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Emmanuelle: part seven

An afternoon to remember

It was delicious having an afternoon off work, and to be able to spend it with my fiancée, Sophie, was very heaven. Generous soul that she was, Sophie insisted that as she had had an orgasm out in the sand dunes, I should have one back at the hotel. Being equally giving, I saw no reason to deprive her of that goal. By the time we reached the hotel, it was gone four, and we would both need...Read On


Paying for College With her Ass—Part 3 Julia’s First Party

Is the money worth it?

“Julia,” Mr. Chisholm said breaking into her thoughts, “you must have impressed Mr. Chamberlain because he has never asked for a novice to be center stage at one of his parties before.” “Three men,” she said thinking out loud By the way, she said it Joe knew that he had her hooked and all that was left to do was reel her in. He had sensed by the way she acted that with a little time...Read On


Multiple Orgasms – Multiple Histories (Part 2)

Emma finally meets with an old friend, from long ago.

Emma was walking across the concourse of the Savoy hotel in Covent Garden. Her hips swayed and her head and hair followed them, but in a different direction. Her red heels clipped loudly on the chequered marble flooring. She walked between two gold-topped ornate pillars as she made her way to the lounge. She was so excited. The smile on her face was so broad it would have put Julia...Read On


Susan And Malcolm's Visit To The Club

A couple's first visit to an exclusive sex club

One of Malcolm's friends had given him two VIP tickets for an exclusive sex club event, and Susan agreed to go along and check out the club. Susan was elegantly dressed in a new silk backless mini-dress with a low-cut front, and sexy five inch stilleto  sandals. She  hadn't bothered with underwear because the dress was so clingy. They travelled to the club by taxi, and as they walked to...Read On


The Library

My first job after leaving school

My first job after leaving school was at the town's library. It was during the autumn of 1940. The country was at war and things were not going very well.  It was a quiet weekend as always and Monday morning arrived a little bit too quickly. Mum had decided that in order for me to look older than I was I would wear some of her clothes, we just happened to have been the same size.   I was...Read On


Lesbian Magic Part One

A witch seduces a group of friends into a first time lesbian experience.

Kate and her four friends were coming back from a trip when their car broke down. They were in the middle of nowhere and their cell phones couldn’t pick up any signals to get any help. They were a little scared and decided to walk until one of their phones got a signal. It was getting a little dark but they saw a light from a distant house and none of them remembered one being there before....Read On


The Need to Feel Ashamed

Never underestimate a mature woman

Val was a nice, ordinary woman. She wouldn't mind me saying that, because she said it to me in the first place. She had been describing herself on a dating site, her second or third message to me. It was an ordinary dating site too, not a sex one, so I was taking it easy. It's my opinion that anyone on any dating site, man or woman, young or old and regardless of religious beliefs, woudn't...Read On


That Ol’ Feeling

I have always heard you can never go back but you know something, sometimes you can.

Today I saw her. Yolanda Rush. Time has not even touched her after more than twenty years. She was the one that got away, the girl I still think about even now. When she came into view my heart stopped. I felt like a foolish kid, same as when I met her. There she stood--her long strawberry blonde hair flowing down over a tight pink silky blouse that accented her ample breasts--a short...Read On


Rear-Ended part 2

Dan meets Andrea at a bar

It was around midnight on Friday and I was trying and failing to catch the bartender's eye when I felt a firm whack on the seat of my jeans. I turned to see Andrea's grinning face. "What are you having?" she shouted above the band. Her face was flushed in the heat of the packed pub. I pointed to my preferred ale and she immediately ordered two, having no trouble getting the...Read On


Progression - Ch. 04 - A Real Fitting

A gay guy gets slowly introduced to wearing a chastity belt

Nathan hung out with Jeff and his other flatmates for the day. He had been so focused on Ryan and Jack that it was nice to have a break and be normal for the day. They went to the pub for lunch and then watched some films. Before he knew it, the day was over, and everyone was heading to bed. The next morning Nathan woke up for work. He panicked, remembering tonight he was to meet Ryan and...Read On


Cuckold Wife Chapter One

Kim gets her own back...

Kim lay on her bed, still in that beautiful world of semi-sleep, warm, and as usual in the morning, incredibly horny. Her husband Paul had left early that morning before she was awake, and she still had several hours before she needed to get ready for her job as a librarian. As she lay there, her mind ran back over the events of two weeks ago when she had fulfilled her husband's fantasy...Read On


Lilypad Lake | Porn

This place was known as the Lilypad Lake of the mermaids...

An unexpected arrival of pleasure, and they believed they were in Valhalla. On the night of a full moon, strange events started to take place as a warship was led into a parade of rocks. Unfortunately, none of the crew even bothered to check the weather before proceeding with their desired mission to find the relics that the royal princess was seeking. Luckily, a small group of sailors...Read On


The Pool Man

I fucked the pool man

It had been several months since I moved away from the big city. It was hard moving to a city with not a lot of people I could hang out with or be with. I had become really good at dressing up and having anal sex, but was becoming more and more restless of not having a regular, daily thing with someone.  I began fantasizing about being with the pool man. He was always friendly when he came...Read On


Pat and Peter part 4 finale

Pat moaned, her head went to the side, "Mmmmn, wonderful."

I was sitting on the bed, looking at Pat. She was lying there naked, her legs spread. I could see a little of Dave's cum seeping out of her. A little earlier Peter had finger fucked Pat making her cum. Pat described it as the most fantastic orgasm she had ever had. Straight after, Dave arrived and fucked her from behind while she sucked on Peter's cock. It was another first for her, having...Read On


The Nudist Resort Hook-Up

I needed a weekend away from the daily grind. Sarah was my key.

Sarah and I were great friends. We had gone to college together and by pure accident, developed a rather intimate relationship, even though as a young woman, I preferred guys to girls. Sarah always made me feel special, like I was a queen, deserving of attention, where the guys usually saw me simply as a sexual conquest. I unabashedly loved sex and was sexually over-charged, which means I...Read On


The Day I Had been Hoping For

How I had been hoping for this lovely day

It has been four months since I moved to New Jersey now. Four amazing months since I have known my Mistress. She has been so accommodating of my work schedule as it isn't your typical 9am-5pm Monday-Friday work schedule. I preferred to work nights, do I usually got home around midnight, not going to sleep until 1 or 2 in the morning. My days off were Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I usually...Read On


Candi Coated

Cock-starved teen finally gets what she wants.

Without a doubt, Candi has the biggest tits in the neighborhood. Even before she turned eighteen, everyone noticed her huge E cups. It would be a gross underestimation to say her huge tits are her best feature, but that’s what everyone says. In truth, her entire voluptuous body is her best feature. Standing at six feet tall, Candi towers over the other sluts. All that height comes from...Read On

Key West Nudist Queen For 2018

The judges were tasked with checking out the Virgin bonus up close and personal.

Cindy Weston was a properly behaved UK girl touring the Florida beach scene and enjoying every minute of it. Her best friend Josie from Bath was her semi-attached shadow and constantly reassured her that she was the most beautiful girl to be found in any direction as far as the eye could see. The serious-minded Josie was ever present at Cindy’s side to lather her up with the sun screen block...Read On


Leaving Raddling Close, Part 7 of 9

Sally and Steve say goodbye to the swinger couple at Number Two over a naked Sunday Lunch.

After saying bye to Pradeep and wishing him all the best in finding another avenue to exercise his need for a woman now and again, Sally and Steve set off to The Cock for a lunchtime drink and say goodbye to the more casual friends they had made there. Ernie and Margaret, from Number Two, joined them a little later.  Just before two p.m. they said a final round of goodbyes and walked with...Read On


Subway Station Dare

One of the many dares during my time with a girl called P.

We had been seeing each other for about six months or so and on this night were out in Soho, central London, having been to the Trocadero. P was wearing a gorgeous short silky red strappy dress with black high heels and as it was a hot summer night, P had no coat or jacket. I, of course, made sure she was naked under the dress. We were getting well into our eclectic sexual relationship by...Read On


Old Man's Tales Part 4

Coming down hard...

Summer ended, and fall came turning into winter, and then spring. Part of my job was to train and qualify seasonal boat operators. We had a fleet of small boats, maybe ten of them, that they would use as part of their daily jobs around the lake. Checking water quality, fish studies etc. My class would consist of mostly college-age women, and some of them were very hot. In this class, two of...Read On

My Birthday Surprise

My husband surprised me for my birthday

It was a week before my sixtieth birthday and my new husband wanted to surprise me with an unforgettable gift. He wanted to know if I would like something special, like a new ring. I laughed, saying, "No thanks, baby." So Charles decided on his own what he was going to do. Since we were both Lush members, he apparently asked a few friends what they thought would be a good gift. I later...Read On


An Arranged Marriage - Part I

Sometimes arranged marriages don't always work but arranged introductions might...

I like Sanjay. He makes me smile with his simplistic and uncomplicated take on things. A lot of the other guys at the place where we work together have little time for him and others of his culture but race was never a thing that bothered me. I have always accepted people as I find. If they treat me with respect then I reciprocate whatever their colour or creed. I also like him because he is...Read On


You Can Take Me Camping Anytime

She had just moved in two weeks before. He remembered the day well. How could he forget that long black hair hanging all the way down to those nice round hips--the greenest eyes he had ever seen? Afraid a tall lanky kid like himself wouldn't have much of a chance with a sexy woman like that, he almost left without introducing himself, but then figured, "Oh what the hell." Walking next...Read On


Progression - Ch. 03 - The Show

A gay guy gets slowly introduced to wearing a chastity belt

Nathan turned and looked at his clock. It was barely 3am and he was just lying there looking at the ceiling. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t stop thinking about his session with Ryan and Jack. He put his hands under the blanket to feel his cocks prison and attempt to get some relief, but it was useless. When he tried to play with himself his cock just filled the cage, giving him...Read On


She sells her pregnant pussy

Knocked up by her father, she finds bisexual love.

Geneva was five months pregnant and out on the streets. After impregnating her, she had been kicked out by her father. Her father had been careful about knocking her up ever since she started fucking her. He had been injecting her vagina with a spermicide foam called Emko. But one night, in a very drunken state of arousal, he forgot and fucked her dumping a huge load of cum deep in her...Read On


Working Girl

Amber earns her money.

Amber placed her hands on his chest as she moved her shapely hips up and down. He felt good, damn good. His thick shaft stretched her tightness like it had never been stretched before. She could feel her orgasm nearing. She leaned back and moved her hands to his knees. She shivered as she felt his hands move down her chest between her perky breasts. Her body began to tremble. She could not...Read On


Chance Encounter Chapter three

The girls get even more

“We need more girl,” Jane looked at Sue, lying next to her, both girls were naked and had just had a half hour of mutual pussy licking and clit rubbing. “Fuck woman you are insatiable, give me a few more minutes and I will be ready to go,” Sue answered looking over at Jane’s plump body and thinking how far they had come since their first encounter with Ray at the glory hole in the...Read On


Siren's Call | Lesbian

It was rare to get attacked by a minge-eating mermaid.

There I was, standing by the shore alone, nobody accompanying me during this early morning venture. I was not sure why I even bothered to head out at the crack of dawn, but something was calling me... a strange voice... and it led me here. How bizarre. I stepped in the shallow water, feeling how fresh it was against my feet, seaweed even brushed my toes along the way. However, I felt a...Read On


An Impossible Love - Chapter Three

Eat me Johnny, eat my cunt

She changed into a pair of skin tight white jeans showing a mouth watering camel toe and grinned when I said she looked good enough to eat. “That’s the idea bruv,” she smiled. “I feel sexy dressed like this, my jeans are caressing my pussy.” “Lucky jeans, fancy dinner at the pub?” I asked and she agreed readily. “Will the gang be there?” “Yeah they always have a card school on a...Read On