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Chapter 11 – The Dragon

I finally meet the Dragon

A billowing cloud of ancient mortar dust rolled over us, and I covered my mouth with my sleeve. Our torches guttered briefly before stabilizing again, and I groped forward toward the opening, feeling my way through the airborne dust. The entrance to the s...

Emily Talks About Her Past

Meeting Nancy's friend Emily for the first time

A couple of days later I have a "date" with Emily. She called me, as Nancy had given her my phone number. We are going to meet at a restaurant, and as we do not know each other, we meet outside. I also don't know the restaurant, as it is in a part of town...

First Affair, Chapter 1

They met on Lush, but they took things to the bedroom to see if he was as good as his stories...

I walked into the coffee shop and stood in the doorway for a minute. My eyes scanned the room until I saw her. A lone woman sitting at a corner table looking around very nervously. I smiled and casually walked up to her table taking a circuitous pathway....


Another Roommate Love Story - Part 1

I'm glad I slept on the couch.

I think it's only natural to wonder if you'll ever have relations with your roommate, especially one of the opposite sex. I just never thought it would happen to me. It was an average, even boring night. I made myself comfortable on the couch and watched ...


"Not knowing or caring where any of this came from."

I know it’s not uncommon to wake up with morning wood, but I’m not sure it’s as common when you’re so hard it’s starting to get uncomfortable. Usually, I’d just get on with my day, but I heard the tv was on in the living room. It hadn’t even been a week s...

Crossing Boundaries: Part One

Kael's life changes when he meets Giselle, a canine anthro bodyguard, and leaves for university...

Kael fidgeted, anxious to see just what would come of the meeting, a young man with neatly trimmed hair. His father stood before him, taking the lead in the meeting, though it was the first time he had ever been allowed to stand so close to the anthro amb...

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The Question

She brings her back to where they met

We met accidentally in Spring,you thought I might be a plaything.You never knew where we would go,it started with the word “hello!”. Without the need for promises,we showed the Doubting Thomas’s.We surprised each other every day,and kidded ourselves as we...


She raised a storm and had to pay the price!

The storm showed little sign of abating.  The whitecaps were clear as they washed over everything and everyone in sight.  You would think that in such a small body of water, such vehemence would have been impossible, but Mother Nature refused to be bound...

My Hot Little Neighbor Angie, Part 3 of 3

Angie was supposed to fix a few of my sexual hangups, but along the way, she did more than that.

Joy and I had a great marriage, or so I thought. Then, I overheard my wife of ten years, telling Angie, a neighbor and close confidant to my wife, that I had performance issues in the bedroom. I was both hurt and astonished at the revelation. I did a litt...

My Hot Little Neighbor Angie, Part 2 of 3

Angie was supposed to fix a few of my sexual hangups, but along the way, she did more than that.

After the initial hookup with Angie, our hot little neighbor who was my wife’s best friend and confidant, I was eager to see what lay ahead for all of us. Several days went by after our initial hookup, which unbelievably, was secretly blessed by my wife,...

Jerking Each Other In My Dorm

Going in detail about my best mutual masturbation experience with another guy

I'd been waiting with my shirt off for after putting on some deodorant, making sure I looked and smelled decent. I had so much precum from our text conversation and imagining us stroking together in my dorm while waiting for him to show up. I put on a cle...