unbearable. He wiped some sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand and then pushed up his sunglasses which had slid down on his nose. The beach was busy but not overcrowded. Mostly families with a splatter of single people baking in the sun. A child laughed and then began to cry as it...Read On


Katie And The Koral Chapter 2

In which Katie introduces Darius to Peter I didn't hear the door open or notice him until he was in the room. He was tall, over six feet. An immaculately dressed black man about thirty five years old. Slim waist and broad chested with well defined muscles. The sort of body you would expect on a weight lifter. It was obvious from his well trimmed physique that he trained regularly....Read On


Katie and the Koral Chapter 1

A Young Wife's makes a Cuckold of her Husband

In which Jenny spills the beans At the start of this ‘life changing’ episode in our lives, my wife Katie and I had been married for five years.  Just the two of us, trying to stake our claim before having children. Kate and I had met as children in the late fifties, of officers serving in the British Army On the Rhine (BOAR). Despite our young ages, we had formed a close attachment,...Read On


Our cuckold wedding part eight

Jen has fun at my fathers house

When we got back in the car, Jen showed me the sexy bra and string that she had bought for Brian’s eyes later that evening. They were tiny and I told her that I would love to see her wearing them. “Trevor, you know that I couldn’t wear them in front of you,” Jen said softly, “I told you that I don’t even like you seeing me in my plain bra and panties but I let you.” “I know Jen and I’m...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part XII

Dawn and Alan spend some quality time together to touch base on their relationship

  Dawn   Dawn felt much better later that afternoon when she woke up. Alan lay naked beside her still fast asleep. His penis was hard and sticky with emissions. She turned and faced him and held his erection gently in her hand. She loved him and was pleased that he seemed contented. She didn’t understand him; she couldn’t understand the mind of a cuckold; just like she couldn’t...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part XI

Bradley and Dawn's first night together appears to set the course for their future and Alan's too!

  Dawn     Dawn also had to drag herself out of bed that morning. She too was tired and she ached in places that she had never done before. Bradley had been something else in bed that night. He had shaved all her pubic hair off after they had made love for the second time in the marital bed. It was a long drawn out affair. As she lay back on top of the bed he clipped away most of...Read On


Cuckolding by Numbers

Melissa has her first BBC in front of her husband. His torment begins in silence; by numbers.

Isn’t it amazing what people get up to behind closed doors? In their day to day lives people are accountants, photographers, managers, researchers, manual labourers, security advisors, spies and all sorts of other professions. Behind closed doors, fetishes are unlocked, behaviour changed, like the flick of a switch. If they are lucky – they share their fetish with their partners; if not,...Read On


This Is Your Lies

Ellen wants to have sex with another man — why? What is she hiding?

Ellen was curious about having sex with another guy. We went to and fro about it; sometimes we were joking and teasing or kind of hinting around it. I can't even remember where the idea started, did it come from her, or something we heard or read? I don't know. We never got close to the idea of swinging because finding two people who we fancied seemed like a tall order. We did touch on whether...Read On


Our Cuckold Wedding Part Seven

We visit my father and brother and Jen has fun.

We got home from our weekend at Jen’s parents and Jen took Martin to the station after she had given him one last fuck and I was allowed to clean them both. Jen returned and she was very tearful about leaving Martin; although I tried to comfort her by telling her that she would see him again next weekend, she was still sad. It was two days later when I received the call that I was dreading;...Read On


Barbi's Journey

Where does the jouney go ?

The picture on my cell phone was of my wife’s big round tits. The nipples were fully extended, and amazingly…they were covered with endless gobs and ropes of a sticky thick white substance. I’d never gotten a picture like this one before. “He just left. I’m glad he blew his load across my chest, or he might have drowned me!” The accompanying text message read. My erection was trembling,...Read On


My Cuckold Life Chapter 3

My training begins...

Chapter 3 One month has passed since Brad started living with me and beautiful wife Lina during the weekends. I thought I had it tough with Lina before, but it had gotten so much worse since Brad has moved in. My life was now a combination of sexual frustration, humiliation, physical pain and mental torture.  It had gotten progressively worse each day since Brad's arrival. Brad and Lina...Read On


How Far Do We Go? - Ch 10

Carly takes control by fantasizing about and preparing for the inevitable...

“… and how was the sex?” Shamelessly, a corner of Carly’s mouth curled into a half grin as she reflected on the previous night’s activities. “It was insane,” Carly replied. “I’d expected Wade to be excited and attentive, but he was unrelenting. He was insatiable. It felt like he could go all night. A little look or a reminder of what happened with Nicolas, or a hint of what more...Read On


We Need to Talk Part 3

Emma returns to her husband Gary to find out what he has decided.

Emma was just coming out of the shower, naked and dripping wet when her phone buzzed with a text message. It was from Charlotte. It said, “Hi Emma. Good news, I’ve spoken to Gary and I think he has agreed. But, can you please come and see me before you go home to him?” She sat on the bed, after wrapping herself in a towel, and typed her reply. Her busty breasts made a bulge in her towel....Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part X

Alan endures his first night in Bradley's bed while Bradley enjoys his first night in Dawn's bed

Alan   Alan was in bed watching television and finishing off the last of the champagne when his mobile rang. It was Dawn. He felt a wave of guilt about Trish come over him as he turned down the television. “Hi darling, how are you?” She asked. “I’m in bed watching TV,” he responded. “And you?” There was a moment’s silence. “We’re in bed too.” Alan paused as he imagined the two of...Read On