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Little Mischief

Little be.. well Little.

I woke up to the sun shining through the curtains. No matter how many mornings I wake up to this the same radiating feeling it fills me with happiness. I knew I wouldn't have to wait long before my daddy to come get me from my crib. I know what you're thi...

Your Turn

Today my lover gets to be submissive

You tell me you’re feeling horny and submissive. So I say, "Go put on your stockings and panties. Lie down on the bed while I sit in the chair and watch you from across the room as you fuck yourself with a dildo." I sit and watch, idly stroking myself as...

Road Trip - Part 12

Mom and Dad confront Mike and Ann about their extracurricular activities

A number of things happened when Mom made an appearance. Ann, with a look of terror on her face, slid to the floor and pulled on her shorts and top to hide her nakedness. Mark smirked and put his hands on his hips, making no attempt to hide the dripping c...

Father Donaghue

Maria Kelly had made her mind up and her target for this quiet Sunday afternoon was Father Donaghue.

The seventeen-year-old girls burst through the big wooden doors into the main vestibule. Their intense laughter echoed loudly but the frivolity was suddenly lost to the cold atmosphere that seemed to suck the life out of them. Their boisterous behaviour w...

Free Use Secretary

Casey the Free Use Secretary gets used by the team during a board meeting.

Casey sat at her desk outside the boardroom, browsing her favorite online lingerie stores. She came across a new strappy bodysuit with a completely open design aside from a small patch of sheer fabric to cover the bikini area and added it to her cart. One...

Merchant & Monster Girls Ch. 3

Devin recieves a surprise visit from family & later strengthen bonds with Reina

During the trek back to camp, Reina lagged behind. She felt a little awkward with her new family, but she was also giddy. ‘I can’t believe I finally found a herd-mate!’ she thought. ‘He’s not what I imagined he’d be; he’s not even a demi-human, but he did...

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Sam's Slut Gets More

Wanting so much more gets me exactly that.

The Monday morning after the loss of my anal virginity, I saw Sam walking in the morning with another man that looked a little younger and slightly taller. Their similar looks led me to believe that he must be Sam's Brother. I was standing at the kitchen...

Le Métro

Late for her boyfriend's birthday surprise, Malinka will improvise.

“Noémie is already there?” I sigh. “I know I am late again. My boss...” “You were not expecting her?” My boyfriend sounds peeved. I must venture through the park to the Metro, “We met for lunch last week, and…” “Café Les Deux Magots, it is not important....

The Navajo Curse

Dulled over time, Carolyn and I remembered our honeymoon

It was Friday night, yet again, and I was scrolling through my phone. I was only half-interestedly browsing a news article when I realized my attention was requested. “Huh?” I distantly asked my wife, Carolyn, as I put my phone down. “It’s always the same...

So my wife Cat and I were booked into a nice hotel for a little break, no kids, no work, just us. I was dying to get a bit filthy with her because she only really let her hair down when we were away. So we were getting dressed to go down for dinner, and C...

Becoming Sam's Slut

A chance meeting with a new neighbor spurs an intense need in me.

I always loved to be naked. The moment I arrived inside my cozy little house, I'd strip down and go about my evening's activities in the buff. Since I lived alone, there were no comments about my obsession, and I loved every moment. My home was on the cor...

Sucking His Cock To Fuck His Wife Pt 3

Read parts 1 & 2 before this one. The Night Continues

Back downstairs the rum was poured, another large one. I had lost count of how many I'd had. My head told me it was a fair few, and I should go home, but I wanted, no needed to hear the rest. Tony had never, in all the years I'd known him told me about hi...