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Watched Stories


Red Hot: Chapter Two

A Reader participation Slut Story: Gwen had a threesome and more!

Although she fingered her aching, needy pussy in the limo, Gwen’s sexual fervor would not be sated; it only increased. Her front door hadn’t fully closed before the horny redhead had her hand down her tights to play in her hot wetness. The insatiable, you...

The Sin Twins: Club Ballyhoo

Their victim chickening out, the horny twins go to their favorite club, looking for naughty trouble

Sin Twins: Tina’s vibrator was still merrily buzzing away, buried deeply inside her snatch. The twins had shared the same bedroom until they moved into the townhouse, so they were used to the other’s open pursuit of wanton pleasure. “Oh, fucking fuck Greg...

Man-Eater: Chapter Seven

Eve attends a business barbecue and teases every man into submission

Eve spent her morning masturbating furiously since there was no need to get up early and race to work. Having slept for several hours longer than usual, she awakened refreshed, energetic, and insatiably horny. With toys and fingers plunging into both of h...

Man-Eater: Chapter Four

Eve is stoned and horny, so she goes on the prowl for a new lover

Eve’s panties hung from her rearview mirror as she drove home. At every turn, they’d sway back and forth, reminding her of how incredibly horny she was. She even hiked up her skirt, exposing her dripping snatch to whoever cared to look. With the other dri...

A Better Direction For Jack

Things change when the exchange student sees Maisie spanking her husband

Nikita looked surprised when she walked into the living room and found Mr J across Mrs M's lap, his trousers and underpants down around his ankles, and his bottom being soundly spanked. Nikita was the twenty-year-old exchange student, albeit Maisie and Ja...

Battle Cranes: Unto The Breach

Ambushed and facing impossible odds makes our heroes horny

“Wow! Look at all the mercenary Star Jumpers out there. It’s an entire armada.” “Armageddon,” Roulph quipped. “For us, at least.” “There are some mercenary groups out there that I’ve never even heard of.” “Well, Charlie, ten super-large draws a lot of tou...