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Riding Stories


Horns Up - 8

The time has come. And now that you've bedded the whole house, soon will she.

You sit at the breakfast table, awkwardly tapping your fingers as Lilith glares at you in the seat opposite yours. Her one red eye stares at the countless bruises left over from your first meeting with Eari the previous day. You stare in kind at the consp...

My Perfect Girl

For the times she doesn’t know how to be

Wracked with guilt and in her desperation she had said to me “Guide my soul with your unfettered mind. Show me the ways of unconditional love breathe life into weary me restore my peace my balance make me whole once more” So I guided her as best as I know...

Niharika: The Passion

I had just shared a kiss with my wife’s friend, and our attraction gave way to passion.

Standing at my dining room table, I held my arms around Niharika, my wife’s alluring friend, pulling her close as our eyes seemed to ask each other what we were getting ourselves into. Yes, I had pulled her in for a kiss, but what did it mean, and where w...

Fuck My Vampire Life

An unlikely acquaintance nudges a vampire to evaluate his life choices

Late October, 1437, Apuseni foothills I trudged wearily up the hillside, my latest captive slung over my shoulder. Though the young lass weighed no more than two full sacks of grain, it was a struggle to carry her limp body up the steep slope, especially...

The Deviants of Dorchester - Episode 6: It's Called a Tip

After a late dinner at the rooftop restaurant, a husband makes arrangements for the staff to leave him alone with his wife.

“You’re right,” Natalie exclaimed excitedly. “Rooftop restaurant and bar, open till midnight.” “See, I know what I’m talking about,” Aiden replied. “You’ll learn to trust me, I promise.” He nestled in behind her as she sat on the bed in their room at the...

The Deviants Of Dorchester - Episode 2: The Vixen And The Valet

A valet may take a slight detour with hotel patrons’ exotic cars on the way to park them for the night

It's not that unusual for a vehicle to be parked along the two-lane drive just inside the park late at night. But it is unusual for the vehicle to be a gleaming Sunburst Gold Bentley Flying Spur. And it is unusual, while stationary, for the suspension of...

Neighborly – Chapter 5: Lotion Me

The first was great. How about another?

Ryan was a little embarrassed when they stepped into the shower after the water had warmed. His dick had deflated after fucking Miss Prestine, and he wondered if she'd think it was too small. But she seemed eager to hug him close and twirl around in the w...

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Traded on the Love Exchange - Part 2

A willing trans girl is stalked through a moonlit wood

4. Soon Kelly, Soon I stand by my car under the bright winter stars, smoking a spliff. It is not the same cigarette I put out on Ronson’s arse but a new one, rolled by the man who stands beside his motorbike near Ronson’s trailer. “Soon, Kelly, soon,” the...

Nerdy Girl Episode 5: Choose Wisely

Her virginity gone, my nerdy friend presents choices as to how to help her become more adventurous.

Kathryn and I walk out of the bathroom into the bedroom, still naked from our post-shower sex. I find my clothes while she digs into a drawer and puts on fresh panties and a bra. She steps into a pair of pants and rummages through her closet for a shirt w...

Fun With A Couple At The Health Spa

Sexual antics at a nudist Heath spa with a sexy couple in their 30's

My wife and I have been together for over fifteen years and we enjoy a great sex life together. Like many couples, we like to spice things up sometimes and before COVID, we used to attend a naturist health spa quite often. We are both very comfortable in...

A Visit from My Best Friend Beck

A college classmate's OnlyFans provides inspiration for my friend and I.

Late in the afternoon, there was a knock at the door to my apartment. My roommates, Matt and Simon, were both out of town for the weekend. Lounging in sweats, I headed to the front door unsure of who my surprise visitor could be. I was pleasantly surprise...

Chapter 2 - Stars and Ecstasy

A first meeting; sparks fly and passions soar between our lovers.

Introduction Months had passed since our first call, and in that time our conversations had become bolder, more explicit.  I’d slowly fallen into the role of his submissive – his good girl – and he effortlessly took it on with a perfectly balanced combina...

Nerdy Girl Episode 3: Staying The Night

Why not spend the night with the nerdy chick who just gave me her virginity?

I looked at Kathryn in my groggy state, trying to figure her out. Was she offering to put me up for the night because she was concerned that I might fall asleep and wreck out on the way home... or because she was getting addicted to sex and wanted to try...


A Naughty Christmas

Evan and Lana sharing their naughty Christmas morning....

Waking, they grinned and whispered, "Merry Christmas sweetheart," as they looked into their green and blue eyes. Lana sat up and tied a red ribbon around her body. Evan kissed her lips passionately pulling the ribbon and her towards him. Lana straddled Ev...