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Our hardcore sex stories are for those who like "edgier" stories, pushing the limits. They are typically difficult to classify in other categories, and will usually involve multiple elements that may not be to everyone's tastes.

Stories which contain the following, are likely to be found in this hardcore section: gagging, rough sex, choking play, ass-to-mouth, watersports, cum-play, snowballing, anal play, enemas, face-sitting, cbt, fisting, cock beating / face slapping, and other types of sex usually reserved for those who like the more extreme forms of sexual activity.

Recommended Read

Flames That Roar Like A Tiger

A worthy finale to a long night.

You are overwhelmed… You are beginning to see again, but only slightly. The early sunlight is starting to conflict with the firelight, and leaves the whole beach looking dimmer than it did before, somehow. It is still hard to keep your eyes open. You are shivering in the cold, and spasming at the erratic, jagged fucking you are getting. None of them are coordinated with the others, and...Read On


Lonely twenties: Pushed to the limits

Setting a former party animal straight

At the age of twenty-seven, Lisa was starting to see tough scenarios play out in her life. A lot of her friends were starting to get married and she was still not interested in a long term relationship. As a former athlete in college, she took a job in Miami where despite her background as a white southern woman, she fit right in due to her look. Lisa had black hair, a light tan, slim...Read On


Dirty Tricks Chapter7

Sex and subterfuge, politics makes for strange bedfellows

Previously in "Dirty Tricks" While attending Alexa Grey's, the retiring mayoress's extravagant birthday party, an unknown photographer captures political opponents and electoral candidates, Heather Anderson and Sean McCarthy, during an adulterous rendezvous. After being sent ominous instructions with photographic evidence of their indiscretion, they meet to discuss their predicament, only...Read On


Melissa Plays Messalina

History lessons are boring. Roman lifestyles are not.

Melissa had been reading all about Roman history and the lifestyles of the emperors and their wives. She had long reached the part about the famous Valeria Messalina, Claudius’s third wife who apparently challenged a prostitute to a fucking competition and won. In those days, the wealthiest women were not short of men, but in this day and age, you could wait forever. Melissa had been...Read On


Lost Trust

My ex comes back to me, wanting me back. Will she be able to regain my trust?

I was curious as to whether Teresa had followed my instructions. If she wanted me back and for any of my trust in her to return then she would be waiting knelt down naked with her eyes to the ground. I didn’t know whether I wanted her waiting or not, she had hurt me. I took my time to adjust my clothes, making sure my smart black jeans were crease free, my white shirt fully buttoned up...Read On


Boundaries Broken

Meeting a couple leads to the breaking of some strict boundaries

We had arranged to meet Mike and Sally at a country pub close to our local swinging club. They had made the first contact and to be honest we were not sure that we wanted to meet them, as their pictures were a bit blurred and it was difficult to get a feel for what they actually looked like. You might think that that sounds a bit shallow but in the years that we have been swinging, we...Read On


Dirty Tricks, Chapter 6

Sex, subterfuge and politics make for strange bedfellows.

‘Damn it!’ Trish scowled at the night. She was frustrated and couldn't sleep. Each time she closed her eyes that morning's fortuitous rendezvous with Heather replayed in steamy detail. Fingers, scents, and wet pussies. Lips, tastes, and tongues. Instead of relaxed and sleepy, Trish was hot and bothered, and she now had to deal with it. She reached for her laptop and drafted a message...Read On


The Visit

After talking for months online they finally meet for real

For the twentieth time in the last half hour, he looked down at his watch.  It was finally getting close to time for her to show up which was good because he didn't think he could stand it much longer.  After many months of chatting online, they were finally going to get to meet! He had flown in the night before and gotten a hotel room one city away from where she lived.  She had agreed to...Read On


Getting What I Want (Part 6)

Both Daddy and Babydoll have surprises for each other

Mr. Davis and I texted most of the day on Friday, at least until his meetings. Our chat was similar to light conversation between friends but with the cuteness of a couple mixed in. Were we a couple? No, there was no way. We had only been, well, involved for a week and I didn't think it meant anything outside of the bedroom. Or, should I say, the classroom. I did feel something for him,...Read On


Joanie Goes to Fantasyland

Joanie gives herself a birthday gift to remember

Joanie’s decision about her birthday gift to herself brought a smile to her face. She was going to take herself off to Fantasyland; that place which was a combination club and spa where you leave your inhibitions and judgment at the door. The mission statement of Fantasyland says something to the effect that its sole reason for existence is to allow each visitor to turn what were...Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Tricks, chapter 5

Sex and subterfuge, politics make strange bedfellows

9:48 am Heather’s heart was racing like a deranged metronome. Time was her enemy, and the life of her mayoral campaign was fading away with each passing second.  Fuck the campaign! My entire life will be in ruins if those pictures get out! Guiding her Audi onto the expressway, she slammed the sole of her five-inch stiletto onto the pedal and the rapid acceleration forced her back into...Read On


Getting What I Want (Part 5)

Jenna takes on a new challenge upon Daddy's request

"Hi, Mr. Davis," I greeted him, the classroom door closing behind me. He smiled and nodded in response. It was Thursday afternoon, and I was craving my afternoon delight. "Hi, Miss Jenna." The boy that whistled at me yesterday offered a kind greeting today. "That's a lot better, um, what's your name?" "Well, my teammates call me Champ." Uninterested, I strutted towards Mr. Davis' desk....Read On


Getting What I Want (Part 4)

Miss Jenna teaches a lesson

That next Wednesday morning, I was too anxious to do anything. Pretty soon, I would be on my way to get myself some of that good dick again. I took a shower and shaved myself, since Daddy loves a clean pussy. I dressed in a black skirt, thinking this would be the best option for how naughty I was about to be today. Leaving my panties off, I pulled on a different white bra this time with...Read On


Getting What I Want (Part 3)

They're back - this time, they try phone sex

"Hey, Babydoll" read the text from an unknown number. But I knew exactly who this mystery messenger could be and saved it to my phone instantly. I had begun to lose hope after not receiving a text from him for a few days. And, no, I was not desperate - just needy. I started to get excited when I realized he referred to me as Babydoll instead of Jenna, knowing this meant he was horny. J:...Read On


Getting What I Want (Part 2)

Mr. Davis fucks her up, literally

"Lay down on the desk," I ordered, eager to switch roles. He turned and looked at the neat stacks of paper covering the right half of the desk. Before he could even open his mouth to say anything, I swept all of it onto the floor in one huge heap. "Hey, Missy, you're cleaning that up!" he barked. "Not now, Sir," I said as I pushed him onto his back, his legs dangling off the edge of the...Read On


Getting What I Want (Part 1)

He never saw her coming.

Hello Mr. Davis, The school year is already wrapping up and I hope it has treated you well. It feels like I was presenting my final senior project to you just yesterday! I'm now almost finished with my first year of college English and a requirement is the completion of a final essay.  I understand you are highly busy but was wondering if I could come by and you could edit what I have...Read On


Seven Days In Charge Of The Slut In Apartment D3, Chapter 1

When Elisa loses her orgasm, her flatmate Mateo decides to take control

Mateo’s flatmate, Elisa, is a total slut. Nearly every night of the week, Elisa brings someone back to their shared flat and fucks their brains out. Sometimes, she meets them at a club and they slip their hands up into her dress and finger her on the dance floor. Other times, she picks them up at the bar and she sucks their cock in the back of the taxi as they travel back to her bed. She...Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Tricks Chapter 4

Sex and subterfuge, politics makes for strange bedfellows.

The anteroom was noisy and reeked of desperation, but Sean endured it because his political future depended on it. He'd arrived early for his nine am appointment. It was already five past. He tapped his foot like a tweaked up junkie, still hyper from his early morning meeting with fellow competitor Heather to discuss the latest scandalous photos of their car park tryst. Discuss. Yeah. The...Read On


Last Stop Bubbles: A Lost Blondie-Verse Tale, Part Six

I. Crumbling “Caution, approaching platform.” A gum bubble pops and my body seizes up, bandaged hand smearing charcoal detailing across the page. “Gross. He had his dick inside her butt?” “And a dick up his ass. Some tattooed pretty boy he’d introduced as his wedding suit tailor. Fucking humiliating, Jess. My own fiancée. Having… ugh. I can’t even say it.” “Just be glad you...Read On


Dirty Tricks Chapter 3

Chapter 3. Sex and subterfuge, politics makes for strange bed fellows ...

Heather's voice was raspy as he removed her cum-soaked, black silk panties from her mouth. The panties served as a small gag to quiet her. Bob's cock was big and thick, often threatening to tear her in two, but she loved being his fuck doll. She was a screamer. With Bob, she had everything to scream about, but with two teens at home she had become accustomed to things being shoved into...Read On

Recommended Read

Last Stop Bubbles: A Purple Sidestory

-\ JALEN /- It’s the rattling of chains that wakes me, knocks me back down the hill like Sisyphus’ fucking bullshit rock. Yea. I know Sisyphus. Paint him black and you get the inner city version where the damn rock is America’s racial aggression that never quite dies. Double down by making that sad fuck an addict and shit, there I am, up the hill, down the hill. I groan, head pounding,...Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Tricks, Chapter 2

Chapter 2. Sex and subterfuge, politics makes for strange bed fellows...

Yes, Sean was a giant fucking asshole, but Heather was now trapped in a haze, that netherworld purgatory between edge and orgasm. Her mind silently raced with conflicting thoughts of her salacious rendezvous with him, but remained stuck on autopilot as her hand coaxed her surging climax to the surface. She watched, mesmerized, as her smart phone slowly fidgeted on her office desk while her...Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Tricks Chapter 1

Chapter1 Sex and subterfuge, politics makes for strange bed fellows

Heather Anderson’s stomach lurched as she blankly stared at her desk. She could taste bile, she felt like she might vomit. Heather had just emptied the contents of a mysterious envelope that was waiting for her, and the afterglow from the previous night and the glint of her political future had both dimmed. Now her mayoral chances had been snuffed out... Probably. She angrily regretted...Read On


Jacki Comes Through

A few days before my guy and his son were going to a Celtic’s game, I put it out there that I really needed some attention. It had been a boring spring for me and… well, I was really horny.  I had been bothering Jacki (of Jacki and Ryan) for months to get me into a group they belong to where they have gang bangs. I know my husband would not allow it but, anyway, I’ve done some small groups...Read On


The Hitchhiker--2

I will trade sex for a ride, room, and food

A mouth hungrily sucking my nipple and a hand pinching and pulling the other awakened me. I cracked one eye open, trying to orient myself as to where I was and who I was in bed with. There was a little light peeking through the curtains but not enough for me to see who I was in bed with, but then it hit me. I was on my way to California and had hitched a ride with a man name Dak, short...Read On


Gift From The Sea

Village folk save a man from drowning, but only one woman discovers his enormous secret.

The sky was blue-gray just then. Seagulls were doing an ungeometric dance in the air, trying to scavenge off pelicans that swooped into the water in bullet straight trajectories to swoop up fish in their ample bills. It was as though the denizens of the heavens were firing them off from divine sniper rifles, in order to contain fish populations. Seagulls were notorious thieves, and the...Read On


The Actress and the Whore

“You look a little-lost darling; I’m guessing you’re not here for a little action babe?” The woman laughed as she leant on the edge of the open car window. Emily’s blush was unseen in the dark dimly lit street. She had been driving up and down the long road for the last thirty minutes. Firstly, trying to decide which girl might be the best to stop and secondly to pluck up the...Read On


The Hitchhiker -- 1

You can pay with your ass, pussy, or mouth

My name is Erin and I know it is dangerous to hitchhike. But, when you are a vagabond with little money and need to get somewhere, it is the only way. I have no problem paying for a ride with my pussy – but only with men. Age doesn't matter, provided they're legal, of course. As long as they can get an erection and keep it hard enough to fuck me and give me an orgasm, I will take them on. I...Read On


Lonely Twenties: Surprise Visit

Fresh college graduates learn tough lessons about the real world.

"Uh fuck!" shouted Lisa in pain, covered in sweat which was raining from her body as she was getting fucked doggystyle on a Sunday night. This time he had done it to her, the whole night she was being thrown around and dominated but this thrust made her scream in pain. The pain was so sharp that her entire upper body collapsed but she was still getting fucked hard. Out of desperation, she...Read On


Amanda and Melinda, Twin Sluts

Twins fuck and switch.

Mandy and Mindy Gibson are identical twin sluts. The first twin was born one minute and twenty-three seconds before the second. Their parents, Carl and Judy Gibson, had pre-determined that the first-born twin would be named Amanda and the second would be called Melinda. Unbeknown to all, a mix up in the maternity ward of Galion Community Hospital, resulted in the firstborn being called...Read On