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female edging

Teaching Karen a Lesson

If having to deal with a 'Karen' is bad, try being married to one. My dysfunctional marriage is about to get even more so...

“What part of ‘I want to speak to your manager’ do you not understand?” The waitress, who was already shrunk and folded into herself like a frightened turtle, took a step back. Her eyes were down at her fingers, nervously kneading another. “Y-yes, ma’am....

Lost In Lust, Found In His Arms

I left to explore desire, returned broken, and he guided us home.

Watching my ex-boyfriend laugh and chat with an attractive, bubbly brunette is like a knife twisting in my heart. When she touches his arm and he returns the smile, it's unbearable. Despite being the one to end things, witnessing this feels like torture....

The Bureau Of Pleasure Control 11

Leila must ruthlessly edge Kristen. Zach and Artemis connect.

Artemis left the gala announcement shoot with her hair wet, her head spinning, and her clit pounding inside its steel prison. All her life, she had worked to make herself impervious to frustration. Teasing herself past the point of endurance, and then jus...

I Got What I Wanted

Be careful what you ask for because sometimes you get more than you bargained for

"You wanted this, so don’t start bitching now, you brat,” T stated. He was right. I had nagged and nagged at him to pay more attention to me, so now that he was, I couldn’t very well complain. Besides, where would be the fun in complaining when this was a...

In a New York Minute - Part Twenty-Two - Chapters

Grace and Mac make time for naughty fun in Vienna.

Chapter Eighty-Four After Mac and Grace settled into their World Business Class seats on the KLM flight from Copenhagen to Vienna, Grace closed her eyes and drifted off before the plane ever left the ground. Mac explained to their nanny, Sylvie, that they...

The Naughty Nun Part Two

A priest meets his match with a naughty nun and a raunchy redhead.

Sister Rose, the naughty nun, locked the door of Father Pavel’s office. “Now would be a good time for you to take off that tiny piece of cloth you call a dress and offer your assistance,” she said to Jezebel, the redhead who’d been a cock tease, every Sun...

Pet Project - Relished

Master Jim begins to relish this intoxicating role....

I tried to be slow and deliberate, not hurrying. Pet thrust her hips upward to increase the pressure on her little swollen bean. I felt her body begin to tighten as her hand clasped my leg. It moved up and began squeezing my rock-hard cock. It took every...

Meeting A Neighbor In Unexpected Ways - Part VIII

Becky And I Start To Spend Time Alone Together

Having dropped Jen off at her mom's house so that she could spend the next twenty-four hours with her dad, I stopped around the corner from my house to take a moment and think. I was heading back home to spend the first proper time alone with Becky, my se...

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The Smut Vault

Artists owned by a family entertainment studio encode their escape plans in porn

By accepting employment as a creator with Everyone Everywhere Entertainment, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “EEE”), the applicant acknowledges that any thoughts the applicant generates during the course of this employment, in or out of working hours, whet...

On The Piano

Music and sex have a lot in common, practice and attention to detail make both better.

This is for you. You know what a special place you have in my heart. I don't quite know how to explain it, but you are a wonderful person, beautiful of heart, body, and soul, and I so totally love the idea of my words giving you pleasure. It feels like ev...

My Tribute To You

Letting my mind play, when my lover cannot!

The second I woke up, I thought of you... I can still feel the wetness between my legs... I slept naked for you last night. You see, after you went back to sleep, I continued on my journey... letting my imagination run wild and my fingers work my juicy cu...

Ellie's Alone Time - Part Two

Ellie finally gets some more much needed alone time while her roommates are out.

The door clicked as it opened and Ellie stepped into her room, pulling her backpack off her shoulder as she did so. As she closed the door behind her, slender fingers making sure to turn the lock on the door, she tossed her bag onto the chair at her desk...