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Squeeze Stories


Chapter 19 - Our Celebration

Jeff and Valerie begin the holiday decorations, but find time to enjoy thier love.

Valerie called off work the next day she wanted to spend time with Jeff. She was very happy with their Christmas plans. “Jeff let’s get our tree and ornaments today. We can move the table by the window and put our tree there. We can show off our tree to t...

My Favourite Cuddle

For my darling wife

There’s nothing like a cuddle, to make everything alright.They’re free and they’re available, all day and through the night. There’s one for each occasion, however large or small.There’s spooning or there’s cheek to cheek, I think I’ve tried them all. If...

The Bus Ride - Wednesday

RuthAnn is back on the bus. A new guy joins the party!

After an uneasy night, RuthAnn showered and prepared for her third day at the conference. The events of the previous two days were heavy on her mind. Angry was the best way to describe her feelings. Angry at being assaulted. Angry at her reaction, especia...