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Didnt Even Make It To The Bed

I don't often go home with guys at the end of the night.. couldn't resist this time.

The ten-minute walk back to your place took half an hour, walking slowly, your voice sending shivers up my spine as you pushed me against trees, walls, and streetlight posts. The streets were quiet and your hands grasped my bare waist, nudging under my skirt, as you ran your fingers under the hem of my skirt, your mouth demanding on my lips and my neck, my back arching as you kissed a...Read On


Coitus Interruptus, A Different Twist

Willy was looking for a piece of ass and got a big, unwelcome surprise

Willy was not happy. His girlfriend left him for an older woman with big tits and a hairy pussy. Sue decided she liked licking cunt rather than sucking cock. Revolting turn of developments. She was the hottest fuck in his short life. Of course, she was a bit pissed off when she found out he was fucking her sister too. Broads, go figure. Being hugely pissed off and having beat his cock all...Read On


Unexpected lunch break

Who says sharing your desires is not a good thing...

It has been months since we started flirting. Nothing too serious. A compliment here, double entendre there. At first it was understood as nothing special. We are both in fact in committed, if not perfect, relationships. Simply two co-workers enjoying each other’s company while blowing off some steam. The tempo in the office had been quite intense the last few months. Constant long...Read On

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Meeting a Lush member for the first time.

He looked nothing like a Quentin. The six foot four titan in olive-green waved at me from across the station. How he managed to spot my diminutive figure amidst the rush-hour mob, was beyond me; I looked unremarkable with no makeup on and a trench coat hued the obligatory black to fit in with the gloomy London masses. “Come here.” I was accosted by a literal bear hug. Something grizzly...Read On


Watching Jasmine

Enjoying my neighbor's daughter

Every day, at three o’clock, my neighbor’s daughter sunbathes in the nude. She’s the most beautiful young woman I've ever seen. She’s eighteen and has a very athletic body. She’s 5’7” and has the longest tan legs that are shaped quite beautifully. Her breasts are firm and I’d say they’re about 38C cup size. She shaves her pussy. She has blond long hair that she wears in braids and beautiful...Read On


Use me

“I need you,” she breathed into the phone. I felt the insistent urgency and need in her voice. It was consuming her. The pounding of heart could be heard in her voice and breath. We met over a year ago on a sunny afternoon in Cuba. She was on vacation with her husband and a few close friends. I was there attending a business conference. I spotted her at an outdoor bar on the beach,...Read On


She Was Looking At Me - 2

Finding something, just not sure exactly what

We found her sitting in bed. Her eyes were open and a white sheet covered her to just below her breasts, which were naked. They didn’t hang but stood proudly from her, their nipples dark against the white of her skin. I felt Lorna’s hand on my shoulder, caressing briefly. ‘Get into bed with her.’ I pulled back the sheet and slipped into bed and pulled the sheet back over me. I looked...Read On


Rendezvous in Chicago - Chapter 3

Erootic affair continues as business conference continues

The next morning, Jill rose very early, utilized the fitness center, showered, primped, dressed and was out the door before Dave even stirred in the bed. She joined some colleagues, she knew only from trade publications, for breakfast, having introduced herself in the lobby. Soon she was off to a general session of the conference and then moving between breakout sessions for the remainder...Read On


Becoming A Cheating Wife (Part 2)

Emily didn't just become a slut wife in one night.

My stressful week ended with missed deadlines for two high priority new clients because of things out of my control and an uncomfortable one on one conversation with my boss, followed by bumper to bumper traffic. When I returned home, I wanted to do nothing other than put on a pair of my favorite comfy sweat pants, an old t-shirt. I wanted to order Chinese delivery so I could spend the rest...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Two

Laura meets her San Francisco neighbor and discovers BDSM and exhibitionism.

Chapter Twenty-Two - Adventures in San Francisco When her flight was at altitude, Laura accepted champagne from the stewardess. She used the four hour flight to go over the week ahead and the past few weeks of her ever more hectic life. Her first thought was Dan is really getting short changed by my new jobs. Laura hadn’t spent a full week with just her husband in a month. She knew she had...Read On


A Cuckold By Any Other Name - Part III

The truth surrounding Kate's cuckolding of her husband John is revealed as the story concludes.

John sat on the edge of the bed watching as Kate put the final touches to her lip makeup. Her favourite lipstick shade was dusky pink and he looked on as she puckered up her lips one final time. He knew that she never allowed him to kiss her just after putting her lipstick on but he still got up to hold her in his arms. She turned her cheek to allow him to kiss at least one part of her face. ...Read On


The Best Summer Of My Life: Part 2

Aj gets alone time with the mysterious Mrs. Fitzgerald

The first few weeks working for the Fitzgerald's went by smoothly. The work wasn't demanding and it kept me busy throughout the day. Mr. Fitzgerald became friendlier and we would share a beer when he got home from work. Mrs. Fitzgerald was still a mystery to me. I had not seen much of her those first few weeks. She would come home from work, make some food for herself or her husband if he...Read On


Such Innocent Beginnings

I introduce my boyfriend to my kinkier side for the first time.

The first time I met the love of my life he thought I was as sweet as can be. His parents even urged him to be careful not to pressure me into anything. I felt almost sorry for him. The idea of me being a sweet, innocent, little virgin is almost laughable. I can see where they were coming from though, I’m twenty and under 5”5’ with a petite frame but the most fantastic pair of 32E breasts. So...Read On


Flying Fun

Always pack your own bag

“Flight A3NDJ35 to San Diego has been delayed for three hours, I repeat, three hours, due to problems on the runway. We are sorry for any inconvenience.” I groaned with annoyance. The news of a delay only added to the bad day I’d been having. I hadn’t even wanted to go on the stupid business trip, but my boss dropped some hints about a promotion, so I said I would do it. And now here I...Read On


New Roommate

Nathan's concerns about his new roommate quickly disappear

Nathan and Jay had played on the same football team together for two years. Although they weren’t close friends they got along well. Sharing a room on this footy tour wouldn’t be too big a deal. The problem Nathan had is that he’d assumed he was going to be sharing with his best mate Brendan. They had shared for the last three road trips and had some pretty handy ground rules set up....Read On



Cheryl and Drew return to their routine, but a hint of change whispers through their relationship.

“Back to Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays,” Cheryl murmured into Drew’s ear as they taxied toward the apartment. “I remember Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays being the highlights of my week,” he replied, lifting her chin to plant a soft kiss on her lips. “I liked waking up next to you,” she informed him. “It was nice,” he admitted. She stared out the window as rain streaked in...Read On


Homework and Hook-Ups

Miss Lane loves to fuck her students.

For being hungover, I looked pretty good. I vaguely remembered last night. A few girlfriends and I went barhopping to celebrate getting my teaching job, and I guess I hooked up with someone. From the pictures Alison showed me, he was pretty hot. A little young looking, probably a frat boy. I checked my lipstick once more in my car mirror. "Is this colour too much? Do I look professional?"...Read On


Diavolo Ch 01

Pop Tart

Four months later… Abigail rubbed her temples, her headache growing by leaps and bounds the closer the car drew to the Montenegro estate. Thankfully, the chauffer didn’t try to strike up any conversation. She had much to contemplate. Her sister Mikayla had done it again; disgraced the family with her ungodly behavior. It wasn’t enough she’d taken Abigail’s childhood boyfriend away,...Read On


Into the Abyss--Chapter 4

Frank makes a decision

I didn't bother going home after dropping my wife off at the airport. When I asked Lucy if I could come over she didn't hesitate in telling me yes, so I decided to go to her place. When Susan mentioned seeing the lube I could have punched myself in the face. I put it back in my nightstand without thinking. Susan must have gone through my things looking for evidence that I was fooling around...Read On


All I Want - Chapter 7

“Oh my God! This is so exciting! How does it feel to know that you’re gonna be Mrs. Cameron Joseph?” Olivia’s friend Jeanine asked while eyeing her ring. Tatiana had invited a few of their closest friends out to lunch to break the news about her sister’s engagement. “It feels amazing. Cam and I haven’t known each other that long at all, but we know each other like we’ve been there...Read On


Seducing My Step-Sister Part 3

Eunice takes Natalie to a nude beach for sun and fun.

My name is Eunice, I am twenty years old, with 38DD-cup breasts and a tanned, toned body. I keep my mound clean shaven. Natalie is my eighteen year old stepsister. She has never had a lover, I am her first. Her mound is clean shaven and her 36C-cup breasts just arouse me every time I see them. *** After a night of unbridled love making, Natalie and I take a quick shower as I have a...Read On


Doing for An Old Man

Old fellow needs a live-in caregiver and a young friend of the family volunteers

Victor Johnson had been in fairly good health for a man his age, until one day he suddenly felt dizzy while taking a shower. He fell and gravely injured his left knee on the edge of the tub. The old fellow, a widower living on a small pension, spent five days in hospital recovering and undergoing tests. It turned out he was suffering from a dangerous type of vertigo and his doctor recommend...Read On


Nicole and Her Businessman, Part 2

Nicole's dream comes true. Wilson makes her a whole woman through sensuous lovemaking .

'What have I done?' I thought to myself. 'Wilson's waiting for me. Does he think me whorish?' My hormones drove me to do things I have only dreamed about. I am so forward; I am so scared! Tonight he'll fuck me. I know he will ravage my cunt. Will it hurt much? How will his big shaft penetrate me without deep pain? My dildo is nowhere near as big as his cock, and it fills me to my limit. My...Read On

Recommended Read

Run! Dammit! Run!

A wild liaison with a sexy MILF turns very dangerous.

A few miles outside of Rome. Rome, Georgia that is…. Moaning and rubbing his eyes, Ryan woke to the noise of a crowing rooster. A glance toward the bedroom window showed just enough light to let him know it was almost dawn. The rooster crowed again. “Damn noisy cock,” he moaned under his breath. A loud sigh grabbed his attention and he turned toward the woman lying in bed with...Read On

Recommended Read

Non-Fiction: Train

Hi. My name is Tamar, and I'm addicted to public sex.

I should be ashamed. But I’m not. It’s been six months since it happened; and up until now, I’ve kept my mouth shut. Now, I’ve chosen to be bold. Why? Well, it’s my resolution for 2015: to hell with what people think. I resolved to chase my worries with an imaginary lick of salt and a virtual shot of Patron , throwing all inhibitions over my shoulder. (Yes, I’m still trying to...Read On


Time To Go

Things heat up before they head out for the night.

I stood by the bed in just my panties, trying to decide what to wear to the party we were attending that night. There were three outfits laid out on the bed but I couldn't seem to make up my mind. The bedroom door opened and he walked in. "What are you doing, babe? I thought you'd be ready by now," he said, walking up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. I sighed and leaned...Read On


The Last Flight. Chapter 2

Karen gets her own back

I stood alone at the rear of the cabin. All was well, the constant drone of the engines and the vague vibrations, as well as the sudden slight jolts and movements because of the the changes in air pressure outside, went largely unnoticed. They were all part of my daily life as a stewardess. I busied myself with cleaning the crockery and cutlery, stowing it away until needed. The flight...Read On


Heart of the Dragon, Part 2

A happy dragon is a generous dragon.

I was still out of breath and my head was still spinning from the end of my encounter with Debbie. I walked barefoot up the hallway towards the fitness room. It has a window with a deep sill, so I sat there for a moment to catch my breath. After sitting there for a minute, my brain started to work again, and the first thing I realized was that I had left my cell phone and room key in her...Read On


A Case of Mutual Seduction

Seduction is a two way street

I guess you could say Janice and I were destined to be together. I first saw her at work. She was an intern with the company and there for three months of training. After she had been with us a couple of weeks, a group of us asked her to join us one evening for drinks at our favorite hangout. Once the evening got underway, I found myself sitting across from Janice. We both joined...Read On


Glamour Shots, Chapter 18

Love and jealousy meet.

“Oh, no, no, that’s not gonna work”, Sherry wailed. “Come on you guys, dish! What’s the sense of having younger, good-looking friends if they won’t tell us about the orgies they attend?” Alli laughed. “Sherry, you’re so bad! It was not an orgy!” Rob took Sherry’s side. “Yeah, you guys! It’s part of the friendship code or some such thing, you’re obligated to tell us, or…or…or we’ll take...Read On