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Light bdsm Stories

light bdsm

Teaching Karen a Lesson Part II

A week after I taught my wife some manners, our lives have changed for the better, but has my wife really changed?

“Hey, honey,” Erin called from the bedroom. “Can you zip me up, please?” “Sure, dear,” I said, finishing the last gulp of my coffee. “Wow, look at what we have here…” I marveled at my wife’s backside as I approached. She wore a slender red dress that hugg...

Teaching Karen a Lesson

If having to deal with a 'Karen' is bad, try being married to one. My dysfunctional marriage is about to get even more so...

“What part of ‘I want to speak to your manager’ do you not understand?” The waitress, who was already shrunk and folded into herself like a frightened turtle, took a step back. Her eyes were down at her fingers, nervously kneading another. “Y-yes, ma’am....

Things "Swing" Into Action for the Happy Suburban Couple

Jack hooks up with a Lush buddy while Trisha is exposed to new lesbian and interracial experiences.

When they arrived home from their dinner at Ed and Vicky’s, Trisha told Jack she had to use the restroom and she sprinted inside. Ed’s seed was still seeping from her pussy and she wanted to clean up as soon as possible. She desperately wanted to take a s...

Lost In Lust, Found In His Arms

I left to explore desire, returned broken, and he guided us home.

Watching my ex-boyfriend laugh and chat with an attractive, bubbly brunette is like a knife twisting in my heart. When she touches his arm and he returns the smile, it's unbearable. Despite being the one to end things, witnessing this feels like torture....

Submitting To Professor Kent Ch. 02

Professor Kent catches me doing something naughty in his classroom and invites me back to his house for some special attention...

I sat in class and felt Professor Kent’s eyes weighing on me like a pair of boulders pressing on my shoulders. If I could get away with it without drawing more attention to myself, I’d have ducked under my desk for the remainder of the class until he had...

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The Privilege Of Holding Her Gift

you need to hold the gift, to understand its attraction

With every beat of my heart I am reminded of the privilege it is to hold her trust to guide her with a firm yet tender hand For in her submission I finds the deepest fulfilment in knowing that she is mine ~ Her surrender submission commitment Her oh so sw...

The Key

she just loves to please

She gave me the key of her soul of her body of her devotion And so I led her to swim into the abyss of desires lusts punishments and demons And now she is all mine To her I am the King of Pain upon the throne of her heart mind and body A new hour of my he...

The Right Turn

She was there all along yet she never knew what she was missing.

The feverish moisture between her legs builds up while she listens to her every word. Blindfolded, she can't see her; she can strongly feel her commanding yet caring presence. Her countless male lovers had torn her asunder. She learned from them terribly,...

My Instrument

She becomes joy in my care

She has become my instrument She has learned how she's worshipped Each curve smoothly rubbed and endlessly teased How my wicked fingers moved effortlessly over her sensual keys Her aching notes filled my ears as I ease her to the edge of delight dominatin...

The Alphabet

Spelling trouble on her lips

The secret alphabet your tongue writes on my lips as you turn me into your most exquisite poem My breathes go from silent to secret screams that reverberate my frame then burst into my special orgasmic song My plea from my lips breathless whisper “Please...


She knows what she needs

His dark touch guides me As I am ravaged by his careful whispers penetrate the fluttering in my heart His deep howl silences me demanding self-control He pushes against the wall my black lace lines part as my petals do fall Come closer with no hindrance t...

The State of my Conciousness

How do I understand who I am ?

For me lust is a curious state of my consciousness. I forget my name, as I’m wrapped and encased in ecstasy. He kisses my neck, my hands trapped against the wall, his fingers are cascading over my body invading me. My body screaming for attention, I’m so...