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Spanking stories involve characters who like to spank or be spanked. They could be over the knee (otk) spanking stories, or people being spanked with a cane, paddle, flat of the hand, tied up against an X-shaped bondage device, or any other imaginative form of subtle 'punishment'. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks, but can also be combined with bondage, in order to heighten sexual arousal and feelings of helplessness in the spankee.


Joanne's Summer Job - Joanne witnesses the caning of her boyfriend

Joanne's lie gets discovered when she is forced to witness her boyfriend being caned

Peter Mitchell placed the key to the front door in lock and turned it slowly. He hoped to avoid waking his girlfriend Joanne and then having the unpleasant task of explaining to her where he had been and why he was only arriving home at eight o’clock that Sunday morning, long after he had promised he would be home. Peter pushed the front door open gently and removed his key. He stepped into...Read On


A Typical Punishment at the FCI

Joanne assists in the judicial strapping of a female prisoner

Correction Officer Joanne Wilson had enjoyed her summer job so far. She had been working at the Female Correction Institute for two months and had succeeded in keeping the true nature of her full-time job a secret from her boyfriend Peter. Just as her boss, Karen Savage, had been advised, Joanne was a natural when it came to administering judicial-level punishments and had picked up the...Read On


Joanne's Summer Job

The ex-Head Girl gets her ideal summer job

It was late April in Joanne Wilson’s second year at University and her thoughts were on two things. Firstly, her upcoming end of year exams and secondly, finding a job to bring in some money over the long summer holidays. Both Peter her boyfriend and herself had decided to stay in the city over the summer rather than returning home for the twelve-week break. The fact that their two...Read On


Dad Disciplines Meagan

Meagan misses her curfew and suffers the consequences

I glanced at my watch.  Two-thirty A.M. “Shit,” I thought to myself.   “Hopefully my dad is asleep.” “Why?” Ryan asked. “You know my dad Ryan.  He’s never liked you first of all and its way past my curfew.” “Curfew!” exclaimed Ryan.  “You’re 18 years old now Meg, and you’re in college now.  What’s with the curfew?” “Ryan, you’ve known me long enough to know my dad.  ‘My house, my rules’...Read On


Tina Disciplined Again

Miss Cindy spanks Tina in the woods when three teenage schoolgirls happen along

Tina winced as she saw the annoyed look on Miss Cindy’s face. She tried to explain, though. “It was a mistake, Miss Cindy. I intended to pay for the tops but just forgot and set off the alarm as I left the department store.” Miss Cindy wasn’t impressed and angrily berated Tina. “Forgot? That isn’t good enough, my girl. Anyone can use that excuse. You need to remember or accept...Read On


Yes Ma'am

"Why do you have to be such a bitch?!" I regretted the words the moment they escaped my lips.  I watched as her eyes widened in shock, softened to a hurtful sadness, and then, as she scanned the food court to see so many people staring at us, hardened with an angry resolve.  I had embarrassed her and she was pissed. We were having lunch at the mall where we had spent most of the...Read On

Comp Entry

Like Old Times

The young women return to their old school and gain their long held fantasy

Ella was so looking forward to the week ahead. Ella was now twenty-three-years-old. She left sixth form college, West Farm School for Girls, at eighteen-years-old and went to Uni and achieved an upper second degree and was now a trainee in a large firm of Solicitors in London. Ella had often reminisced about her two years at West Farm as being the happiest of her life so far. She worked...Read On


How Do You Solve A Problem Like...Miss Manson

Miss Mulligan gets a lesson in how to punish a naughty lady

After her meeting with Ms. Storey that lunchtime and on hearing that the strict young deputy headmistress was going to allow Rebecca Mulligan to carry out her plan to deal with Miss Manson, the head of Music at St Katherine’s School did not hang around for long after the end of the school day. Once she had taken the full school orchestra for their after-school practice she returned to the...Read On


The Spanking Of The Submissive

Yes, please paddle my pussy with the hairbrush again, Master Sir.

It's Saturday night. I'm walking around trying to straighten up the house for my date with Liz. I wipe down the table with a dusting pad as I start to move a few things around and make sure things look okay. I keep looking at the table to make sure it's spotless and shiny. I'm also a tad nervous as  I'm putting the supplies we bought on the side coffee table near the couch. I keep thinking...Read On


Aunt June

I was twenty-one when I went to live with Aunt June. I had dropped out of college and was unemployed.  Staying with family wasn't an option, so I crashed with some friends who were living with their aunt, a middle-aged woman named June.  There were four of us that stayed there with her. Her two nieces, Amanda (17) and Marie (20), and Marie's boyfriend, Will (21). We all referred to her as...Read On



Country discipline hasn't gone out of style in the South.

I found myself in awe of my surroundings. I had never been south of the Mason-Dixon line in my entire life, but I found myself traveling into the belly of the Bible Belt looking for work. In a moment of sheer capriciousness, I thought that I needed a change of pace, if only for a little bit before I completed accepted adulthood. Virginia took forever to drive through, it was made up of...Read On


Auntie Margaret's Hangover Cure

Strict auntie uses alternative therapy to cure our hangovers

I had been living at Auntie Margaret’s house for nearly a year before I really fell foul of her strict rules. Living in her impressive house had only been intended to be a short-term thing for me. I wanted to find my own flat in town but, due to the high rents and the fact that I got on so well with Melanie and her friends, I had stopped looking for my own place to live. My mother’s friend...Read On


Melanie’s Discipline Regime – Unforeseen Benefits

Claire continues the spanking regime which they and their friends benefit from in different ways

The routine was well established. Claire operated the ‘Zero-tolerance-no-second-chance’ discipline regime, which Melanie readily accepted. Melanie was eighteen years old and had tricked her step-mum into changing grounding and time-out to an instant over-her-knee bare-bottom spanking with scolding before, during and afterwards. Melanie preferred the immediate, albeit painful, discipline to...Read On


Taming Her Flock

A redheaded little lamb needs discipline, and Kayla is ready to provide it.

The last hour at work had been torturous for Kayla.  The closer the clock edged to quitting time, the more her anticipation of the evening that followed swelled.  The experiences of the last two evenings at Mary’s house were still fresh in her mind, and a new delight awaited in Penny this evening. She wasn’t surprised when Robert pulled up to shuttle her to Mary’s.  Mary had explained...Read On


Extra Tuition - Punished By German Frau [2]

The girls were spanked last time and I got away with it but now...

Having failed my German language mock GCSE I ended up going to a private tutor twice a week. Frau Gunther is about twenty-eight and attractive. I’m nearly seventeen, I’m fit and like to go to the gym so I was unhappy about two more evenings spent on school work but my dad insisted. If you want to find out how two girls my age were punished during the first lesson you’ll have to read part 1....Read On


Melanie Discipline Regime – Claire’s Viewpoint

Melanie's step-mum is concerned about her feelings when spanking Melanie

The new discipline regime was going better than expected for both Melanie and her step-mum, Claire. If anything it brought them closer together. Melanie had wanted the new regime, replacing the awfully boring grounding with the quick albeit painful spanking regime now in place. Since the change happened, Melanie was surprised just how easy it was to break a rule or breach a boundary, all set...Read On


Ms. Hudson and the punishment room

Two young women's intense punishment day

The same night their little sisters Andrea and Kelly were babysitting for Elena and Charlie for the first time, Valerie and Jennifer ended up at a party and got drunk on keg beer a few months into their Sophomore year of college. This was the first time they had ever gotten drunk because they were unusually well behaved when they were Freshmen. When they came through the door at 2:00 am...Read On


Peter's New Experience

A lucky young man is placed under discipline by his auntie and her friends

I arrived in the city shortly after 2 pm on that sunny Friday afternoon. My train journey had been pleasant enough and the train had reached its destination on time. I spent a few moments standing outside the train station to sort myself out. I was carrying two cases which, thankfully, were on wheels, allowing me to pull them along rather than having to carry them. I also had a large...Read On


Rebecca's Aunt

Aunt Chelsea shares her experience

“Aunt Chelsea? I-I’m s-s-sorry, I didn’t know you’d be home,” Rebecca stuttered, still bent over and turning her head toward the door. I was still shocked, I was standing in the middle of the bedroom, with her aunt’s decorative paddle in my hand and our roasted bare bottoms on display for her. “Oh, a little experimentation is fine by me,” Aunt Chelsea explained as she walked in closer...Read On


Melanie's Discipline Regime

Melanie wants a spanking discipline regime introduced at home.

Melanie stood looking down at her step-mum who was sitting on a dining chair with a thoughtful look on her face. It was decision time and Melanie hoped it would go in her favour. She wasn’t sure though, as she went over in her mind how she and her step-mum had arrived at this decisive point in their lives. Melanie was eighteen-years-old and was wearing a pink vest top with a bare midriff...Read On


The Naval Proxy, Part 2

Louise's first visit to her occasional domme.

Mike and Lousie had only a couple of short discussions about Louise's session with Janet. Those conversations had been begun by Mike and Louise felt as though it was Mike's desire to insure that she was really ok with the arrangement. All Louise had to do was think about how she felt when Mike was gone to know what her answer was. Meanwhile, their life together continued on as usual....Read On


Tina and Cindy’s Holiday

Cindy and Tina go on holiday together, with Cindy very much in charge of her much older girlfriend.

Cindy and Tina had been an item for two months since Tina’s speeding offence and subsequent spanking by Tina. Cindy was nineteen-years-old and a policewoman who was very much in charge of fifty-eight-year-old Tina, and set her grandma-figure girlfriend a huge number of rules and set boundaries that were strictly enforced. It would normally be the teenager who was answerable to a woman...Read On


The Naval Proxy

Though her husband is away in service, her regular spankings continue

Louise met Mike while she was studying literature at St John's College and he was studying to be a submarine officer at the USNA. It was on one of the few evenings either of them found themselves in a local watering hole. That they were both living and studying so close to each other made it easy for their relationship to flourish. Louise sat in her kitchen nursing a cup of coffee thinking...Read On


Mrs Jensen Visits Again

Peter's friend Lucy receives a punishment for her personal issues

Lucy Williams was nervous. She tried to settle herself by doing something – anything – but found that she couldn’t concentrate for more than a few moments before her mind wandered back to what was going to happen to her that afternoon. Lucy walked to the kitchen and made herself her third cup of tea within two hours and then returned to the living room and sat on the leather sofa. 'May as...Read On


Miss Manson Gets Caught Out

A female teacher finally gets a taste of her own medicine

Ms. Jasmine Storey, the Deputy Head Mistress in charge of student behaviour at St Katherine’s School sat behind her desk in her office in disbelief. Never in her seventeen years as a teacher, and even in her seven years as Deputy Head Mistress, had she heard anything like it. She could not believe what the young Head of Music, Miss Mulligan, had told her that morning. Even when Rebecca...Read On


Extra Tuition - Punished by German Frau

After bad test results, I had to join two girls for extra German tuition with painful discipline.

The school headmaster told my dad that it was not worth me continuing with German language to GCSE as my mock exam results were so poor. Dad argued it was important for me to get a foreign language. The headmaster suggested that my only chance was extra tuition and discipline and he recommended Frau Gunther.  I was nearly seventeen, very fit and like to spend time in the gym so the last thing...Read On


Paddling After A Paddling

The river isn't the only thing that's wet

“You totally pushed me into that rock!” Rebecca shouted as she floated in the calm eddy, with her life jacket making her bobbing head a buoy in the river. “Girl please, that kayak is no good on the river and you know it,” I protested, hiding the fact that it was my bow that moved her away from the channel and into the rock. “Well, ugh,” she said, struggling to get back into her vessel. ...Read On


A Punishment Too Far - Head Girl Joanne Faces The Consequences

Head Girl punishes too harshly - and has to face a punishment herself as a consequence.

For the first time in her seven years at St Katherine’s School, Joanne Wilson was in trouble. Serious trouble. Even worse than that was the fact that she knew it and knew what was coming her way in a short while. For the first time in her school career, the straight A-Grade student was sitting on the chairs that were lined up against the wall in reception, directly facing the offices of...Read On


A Home Visit by Mrs Jensen

Head Mistress visits me at home to check up after a caning.

It had been seven weeks since I had been caned after school in Louise Jensen’s office. I had thought of little else since the mature Head Mistress had administered twelve no-nonsense strokes on my bare bottom with her cane. Within an hour of arriving home from my meeting with her, Lucy had been around and had stayed for hours wanting to know every intimate detail of my punishment. I...Read On


Visit To Mrs. Jensen

Spanking fantasy becomes a reality

It seems amazing to me how a seemingly harmless chat with a friend can lead to unexpected consequences. That is exactly what happened to me after one evening chatting over a drink to my childhood friend, Lucy Williams. We had both been schooled in the 1980s when corporal punishment was being abolished in schools in the UK. It had been used during our time in primary school, although neither...Read On